More Reasons To Enjoy MTBiking More

With the help of my best friend, my bike had its semi-but-precious-makeover! Simply put, i have three good reasons to look forward to enjoy riding my mtbike more….

my mtbike, do you think i better give it a name?  ;)

my mtbike, do you think i better give it a name? 😉

  1. From a manual disc brake set, my mtbike now sports the new TEKTRO Auriga Pro Disc Brake. Tektro has been known to produce good performance gears for a reasonable price. With this new Auriga Pro, they are said to have been setting their sights higher still. Hmm, pretty exciting huh! 😉
  2. A TOPEAK Panoram V12 wireless cyclocomp – its kinda different from the standard cyclocomps in the market because it comes in widescreen version. Meaning I can see my riding information in a single glance. Sweet! I have been wanting to put a cyclo computer on my bike for long and i guess, my long wait was well worth it.
  3. A TOPEAK headlight – one that’s small, easy to attach and detach and cheap. Umm… Friendly to someone like me who doesn’t enjoy complicated “contraptions”. hehe… I guess I have to be ready to join night rides soon. 😉
The Tektro Auriga Pro Disc Brake

The Tektro Auriga Pro Disc Brake

Topeak's Wireless Wide Screen Cyclocomp

Topeak's Wireless Wide Screen Cyclocomp

My Topeak headlight - cute! ;)

My Topeak headlight - cute! 😉

I have only been able to test the cyclocomp fully in one ride but the brakes and the headlight are still waiting for their ride debut. I have tried checking the brakes by riding along the streets here at home and can feel the improved performance and feel – braking now is softer, lighter. The headlight on the other hand will eventually serve its purpose.  *GRIN*

Thanks to P as usual. Oh, I still have other SECRET bike gear upgrade wishes in mind but I’d better keep it a secret still. What I have for now will suffice. Meanwhile, I really hope to be back on the trail SOON.

Ride safe bikers!


7 Responses

  1. Ang lupeet! Hi-tech. More power on your pedaling and ingatz.

  2. Angas na naman ng bike ni Kulit….naka-hydro brakes na! Basta padyak lang…pag di kinaya ang padyak, tadyakan ang bike! peace!

  3. Hi! Found your blog while searching for reviews for the new tektro auriga pro. Musta naman ang performance? Saan niyo po nabili ito and how much? Thanks!

    • Hello Roy. My best bud Pol took care of this for me eh. As such, i don;t know how much it costs. What I know is that he was able to get it from Paulina’s Cycle Center at Cartimar at such a good price. I haven;t been back to the trails yet but in the few times the i rode my bike, the tektro did not disappoint. It’s an overall good buy. 😉

  4. Thanks! I’ll call up Paulina’s tomorrow. God Bless!

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