The Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Blogger’s Launch

February 6, 2011

When good friend Princess asked me to help in gathering running bloggers for the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Blogger’s Launch, I said yes without even giving it much thought. Why? Because I know I can get enough confirmation to fill in the fixed number of blogger slots they have given me.

And of course I did! This is after all a launch for one of the premier races in the country. Everyone is so looking forward to being a part of this race!

At the launch, the Condura Team headed by the amiable Mr. Ton Concepcion presented to the bloggers their vision and plans for the Condura Race. He also at first explained that starting this year, the Condura Run will be rebranded and hence be known as the Condura Skyway Marathon which I think is just rightfully so. This is the only race which has the very challenging Skyway as its main route for its 21k and 42k participants and for this year, for 10k and 16k (new category too!) participants.

Mr. Ton Concepcion

Princess Galura, Ton and Pam Dacanay

the bloggers with the Condura Team prior to our trip down to the GB3 E-Reg Center

The race details may be too familiar to all you folks at this point – what with all the details presented at its best via the race’s official website, my previous blog post and that of the other bloggers. What I would want to point out to you then are some salient points that were discussed during the launch that may not be in the websites. Read on!

1. With the race’s rebranding from Condura Run to Condura Skyway Marathon, organizers have started to take steps into positioning this race as the “premier marathon event in the Asia-Pacific Region” by the year 2012. Imagine this race besting the likes of Standard Chartered Singapore, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur Marathons! I am super excited with the thought!
2. This year’s race main advocacy was for the Dolphins of Pamilacan, Bohol. Through Ayala Foundation, the Condura Run 2010 was able to donate PHP511,400 which was used in the construction of the Condura Wharf which is intended to be used for the easy and safe boarding of bancas for dolphin watching.
3. The Condura Skyway Marathon 2011’s main advocacy isn’t much different from the last race. It is still for the dolphins of Bohol and again donation will be made through the Ayala Foundation. The estimated PHP600,000 targetted to be raised for this event will be used in funding to protect the dolphins of Baclayon thru scientific research, the promotion of eco-tourism and the creation of livelihood opportunities.
4. The previous races saw the initial run on the Skyway without lights during early morning. The organizers discovered that by 5AM, lights are the Skyway are automatically turned-off. So for this race, organizers have already coordinated with the Skyway Authorities for the lights to be on early morning on race day when it is still dark. All of these for the utmost protection of the runners.
5. This race aims to gather 12,000 runner participants.
6. Registration deadline is January 31, 2011 and January 22, 2011 for online registration whose payment is via credit card. This is to give ample time for the race kits to be delivered to credit card payees.
7. International Registrants can pick up their race kits at the Asics Store, in GreenBelt 3 up to February 5, 2011.
8. The team behind Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 is composed of:
- Condura Events Management Group
- Princess Galura
- Rio de la Cruz (Runrio)
- EKC + SME + The team behind Ironman
Could I just shamelessly claim that I am part of this group even on a limited capacity??? Oh, but still I am part of it and as Princess and Ton said, we should be proud! ;)

Oh after the main program and the sharing of the sumptous meal, all us bloggers were taken to the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Express Registration Center in Greenbelt 3 infront of the Asics Store. Everyone had an experience on how it is to use the breakthrough e-Reg System and were one in saying that they were done with the whole process in more or less five (5) minutes. I bet those who went over five minutes can blaim it to the endless photo sessions and chika galore! I wasn’t able to try Step 1 because excited as I am, I already finished with online registration on Day 1. Oh but take note, I finished the online registration in less than 3 minutes. I type fast eh! ;P

Let me now share to you all some pictures that I took during the said blogger’s night. But hmm, before I end – I received advise that the Express Reg Center space in GB3 was expanded in anticipation to the growing number of registrants especially this coming weekend. Great eh? ;)

Blogger's trying out Step 1 - Encoding of registration details

Step 2 - Registration verification and payment

Step 3 - Claiming of Race Kit, Shirt and ohhh, the Hershey's Bar!

done in a jiffy! ;)

waiting for their turn - JunC (thesolemates), Jaymie (thebullrunner) and Miguel with Ton and pretty daughter Isabelle

the ladies of the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 - Farrah, Princess and Pam

To register, either visit or go to the Express Registration Center at Greenbelt 3, infront of the ASICS Store. The Center is open during mall hours.

Thanks to the Condura Skyway Management/Secretariat fro making this event possible. :D

Run for the Dolphins: The Condura Skyway Marathon 2011

The yearly foot race which brings runners to the Skyway, the Run for the Dolphins: The Condura Skyway Marathon will have its 2011 edition on February 6, 2011 (Sunday). And guess what, Registration for this race opened today, Dec. 14 (Tuesday).

And without further blah, I encourage you folks to visit the Condura Skyway Marathon official website by clicking HERE or on the image below. Every detail you have been waiting for regarding this premier running race can be found there. But some details are also posted below. ;)

February 6, 2011


- to register, go to
- visit the Express Registration Booth infront of the ASICS Store at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt 3 to pay and pickup your kit afterwards

Registration Fees:

*Dri-fit type, technical shirt is a Special Limited Edition Dolphin Shirt with and event logo designed by Team Manila
*Hershey’s chocolates will also be given away during registration

bars and bars of Hershey's Chocolates at the GB3 Reg Ctr!

Registration Procedure:

1. Go to the official race website and register via their proprietary e-Reg System.
2. Fill in all the required details.
3. Choose your payment option: (a) Pay via Credit Card (b) Pay in cash.
4. If you chose to pay via Credit Card, receipt of your race kit will automatically be via deliverystraight to your doorstep.
5. If you chose to pay in cash, go to the Condura Skyway Marathon Express Registration Booth at the Ground Floor of the Greenbelt 3 (GB3) Mall, infront of the Asics Store to pay and claim your race kit.
6. If you were not able to go online prior to going to the Express Registration Booth at GB3, you can also do the e-Reg process there. But please do note that registering online prior to going to GB3 may be a faster option.


1. RUN FOR THE DOLPHINS. A guaranteed donation of P50 pesos per runner plus any surplus from the run shall help protect the Dolphins of Baclayon, Bohol – the Dolphin capital of the Philippines.
2. EVERY RUNNER GETS A MEDAL. Whether you are a fun run newbie or a seasoned marathoner, conquering your chosen distance makes you a winner – you deserve a medal whichever distance you run!
3. SPECIAL EDITION DOLPHIN SHIRT. All participants will receive a dri-fit type technical shirt with an event logo designed by Team Manila. Perfect for wicking off the Sunday morning sweat!

actual shirt - front

actual shirt - back

 4. D-TAG TECHNOLOGY. This is the timing system used by top marathons around the world including the New York City marathon. The D-TAGS will be used for all race categories for fast and accurate recording of your finishing time.
5. BREAKTHROUGH e-REG SYSTEM. Registration is now more convenient and accurate with their proprietary e-REG system. Whether you are paying cash or through credit card, you can now register from any computer anytime and anywhere.

if you don't have access to a computer, registration can be done onsite at the Greenbelt 3 Express Reg Ctr

6. 16K NEW RACE CATEGORY. Wanting to graduate from your regular 10k but not so sure if you’re ready for a 21k half-marathon? The 16k category should be just right for you. This race category is being introduced due to insistent public demand.
7. FIRST 10K ON THE SKYWAY. Last year, only the runners of the 21k and 42k distances were able to run the Skyway. This time, the 10k and 16k runners will get to experience the thrill of running on the Skyway on a point to point route starting at Ayala triangle and ending at the Bonifacio Global City.
8. NEW 21K ROUTE. The first point-to-point half marathon, starting at Ayala triangle and ending at the Bonifacio Global City will enable you to run more of the Skyway!
9. RUN THE NEW EXTENDED SKYWAY! The Skyway just got extended and now goes out all the way to Sucat. Every time a portion of the Skyway is completed, the full Marathon extends up to the farthest point – and back!
10. FUN ROUTE FOR THE 3K AND 5K RUNNERS AROUND BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY. The Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is one of the most friendly running routes in the metro; making it a favorite venue for running events. However, last year’s route for both the 3k and 5k categories was changed to make it challenging yet enjoyable for all participants.
11. 2 STARTS, 1 FINISH. Last year the Condura Race had one starting point and two finish lines. This time it’s the other way around! This was done so that more runners can run the Skyway as well as to manage congestion from both runners and vehicular traffic.The goal is to give runners the best running experience possible.
12. LOTS OF FREEBIES AND GIVEAWAYS! We have a lot of treats from our sponsors to help you celebrate your post-race victory.

So there folks, excited much? I am!

*Thank you to the Condura Skyway Marathon Secretariat for the race information.


Save the Date – CONDURA RUN 2011

Save the date folks!

Registration begins on December 1, 2010! :)


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