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Air-cooled training with adidas ClimaCool®

Keeping cool and dry are two of the most important factors in ensuring peak performance during workouts. Take charge of your body’s performance with adidas ClimaCool®, a new performance line, specifically engineered to optimize active performance by managing sweat and heat.


Thirty-one year old radio jock and health enthusiast Gelli Victor has been part of the fitness industry since 2002. With adidas ClimaCool technology, which conducts heat and sweat away from the body, Gelli achieves maximum performance in her workout.

ClimaCool® is an integrated system of technologies that work together to regulate your body temperature better than any single-fabric technology can. ClimaCool® apparel conducts heat and sweat away from the body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, ventilation channels, and 3D fabrics.

How does it work? Moisture-wicking fabrics transport moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry while, creating space between material and skin, 3D fabric allow cool air to circulate close to the body. Featuring hundreds of small indents on the body side of the fabric, 3D fabric also pulls sweat in all directions, both outwards from the body and across the surface of the garment. Also employed in ClimaCool® system, X-Static® or silver-coated fibers, conduct heat away from your body.

To create a more functional garment, body mapping has been used to identify key sweat and heat producing zones of the human body. By mapping the body’s critical sites, these technologies are placed exactly where they are needed, optimizing body temperature.

Want to experience ClimaCool® technology yourself? ClimaCool® your workout at Gold’s Gym! Borrow an adidas ClimaCool® gym shirt at Gold’s Gym clubs to get a cool, power-packed session. After your workout, return your ClimaCool® shirt to receive a voucher for a special edition ‘ClimaCool® Your Workout’ key chain, redeemable at participating adidas and Toby’s shops. This keychain entitles you to a 20 percent discount on selected ClimaCool® Training merchandise in participating stores.

Experience air-cooled training, between 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., at your nearest Gold’s Gym. Visit Gold’s Gym Galleria (East Wing, Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas Center, Quezon City) on Oct 23 and 27 and Nov 10 and 23; Gold’s Gym Alabang (BMW Building, Commerce Avenue, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City) on Oct 26 and 30 and Nov 9, 16, and 24; and Gold’s Gym Glorietta (Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City) on Nov 13, 17, and 20.

‘ClimaCool Your Workout’ key chains can be shared with family and friends to avail of discount. Key chains and discount are redeemable at adidas shops in Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, SM Megamall, Podium, Power Plant Mall, Robinson’s Ermita, Robinson’s Galleria, Glorietta, and Gateway Mall and Toby’s shops in Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall Alabang, Robinson’s Galleria, and Glorietta. The ClimaCool® discount is available from October 16 to November 30 only.

Race and Shine – Update


Race and Shine

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Race and Shine charity run event whose aim is  to help create opportunities for adults with autism. I personally support their advocacy reason why I also made time to attend the bloggers’ gathering for this event. The event will be held at the Fort Bonifacio on November 21, 2009.

Details can be found on my previous post and additional details below.


Click here to download the race registration form.


1. ROX at the HIGH STREET in FORT – NOVEMBER 12-19
2. ALL TERRA at Club 650, Libis (between eastwood and shopwise) – NOVEMBER 12-19




Download 3k relay map
Download 5k map

Download 10k map
Download 15k map

The event’s press release:

A Charity Run to help others help themselves

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  – Chinese Proverb

Let It Shine Foundation invites everyone to help create opportunities for adults with autism by joining its RACE & SHINE charity run event on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at Fort Bonifacio.

Money that will be raised from this event will fund research for a specific purpose: that of providing vocational training and other work opportunities for adults with autism, such as supporting the creation of programs for small and medium sized companies to employ individuals with autism.

Most meaningful provisions for individuals with autism end upon leaving school, but the Let It Shine Foundation hopes to change this by developing vocational programs that give individuals with autism equal opportunities to work.

Support will go both ways – not only will there be skills therapy programs for the adult with autism, training and assistance can also be given to business owners who want to determine how they can create these work opportunities.

The race itself will have four distances – 3, 5, 10, and 15km plus a special 3km relay best suited for beginners and families. Children as young as seven years old can participate. Individuals with Autism are also encouraged to join the event!

Registration can be made at R.O.X. (Recreational Outdoor eXchange) at Bonifacio High Street  (NOVEMBER 12-19, 2009)  and ongoing now at ALL TERRA, Club 650 along Libis (near Eastwood) until November 18.  Registration Fee is  Php500.00 per runner.

Major sponsors NIKE PARK and MASSAGE BY US will be giving away prizes for the winners of the race. Prizes will also be provided by PLANET SPORTS, THE ATHLETE’s FOOT, TOBY’s, RUNNR, CPK, and CEBU PACIFIC. VITWATER will be the official drink of Race & Shine. This event is also brought to you by LBC, IPANEMA, RIDER, PAK PRIME and ORIENT FREIGHT.

Let It Shine Foundation was established in 1998 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for programs to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. For additional information, please contact the foundation at 218-2362 or  0920-9244282 or email


The Quezon City International Marathon and aDIDAS King of the Road races were two of the most-awaited and much-hyped foot races of the year. Though there have been minor boo-boos in both the two races – QCIM for one was hated by motorists who were stuck in almost four hours of stand-still traffic and the AKOTR with its first expo day race kit claiming disaster, both were still able to give runners a great race to remember.



I was supposed to run the 21k distance together with Bobby but work got in the way and made it not possible for us to prepare for it and earn enough mileage that will make us ready to run a half. Luckily, Nike offered free 10k race registration to its Running Clinic students which Bob and I took as an opportunity to just revert to a 10k run and I then gave my 21k race kit to a friend.

But alas, on the Tuesday before race day Sunday, I tripped and twisted my ankle during running training. This made me lose training days Wednesday and Thursday which were relegated to rest days to help my foot recover from the slight swelling and pain. I thought I was lucky enough to have been able to go back to training on Friday, which was supposedly my last training hurrah prior to Sunday’s race.


running with Bobby, Gigi and Lito

Come QCIM race day, my worst nightmare happened. Aside from feeling tired early on the 10k run, my left foot whose ankle was twisted started to act up. I tried to ignore the pain but then upon reaching the last 6th km, I feel like I am ready to give up. Thanks to Bobby and Art who provided me with enough pep talk and support, I was able to complete the last 4kms still running, albeit very slowly. It was to be my most disappointing run considering that Bobby and I were originally trying to run at a certain consistent pace.

But then as Coach Joar puts it, I was lacking training and ran with a still injured foot that I did not wrap or compress prior to running. I was just still lucky to have been able to finish the 10k run in one piece.


awesome Kenyan!

In hindsight, it was surreal being able to run along THE Commonwealth Ave. It is an experience that one will never be able to just do on any given day. Lastly, it was great to have seen a number of our friends whom we haven’t been with for a while – our friend Lito whom I had the chance to run alongside with for most of the 10k route and Jaimie and Gigi whom we both met up at the venue after the race and exchanged kulitans with.


post race pic : Bobby, me, Aljo, Tin, Jaimie and Gigi

Congratulations are in order for our friends who ran and finished their first full marathon like Raymund who also celebrated his birthday on that day and Jaymie ( who completed her surprise and unplanned first 42k. To Patrick who survived his first ever 5km run. Way to go Pat! 😉 These are all late greetings though, but then better late than never huh. 😉



yellow 21k runners as they take off

Remembering disappointments can be improved and overcome one running step at a time, I have tried to keep a positive perception going into my AKOTR 10k run. Again, Bobby and I will be running just a 10k, in keeping to our agreement to never run longer race distances until we get back to regular training.

I arrived at the race venue not thinking about pace, time or whatever. What I have in mind is that it will always be fun to run and be able to finish a race. As one of the personalities  I truly admire in the running community once said, I maybe slow but then I still am better than that person on the couch. Talk about looking at the glass half full instead of half empty huh. 😉 I know I’ll do better but then I have to be really patient with training and all that. And yes, I have to lose the extra poundage that i so recklessly gained during my off-training period.

Back to the AKOTR race, it was always great to run this race as organized by Mr. Rudy Biscocho. Although there were problems during the claiming of race kits prior to race day this year, the AKOTR since its first debut a few years back, have always been one of the best races to participate in. Aside from the great quality of singlets, the race in itself is free from major hassles.Although the route was the same as that of the previous year, this year’s race was a better improvement than that of the last. One notable fact was that aside from water, hydration stations along the route also offers gatorade, which is an important improvement. One really does need to hydrate on electrolytes aside from water alone while running. I for one was really glad that the organizers were able to take note of the need for this.

I finished the race feeling better with my finish time improving a good ten minutes better that my previous 10k, but still a few minutes below my personal best. But I am not complaining. As I have said, I have resolved to get back to my old, better form one running step at a time. I am just really hoping that I’ll be able to fix and manage my time well now so that I can squeeze in some decent training into my schedule.

The usual picture taking was present post-race and oh, due to the great number of race attendees (registrants reached a record-number 8,000 runners!), it was really hard to find a breakfast venue. Almost all restaurants within the vicinity were packed (there were really limited choices though because some are still closed). Me and my friends were able to have our breakfast, after patiently looking for a venue, finally at the McDonald’s branch at McKinley Hills. It was a good enough way to cap a great race – breakfast and chatter with friends. 😉


with my friends and "Gold's Gym couple" Rissa and Daniel Falvo


with friends tanya, miguel, jaymie and bobby


mariel, me and tanya


breakfast at McDo with aljo, coach joar, bobby, mikey and tanya


I am still contemplating on whether to run another 10k at the Philippine International Marathon – A Run for the Pasig River or just schedule a much-needed long run. But then again, I can just as always run a 10k at the race and run some more along the same route after, right? Hmm, I might just really need to convince coach and my training-mates huh. 😉

Meanwhile, i am so hopeful to be able to put on some training this halloween break or if not training, some practice runs. That I resolve to do with or without someone to accompany me. 😉

Time to get ready for Piolo folks! LOL! 😉

Blogger’s Blues

I have been wanting to write about a lot of things – my blog turning a year old, the season finale of Run Radio and my two 10k runs that were the QCIM and AKOTR races. But then I have found it kinda difficult to find the right groove to write.  Maybe because I wasn’t  running much that’s why I can’t seem to find something to write about so all you find posted here lately are mostly upcoming race-related posts. If there’s what we call the “Runner’s Blues”, I might be suffering from what is now I perceive to be as “Blogger’s Blues”.

But then I knew that I just have to try and try and maybe, just maybe I will be able to churn out one good enough post, hmmm… One that will be worth everyone’s while. So here’s my crack to it, wish me luck. 😉


header_904x160_063009_1yo copy

happy to be 1 y/o!

Exactly thirteen (13) days ago, last October 16, my blog turned a year old. I remember starting this blog through the encouragement of my good friend Marga, who among my other friends have been regular visitors of my then Multiply site. I have been posting some of my thoughts on a regular basis on the said site, aside from religously updating it for whatever photos I have.

I was never a writer and so the thought of starting a “true-blue” blog is a kind of a “shady” idea. I never thought that I will be good for blogging. But then I knew too that I would prefer writing about my thoughts and experiences than speak about it anytime. You see folks (now I am revealing it!!!), kulit as I am, I have this fear of public speaking. I really suck in it. Oh but then again, that story deserves another post (which I really wouldn’t want to write about anytime though). 😉

This blog has been (and continues to be) a form of a regular english composition exercise for me (hehe!). Hopefully if any of my former English teachers will come across to reading this, they will give it at least a passing mark. Lol! But most of all, this blog made it possible for me to meet people I never thought I’d get to be acquainted to, make new friends and strengthen old ones and make me love running (and biking) even more.

So to make the long story still long – errrrr short, for whatever it has been worth, I thank everyone of you who have been my blog visitors. I never thought that aside from friends and family, (whom I really have to always threaten just to read my posts, hehe!) there would be others – mere acquaintances, people I look up to and to my surprise, even those completely unknown to me who take time to read and/or comment on my posts. Makes me feel that whatever I share is worth someone’s while. Thank you also to those who posted a link to my blog on their site, it truly makes me feel special. 😉 And lastly, I especially am touched whenever I unexpectedly receive emails from strangers who say that they were inspired, informed or simply entertained and at best, influenced to take on a healthier way of  life out of reading what I have shared. To you folks, thanks super! 🙂

My blog seem to have gone a long way since I first started it with the same amount of excitement and hesitance. As I look forward to counting many more blogging years to come, I wish you could still join me as I journey along the running path (and biking too!) and continue to write about my thoughts, experiences and a slew of other interesting things about the outdoors that we all came to love, blogger’s blues or not!

Cheers! 😉

Second Wind To Open Second Outlet

Here’s the good news as relayed to us by Jeremy Go of Second Wind Running store:

surprise branch copy

On March 28, 2009, Secondwind opened its doors in Teachers Village to serve the running community.  The Philippines’ first running specialty store for runners, by runners.  Our vision, to provide authentic service to runners, by fellow runners; to provide a venue where runners, can meet up and be with other fellow runners.  We were overwhelmed with the support of the running community – never did we expect this.  Never did we expect also that our small little project would eventually be a first.   

Now we’re blessed with another opportunity to serve the running community once again.  On November 14, 2009, we’re opening another Secondwind shop soon which is south bound from where we first opened or positioned in a more central location in the metro.   

RUNNING SOON: 11.14.09 twelve noon, mark the date.

Incidentally, there is a contest going on at the site of The Bull Runner in relation to guessing where the new Second Wind Store will be located. Click here if you want to take a shot. Winners by the way get to receive a free Second Wind singlet.

Good Luck and Best wishes Second Wind!

The Timex Run Press Launch

the timex run launch backdrop

the timex run launch backdrop

It was a showbiz press launch! Complete with TV cameras and professional photographers, showbiz reporters and road managers.

Papa Piolo and Papa Rio ;)

Papa Piolo and Papa Rio 😉

That folks was my general impression when people started coming in at the Max’s Glorietta function room where the press launch of the Timex Run was held yesterday, October 20. Only a handful of bloggers – maybe those only known to Timex Sr. Marketing Director, Gemma and Coach Rio were present. But nevertheless, we all had a grand time ogling at Piolo (oh sige na nga, only us girls!) and catching up with a lot of kuwento with each other and most especially to the ever busy Coach (and now Papa too) Rio.

the duo being interviewed by the showbiz media

the duo being interviewed by the showbiz media

Basically, the launch was really for the press/media and we runner bloggers were just invited to witness the event and meet “Papa Piolo” who was nice and very handsome, sigh! Hehe… You really have to give it to me folks, anyway i own this blog. haha! And what have we gathered out of the press launch?

1. that it will be Piolo’s first road race ever. He runs but haven’t participated in an actual race.
2. that Piolo will be running a 10k, which is also a first he being always comfy with running a 5k.
3. that he will be training under Coach Rio specifically to get ready for this race.
4. that Coach Rio is really becoming a celebrity on his own right. Aba, both Papa P and Papa R got equal share of the limelight. Ayos!

Lol! I could go on and on with our up close and personal Piolo and Rio experience but I will definitely sound like a giddy fan. Before I really turn into one, let me share to you instead the official press release of the 2009 Timex Run with Piolo Pascual and Coach Rio.

jaymie, piolo, me, marga, coach rio, raymund and jay... of course we would let this chance pass!

jaymie, piolo, me, marga, coach rio, raymund and jay... of course we wouldn't let this chance pass!

Oh but before that, let me express again my thank yous to Timex headed by Ms. Gemma Pagsibigan for the invitation. 😉

Photos? Check all pics here.


Piolo and Coach Rio


Fresh from the triumph of prized athletes it backed up in the very first Ironman triathlon held in Camsur recently, Timex, world renowned makers of high quality time gears, will once again help fun-loving sports enthusiasts defy their limits, prove its dominance and create history as it launches its very first running event, The 2009 Timex Run.

With the gun start set to fire on November 15, 2009 at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, the race which is co-presented by Robinsons Land and marathon organizer Runrio aims to gather runners from all walks of life, to spark up competitive athletic spirits and to unleash hardcore rivalries. In fact to make the running event even more exciting the 2009 Timex Run brings together two of the country’s most loved icons in the world of entertainment and running respectively: heartthrob and sports enthusiast Piolo Pascual and multiple champion runner and coach Rio dela Cruz.

In a press conference held last October 20, 2009 in Max’s Restaurant in Glorietta 2 Makati City, the two Timex ambassadors formally announced before the press that they will be among the very first ones to arrive at the race grounds and dash to become fit and healthy. Both Piolo, a first-time runner who admitted being so excited to join the run and Rio who studied Human Kinetics in the University of the Philippines and is a well-known running coach of some of the country’s well-known celebrities and business tycoons will be joining in the 10K category. All ready and set to go, this race will give enthusiasts the chance to run side-by-side with Piolo and Rio and try their luck to challenge and to get past them.

Divided into four race categories, athletes, race fanatics, and casual runners can choose from the 3, 5, 10 or 21 kilometer half-marathon event and begin the dynamic chase to make and break records in a test that is sure to measure their strength and endurance. The 2009 Timex Run, just like its reliable time gears assures participants of accuracy in timing and a host of other novel innovations. One of which is the disposable “champion” chips, timing devices attached to shoe laces specially designed to let runners monitor their starting and finishing times with stern accuracy. Functioning only soon as the runner steps on the designated ground matting, the recorded time is sure to be precise.  Another is the Runpix analysis which is a record of interesting running statistics unique to each individual who ran. This will be available after the race at and Photovendo also makes the run more fun by giving runners a full view of the experience as it will be providing run shots which will be available online for viewing and optional purchase.

Aside from the breathtaking action set to unfold in the race track, those joining can also expect a finish line filled with great prizes. While all finishers will take home Nature Valley loot bags, those who will emerge on top of the pack will get cash prizes and their very own Timex watches, activity and time-tracking gears that gives wearers nothing less than the optimum when it comes to style and functionality. A total of 50 watches shall be given away, 24 for the winners and 26 for the raffles. Top three finishers in every category will also get gift certificates/gift packs from Nike and other sponsors. Timex partnered with companies such Nature’s Valley Granola Bar, 100 Plus Isotonic Drink, Summit Distilled Drinking Water, Finish Line, Photo Vendo, Nike, Fitness First, Flojos, Nesvita, Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine to make this anticipated race possible.

One of the Timex watches to be given away to victors during the competition is the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor, the latest time gear meant to be every dynamic individual’s ideal running mate. A huge hit among Ironman Triathletes since it was launched, this one of a kind heart rate monitor boasts of a superior quality functions that aid in an athlete’s everyday training matched with uncompromising sleek and slim styling. This runner’s favorite is incredibly comfortable on the wrist and unlike others, is very simple to use. The heart rate monitor wirelessly transmits its wearer’s heart rate performance while one does his activity to the Ironman watch. Timex Ironman Race Trainer HRM incorporates all the features that fans have all become accustomed to with Timex sport watches, including an Indiglo night light, 10 work-out memory, 50-lap chrono with average heart rate per lap, and five interval timers with individual heart rate target zones. Other features including a countdown timer and three alarms are still included as well.

With the brand that ultimately understands the desires and expectations of true athletes organizing a race only for the country’s active and most competitive sports enthusiasts, one can expect high energy and passion flaring as each battle for the win and for a chance to be of help to our fellowmen as part of the 2009 Timex Run’s proceeds shall go to the Timex-UNICEF school in Masbate and victims of typhoon Ondoy.

Only the first three thousand to register  will be given event singlets. So hurry and register at selected Timex shops, located at SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Southmall, Glorietta 3, Nike Bonifacio High Street, Robinsons Land Showroom, The Trion Towers Showroom or online at Regular registration is from October 4 – November 9, 2009 while late registration is from November 2-9, 2009. For more information, call 7031736 or visit

The Timex and Nike Human Race T-Shirts

It was t-shirts galore for me and some of my running friends as we were able to score shirts on two events that we went to yesterday. Lately, I especially enjoy receiving shirts as give-aways or race finisher tokens because I find it very useful for me especially after every runs where I have to change to something comfortable.

And so I was pretty glad that I have two additional shirts for the said purpose although i guess both can also be used for “porma”…

This one’s from the Timex Run event presscon held yesterday at Max’s Glorietta. Hmm… More kuwento on that on a separate post later.  😉

yeah! i will really run with Papa P! lol!

yeah! i will really run with Papa P! lol!

And this one’s much-awaited from Nike… 😉

the women's and men's Nike Human Race Drifit Shirt

the women's and men's Nike Human Race Drifit Shirt

Yey! So, how does one get a Nike Human Race shirt?

1. If you were an attendee of the Nike Running Clinic and was able to avail of the free 10K QCIM race registration, you probably have received a give-away Nike Human Race shoe-bag and a coupon that says it will entitle you to a free Nike Human Race Shirt. Well, this one’s it folks! You can claim your free shirt at the Nike Park BHS starting today (actually they started releasing it last night). 😉

Coach Rio says don't forget to present your coupons folks! ;) It's a requirement for claiming.

Coach Rio says don't forget to present your coupons folks! 😉 It's a requirement for claiming.

2. If you ran and finished either the full (42km) or half (21k) marathon at the recently-concluded QCIM, you are also entitled to the Nike Human Race shirt. Claim yours at the Runnex office by presenting your race bib starting today also.

There you are folks, go get a hold of your t-shirt coupons or your race bib and claim your shirts now.