Summit Water CamSur Marathon 2011, Race to a Green Philippines

The biggest marathon in the country, the Summit Water CamSur Marathon 2011 will be opening its registration centers on Wednesday, June 1, 2011. The race is scheduled to happen on September 25, 2011 at the CamSur Watersports Complex, Camarines Sur. Apart from the basic details that you can find below, here are some of the new and exciting facts about this year’s race event:

1) The event’s race route/course is an IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) certified race course
2) The race is an AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) accredited race, therefore it is a qualifier to all AIMS races (including the prestigous Boston Marathon!) assuming that the runner is within the minimum time required of that particular marathon
3) Targets 20,000 runners as its participants
4) For each registered runner, CamSur Gov. LRay Villafuerte will plant 10 trees!
5) This is probably the race that gives the biggest prize money (see details below)
6) This race will be brought to us by the tandem of Event King (over–all organization) and Runrio, Inc. (technical organization).

Excited already? Here folks are the basic race details:


September 25, 2011
CamSur Watersports Complex, CamSur
3km/5km/10km/21km Local/21km Foreign/42Km Local/42km Foreign

Registration Opens: June 1, 2011

Registration Sites: ROX, RunnR, CamSur, Online at


Registration Fees:

*All registrants will get a singlet as part of the registration. 
*Only 10km, 21km and 42km will have D-Tags.


  Train and prepare well for this race everyone! :)



Here’s a preview to the Summit Water CamSur Marathon 2011 race details. More information will become available soon as registration is set to open by June. ;)

September 25, 2011
CamSur Watersports Complex, CamSur
3km/5km/10km/21km Local/21km Foreign/42Km Local/42km Foreign

Registration Opens on: June 1, 2011

Registration Sites: ROX, RunnR, CamSur, online

 Registration Fees:

*3km and 5km will have no timing. 10km, 21km and 42km will have D-Tags.

Summit Water CamSur Marathon Registrati​on Opens June 1, 2011

The CAMSUR Marathon event of last year was one of the most memorable marathon events of 201o in the Philippines. Why? Because it provided a perfect setting for running a marathon – a great route and a great community. CamSur locals really lined-up the streets that were part of the marathon route and tirelessly cheered on every runner. :)

This year’s edition of the Summit Water CamSur Marathon is again one event being looked-forward to by the running community. As this year’s event was confirmed to happen on the last Sunday of September – September 25 to be crystal clear, news about the opening of registration became a well-anticipated fact.

So now folks,  as Gov. LRay himself approved, the registration for the Summit Water CamSur Marathon 2011 will officially open on June 1, 2011 (Wednesday). Here are some of the race details that I was given the clearance to share with all of you folks:

1. Registration Sites: ROX, RunnR, CamSur, online

2. Categories:  3km, 5km, 10km, 21km local, 21km foreign, 42km local, 42km foreign

3. Only 10km, 21km and 42km will have dtags.

 Oh I know you all are curious to know about the FEES. Can I just say that from what I saw, there was not much of an increase? But then again, you folks be the judge. Don’t worry complete details will be made available soon as we near the registration date opening.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are targetting to participate in this race, I suggest that now is the best time to save-up, book a promo/budget airfare to CamSur and most importantly, TRAIN to have your own memorable and fun racing experience at the CWC – CamSur.

Cheers! :)

The Summit Water CamSur Marathon – A runner’s feedback

One of the great things about running and maintaining a blog was the opportunity to get to know people who value the same passion I have with the sport. Suffice it to say, my network of friends and acquaintances grew through these. What I really did not expect before was the possibility of me exchanging correspondences from  strangers I haven’t even met yet but because of running, it’s as if we have a foundation for friendship that can be easily built from.

One of those “virtual friends” I really look forward to meeting is Macky de Lima, an employee of the First Balfour and an alumna of the Ateneo de Naga High School Class of 1983.  Being a Bicolano, Macky signed-up for the CamSur Marathon, targetting to run the full marathon distance  together with his HS Batch/Classmates Bobby Castilla, Ruben Fajardo & Allen Tolledo. When I received his email yesterday telling me his story of them successfully finishing the full (it was his second, the first being the TBR Dream Marathon last May and his classmates’ first!), I right then and there thought that it is worth posting in this blog. I don’t know if it is just “emo me” but there is something heartwarming when I hear or read stories about people finishing their 42k race. Maybe because it is really a very different and life-changing experience. For Macky, it is even both an accomplishment and a tool for encouraging friends, officemates and classmates to take on running as a leisure but healthy sport. So without much further ado, here is Macky’s CamSur Marathon experience in his own words.

I am back  in Ortigas  from Bicol after the Camsur Marathon.  It was a priceless experience for me as it was my first time to run a race or fun run in my home province of Camarines Sur.  What made it more special is that I was able to recruit 3 of my high school classmates (Ateneo de Naga HS Batch 1983) to join me in running the marathon.  For my 3 classmates, this was their first ever full marathon, for one even, it was his first ever race  to join.  With the grace of our patroness Our Lady of Penafrancia, and thanks to the 16-week training program I got from my TBR   Dream Marathon experience  last May, all 4 of us finished the 42.195 marathon.

As always, we are impressed with the race organizing skills of Coach Rio and his team.  Anticipating the humid  conditions of the marathon, there were more water stations at the later stages of the race (almost at 500 meter intervals for the last 10 kms).  Riding his motor scooter, Coach Rio was all over the race route checking on the participants, particularly the ones lagging behind.    Credit also to the provincial government for endeavoring in the event.

What I will most remember of my Camsur Marathon experience is the warmth and kindness of the spectator crowds in the rural areas who trooped to watch the runners for the whole marathon route.  Kids and adults alike were slapping  high fives with the runners.  Greetings of good morning and clapping were generously shared by the crowds to spur on the runners.  It was a festive and interactive run for the participants.  A special and priceless experience for me and my hs classmates.  We will surely be running the Camsur Marathon come 2011.

I share a few pics.

Macky posing with Bicolano kids holding a welcome poster for CamSur Marathon participants

getting heat relief from a support crew

this pic was originally captioned as "with a runner from Legaspi" but I was really surprised to see the runner to be Happy Feet's Leia and the other guy to be MonAllen (second from left) and fellow runners helping each other to finish

Macky's classmate receiving high fives from expectators

Allen proudly finishes second to last his first running race ever and gained new friends too

with coach rio at the finishline


Congratulations Macky, Bobby, Ruben and Allen and also Leia and Mon for finishing the CamSur full. Congratulations too to the Runrio group as headed by Coach Rio, the Event King team headed by Princess Galura and Gov. LRay Villafuerte together with the people of CamSur for a very successful running event.

Not to forget, many thanks Macky and hope to run with you soon!

Shuttle Service on CamSur Marathon Race Day

The Summit Water CamSur Marathon - Sept. 26, 2010 @ CWC

Hi runners! For those of you  who will be running at the CamSur Marathon this Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010, please take note of the Shuttle Schedule come race day together with other important information below. :)

Good luck and happy running! ;)


- Shuttle Service is provided to all Guests of the following accredited hotels on a First Come, First Served Basis:

= Villa del Rey, CWC 
= Regent Hotel
= CBD Plaza Hotel
= Avenue Plaza Hotel
= Naga Manor
= Villa Caseres Hotel

- Non-CamSur residents staying at the official hotels may park their cars at designates areas within the Capital Complex and catch the shuttle from CWC.
– The Shuttle Service are FOR RUNNERS ONLY. Runners must present their race bib number to be able to get any of these rides.
– All CamSur residents can proceed directly to their designated start location.
– Major roads will be closed starting 3:00 am and will only be opened to vehicular traffic at about 9:00 am.
– All distances will start on time so runners are encouraged to be at their respective Star Locations at least 30 minutes before Gun Time.

please click on the image for a larger view. :)


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