Athletes in Need of Help

a paralympic athlete with Coach Joar (pic courtesy of Coach Joar)

a paralympic athlete with Coach Joar (pic courtesy of Coach Joar)

The true spirit of Bayanihan is again more alive now among us Filipinos as brought about by the devastating results of typhoon Ondoy. A testament to this are the overwhelming support that both government and non-government agencies are receiving from people from all walks of life.

Among us runners, there are also activities currently on-going and planned to provide as much help as we can possibly give. There is the effort of Second Wind Running Store to accept donations for the victims of the typhoon and also there are certain groups who are planning to hold runs for the purpose of raising funds for the victims (see thebullrunner’s related post). These are all great activities for a great cause.

Still, unknown to most of us, there is a small group of athletes who greatly need our help. As advised Coach Joar Calvadores, there are athletes with disabilities who have been victims of the typhoon too. They are in need of our help especially because just like the other victims, they were not able to save most of their belongings too.

Our dear athletes with disabilities are in need of the following:

– food
– clothes (even your used/unused singlets)
– old shoes/slippers,
– blankets

or anything that may be of help for them to be able to start over. You can bring/send your donations or items you want to give to the Philippine Sports Association for the Differently Abled – National Paralympic Committee (PHILSPADA) office at Rm.101 Building E, Philsports Complex (formerly ULTRA) or you can contact the PHILSPADA office at 6364884 or 6350375 or you can hand it over to Coach Joar Calvadores when you do your practice run at the ULTRA Track Oval.

The past few days have been so hard for most of us who have been affected by the storm in one way of the other. Me and my family even have our own “victim-story” to tell. But thinking about what these athletes with disabilities are going through right now, I know that I and my family are so many times over lucky to have come out of it still whole. So I encourage you folks to join me in providing or even help seek help for them.

Finally, let me end this with Coach Joar’s words – “Tulong tayo…” (Let us help.)

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