Now It’s Out! – The Nike Lunar Glide+ Market Debut

the glides that were given to us during the test run is in this color-combination

the glides that were given to us during the test run is in this color-combination

As if following the “Ladies First” custom, Nike yesterday released the Women’s version of the Nike Lunar Glide+ at all Nike concept stores in the Philippines. Retailing at PHP 5,495.00 dear friend Marga and I was pleasantly surprised to see a different colored-Women’s version (it’s in blue!) displayed at Nike stores around the Glorietta and Greenbelt area while we were out earlier.



So there ladies, you’ll get first crack on purchasing and trying-out the new Nike Lunar Glide+ which boasts of “rocket science”.

You can check my previous post for more details about the Nike Lunar Glide+ or visit Jaymie’s (TBR) blog to check out her review of the shoes plus its technical details.

7 Responses

  1. Ateng ang panget talaga ng kulay ng nakita natin kanina. Parang nilublob sa highlighter ink!!! Sorry Nike, the color scheme of the LunarGlide+ we saw today is, IMO, hideous. But then again, you make up for it with the white-orange combo and the superb mix of cushioning and stability. 🙂

    • I wrote a blog on Nike lunar glide before I read this. I guess color is a matter of preference. I love the lunar glide colors 😀 I just bought a pair at a discounted price of P5495.

  2. hmmm… i kinda like the color. i don’t know though if seeing the real thing will make me change my mind. Will see… gotta check it out soon… btw, i think there’s still one other color. I hope they put it out in the market soon.
    – Mariel

    • hmmm… the blue one would have been ok kung wala sana yung green… but i like the ones we got better… hmmm excited to see the other color though. 🙂 see you mariel!

  3. There’s a purple LunarGlide+ (women’s version) at BHS when I went there last week. It looks better though than this blue version.

  4. saw it earlier at BHS too! man, i’m soooo inggit! i wanna buy soon! their limited pa, only 24 pairs for both men/women at the nike boni hi-street branch.

    now, where can i score 5495php? 🙂

  5. I like the women’s blue and violet color. Too bad the men’s version only has the black color. And the P5,495 isn’t that expensive. 🙂

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