Thanks for 2008

The year 2008 gave a different but a more special perspective of the outdoors for me. I have learned to appreciate running more, met new people who share the same interests as I and forged friendships that are worth keeping.  I get to ride my mtbike for what it was truly worth for – with friends who are never too selfish to patiently teach at that.  Oh and not to forget the sprinkle of fun and peskiness that goes with every time spent with all these people. We did not just enjoy being outdoors, we also always found time to bond even indoors!







Thank you for a memorable and fun-filled 2008 guys! I look forward to spending time again with you this year. See you at the outdoors! 😉


4 Responses

  1. Thank you din KR! 😉 More kulitan this 2009!

    yep! yep! 😉

  2. aaawwww =)

    here’s to an injury-free and tigbak-filled 2009!


  3. looking forward to 2009 with you! wahahhahaa

    me too! hehe!

  4. glad to have met you guys, you really made running fun to the highest level wehehehe…kitakits kulits! 😉

    awwwww… ikaw din booby! running is so much fun with you around. lezzzzgoooo, bike ride naman sa antipolo! WISH!!! see you on tuesday!

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