Christmas is just around the corner. As you look around, Christmas bazaars and sales can be found almost everywhere. And merrily, the Second Wind Running Store has jumped into the Christmas bandwagon by offering us runners a Christmas Gift Registry. Yes you read correctly folks, a RUNNING Christmas Registry. Read on for the press release regarding this offer. 😉

Want to get the perfect ‘running’ gift this Christmas?
Introducing CHRISTMAS REGISTRY at the Secondwind Running Store!
Sign up now and you may choose from our wide selection of running shoes, apparels and accessories!
Go to your nearest Secondwind branch and choose from our running products.
Provide a list of gift choices, as well as the name and contact information of the people (Santa) you expect to receive the gifts from.
Team Secondwind will notify your chosen Santa and present them with your Christmas list
Your Santa can now visit any of our stores to view and purchase the items in your Christmas list
This will help your loved ones pick out the perfect Christmas gift for current and would-be runners like you. Visit any of our two stores and start making your Christmas list now!
Happy Holidays!!
Secondwind. Running Starts Here.
Registration starts on November 23, 2009 at our two branches.
Secondwind Quezon City
 88 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village. Q.C,
Telephone: 7992089
Secondwind Pasig City
E-Prime Area, Unit03A,  Ortigas Home Depot,
#1Dona Julia Vargas Ave., Barangay Ugong. Pasig City
Telephone: 9140283
Contact us at:

Conquer Corregidor Official Website

Interested participants can now have easy mouse-click access to detailed event information on the much-awaited Conquer Corregidor 2009. The event’s official website is finally available! The site not just gives detailed race information, it also has a gallery of trail shots that will make everyone gidy with anticipation. 🙂

Just click on the image above to access the site. See you all at Corregidor on December 6! 😉

Timex Run 2009 Race Results and Photos Out Now

Kindly check the new RUNRIO website for the 2009 Timex Run race results (both consolidated list and the RunPix Analysis) and photos by Photovendo. 😉  Yey!

The 2009 Timex Run

For Coach Rio Dela Cruz, this race is the sum-total of all of the best features he wants to see in a race. Simply put, it was to be his “showcase”… And what a showcase runners did get. For most, this was the best organized race that they have participated in so far. It is a bummer if one wasn’t able to experience running it. I should know, I was one of them. *SIGH*

Weeks before this race, I have already set my eyes on running my third half marathon in this prelude to the Runrio Trilogy of races. What’s more, my excitement rises a notch higher everytime race updates or advance race event information gets to us from organizers, making me really look forward into participating in it. Lastly, of course I wouldn’t let the chance to see Piolo Pascual run his first road race ever, I had to be there to see him off and finish his 10k!

But then, certain personal developments wouldn’t let me run. I was honestly sad but then whatever it is that prevented me to be doing this one thing I love, I have in a short while accepted it. And of course, no matter what, I knew that I will still be there, running or not. I will be there come race day and take part in the happenings even as a mere expectator.

So there I was, running gear and race kit tucked in my bag (just in case I felt like I can do even a short 5k run) with hubby at the race activity area a few minutes before 5am. As i have told friends, I proceeded to go near the stage area and wait for them there. My wait was to be worth it for I was to chance upon Piolo before he and Coach Rio goes up the stage and open the event with a prayer. Thanks super to Gemma, Timex Marketing Manager, who called me to join them, I got my first photo of the day – my picture with Piolo, a chance to animatedly chat with him and kiss him good luck. Sheer luck? Hmm no, as Gemma would love to put it, it is a mere case of “The early bird catches the early Piolo”  lol! Can I just say that the kiss and the chance to be “feeling close” with Piolo erased the bitter feeling of not beeing able to run the said race? Oh, shallow as it may seem, it did. I just really like the guy and I don’t care if others don’t. Hmmm and by the way, Piolo went on to finish a sub-50 – he clocked in at 47:54 together with Coach Rio. Making true his reply to me when I told/chided him on finishing with a sub-60 – “Kaya yan!”.

when Gemma said, "Where's your camera?", I knew then that i'll have my first pic of the day - with PJ! 😉

Coach keeps on saying to people around him - "Kinakabahan ako!" to which we just said, daanin na lang yan sa picture! And both he and piolo obliged with a smile

Tired but happy, Gemma and Vince 😉

Coach Rio and Piolo's strong finish

As expected, a lot of my running friends participated in this race. Hubby went on to run and finish a 5k, setting a new personal best. Tanya, Mark, Tiffin, Aljo, Cristy, Jaimie, Doray and Mariel each had a good 10k run. Raymund, Bobby, Mayen, JunC, Jay, Jaymie and Miguel took on the half marathon. Marga, Vener and Joms were there too but did not run and were satisfied with being merely expectators, photogs and supporters just like me. 😉 Each one of us truly had fun, whether we ran or not. 😉 As usual, we especially had fun meeting-up post race for the expectated photo-ops.

hubby, proud of his 5k PR 😉

marga, karla and GTalker "Sophitia" who ran her first 3k, Congrats sis!

was that RIA, Rio's sis with me and marga? Nope, that's Lara, Women's Health EIC wearing an afro wig. aliw!

aljo, marga, joms, me and jaimie

marga, mari, kaye, me, art, tanya's ofcmate, tanya, mariel and cristy

So why was this race the best organized race ever? Why was it to be considered the race showcase that it went on to be? Here folks are some of my observations together with the feedback I got from friends who were able to run and tackle the route:

•Fuss-free race registration, may it be during the regular registration or the extended period.
•Race kit consists of a race bib and a timing chip, conspicuously packed in clear plastic and a race singlet (for those who registered within the regular registration)
•Visible labels and timers at the Start/Finish arc together with an animated race route display
•Cheering squad from David’s Salon along the start and finish area
•Marshalls and Race staff are sufficient in numbers and easily identifiable with their uniform and IDs
•Wide screen at the main stage showing the goings-on at the Start/Finish area
•Properly-labeled booths along the activity area especially those for the claiming of give-aways
•Portalets are a damn lot resulting to almost no queues if and when you need to use it
•Massage booth for runners to avail of post-race (sarap!)
•Timex Race Backdrops and Piolo and Coach Rio standees for photo-ops (just in case you weren’t able to catch them in person!)
•No long queues at the finish line
•No long queues/waiting for runners to be able to claim their give-aways
•Finisher’s medal and dri-fit shirt for 21k finishers
•Loot bag give-aways after the race
•Fast and accurate race results (check the initial results here at the brand new RUNRIO site)
•Souvenir on-the spot finisher photo print from Photo Vendo (it shows you finishing with Coach Rio and Piolo, yun oh!)
•Detailed RunPix performance analysis complete with graphic illustrations and comparative results (click HERE to view results)
•Professional action shots by PhotoVendo to capture those precious winning moments (click HERE to view the photos)
•Free viewing of the Pacquiao-Cotto fight in two areas: one at the main stage screen and another at the Cignal booth
•Paul Calvin’s Brunch buffet and Pacquiao-Cotto fight inside a tent for only PHP500

animated race route at the starting arc

the free massage area c/o David's Salon

the stage area with free viewing of the Pacquiao-Cotto fight

brunch buffet and pacquiao-cotto fight at the tent for PHP500

And according to my friends who ran, there were:

•Long line of hydration tables with more than enough water and 100 Plus drinks in cups strategically and conveniently located at the middle of the race route making it easier for runners who are on either side of the route to get hydrated
•Bananas along the route were provided to those who ran the 21k
•Enough kilometer markers and directional signs along the race route

And for all those, I would agree 100% if people say that this was the best race ever organized so far in the Philippine running history. I would even go on to say that the money each runner paid for registering in this race was all worth it. The race was best and friendly for all runners – wannabes, newbies and elites alike. If this is a preview of things to come, I would be really eager to see how the Runrio trilogy would turn out.

Congratulations to Gemma and the Timex People, the Finishline staff especially to Vince, Cristel and Kaye and of course to Rio who got his dream race to become a reality. Kudos guys, this is one testament that hard-work and good planning really pays-off. 😉

vince, dra doray, me and ben

all smiles although it is SOOOO hot

Girltalkers All - rina, marj, apple, me and marga

bobby, doray, me, christine, marga and mayen

inside the tent with marga, vince, raymund and miguel

As for me, I know that running will eventually take me back when I am ready to get back to it. For this race, I was just too happy to still be there and enjoy the pre and post-race activities. I was more of an expectator and photog but then again, it’s as if I PRed too.

Check out more Timex Run photos HERE.

Conquer Corregidor Race Registration Updates


Hello folks! As advised by the race organizer, as of this post, roughly about 150 slots remain open for registration for the Conquer Corregidor Race which happens on December 6, 2009 at Corregidor Island, Bataan. In addition, please take note of the following updates so that you can avoid getting inconvenienced if and when you go to the centers for registration. 😉


  Nov 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 26 and 29 ; 6pm to 10pm



Ortigas Branch – Nov 17, 19, 24, and 26 ; 2pm to 5pm


So folks, if you have the intention of joining this race, I suggest you visit any of the registration centers soon. 150 open slots are too easy to fill!