The Sole Mates

Just the other night, Mikey and I were talking about how runners eventually get hooked to having their own running blogs. Just as there is a running boom, there is also an abundance of running bloggers which is a welcome fact.

Now, there is a really good new running blog in town which I want to recommend to all of you. Guys, welcome “The Sole Mates”, my good friends JunC and Mariel’s running blog. This one is different because it’s a “he says, she says” kind of thing which initially reminded me of the Chico-Delamar radio tandem, hehe. Reading through the first few posts made me smile. Nakakaaliw! And don’t just take my word for it. Take a peek and put a smile on your face too.  Visit their blog at

JunC and Mariel at the Condura Run 2009

JunC and Mariel at the Condura Run 2009

Welcome to blogging Jun and Mariel! I will always look forward to your posts. 😉


4 Responses

  1. Coming from you, it should be another blog worth visiting. I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your very nice intro of ” The Solemates”. We hope your readers will find our blog a nice read as well. Keep posting! We enjoy reading it!

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