Greenfield City Run – April 19


Missed the fun at the Condura 2009 Half? Or are you looking for another half marathon to run in to make up for a not so satisfying Condura half finish? Tired of joining races covering the same race routes? Are you itching for another race that can awaken the running spirit within you?

Maybe the Greenfield City Run is what’s best for you. This Finishline-organized race which will happen on April 19, will have the regular race distances of 2k, 5k, 10k and as an added bonus, a 21k. That’s another half marathon race distance three weeks after the euphoria over Condura has died down. What’s best, the race venue will be at Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. So folks, this is one out-of-town race which doesn’t come by us every so often.

Hey if that still doesn’t interest you, the event also has lots of fun activities scheduled for the day. You can opt to bring the whole family to enjoy in this event. There’s a coffee and pastry fair, weekend market, outdoor outlet bazaar (woohoo, I AM EXCITED ALREADY!), and a children’s play area.

View the pics below to get an idea of what Greenfield City has instore for all of us. Start training peeps!

Visit for more details regarding this event and/or for online registration.


pramana residential park








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paseo outlet stores




One Response

  1. Thanks Kulit on the Run for a very nice write-up about the Greenfield City Run:) I’m positive that you and your family / friends will enjoy the scenic landscape of greenfield city.

    Let’s RUN a GREAT Race! DISCOVER a new CITY!

    See u on the 19th:)

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