Running : Looking Back and Moving Forward

As the year 2009 runs to its finish, I can only reminisce on how great this year was for running. In my opinion, this year will definitely come down as running’s “banner year”. Running as a sport has really taken a bigger leap this year than the previous ones. As I type, here are some of the great things that happened to running in this year that is about to end:

1. Runner participation in races have greatly increased, at times not just double but even three or four folds the past numbers.
2. Races were better this year with a number of it making runners even go out of town. Oh yes, there were those races which may had raised some runners’ blood pressure but admittedly most of the races that were offered this year were far better and more exciting than it was, say a year or two ago.

Runrio's Timex Run 2009 was one of the well-organized races of 2009

3. There were more running clinics being offered to all kinds of runners this year – most of it were FREE. I think this encouraged more people to try and take up running since the clinics are there to teach and guide them along the way. 😉

Nike Running Clinic at the ULTRA

4. The opening of running specialty stores Second Wind and RUNNR. As the year comes to an end, both stores have already opened their second branch. Runners can almost forget online purchasing and/or asking friends/family abroad to purchase running gears for them. Both stores offers a wide variety of running gears/apparels of various brands.

RUNNR Launch at BHS, The Fort

Second Wind Launch at Ortigas Home Depot

5. As there was a running boom, there also was a running blog boom. A lot of runners has taken into sharing their running experiences to the community by starting a running blog. It both has its own set of advantage and disadvantages but then i just take it as “the more the merrier”. Interested readers have a lot of options to read from, which is good.
6. The famous running blog, The Bull Runner has taken a higher step by having a magazine of the same name. The free mini-mag is hands-down the best running resource that each and every runner can have, hold, read and keep. Hmmm and yup, re-read!

The first two issues of the Bull Runner Magazine

7. Running has invaded all sorts of media with Runner Speak (tv) and Run Radio (radio and web). Run Radio will just simply be closer to my heart since I am part of it. Watch out for a greater and better Season 2 on 2010 folks!

Run Radio DJs Jay and Jaymie while onboard

8. A lot of running groups were formed this year, some with very good advocacies. I am very glad and proud to be part of the iamninoy Runners Group which hopes to help better the education of less-fortunate kids in the country, in partnership/support to the 57/75 Movement. 🙂

some of the iamninoy Runners Group members

9. Personally, my running circle of friends got bigger and mind you, the quality of friendships were mostly the kind that one would like to cherish and keep. Hey and before Christmas, most of us were able to meet for a pre-Christmas get-together. Click here to see runners doing anything but running. 😉

Our pre-Christmas Get-Together at Kabisera BHS

Most of you may have a longer list than what I was able to come up with, feel free to add to it as you may by posting it as a comment on this post. 😉

When most runners may have just taken their running break the past week, I on the other hand have taken mine a good one month earlier. And while most runners will excitedly look forward to coming back to running next week with their running plans already drawn-up, I will be looking forward to running in a whole new light – as simply an expectator and support to running friends. Why?  Because I am about to effect a running-less year, a running semi-retirement of sorts (oh and a biking retirement too!). Hmmm… It sucks, isn’t it? Yes and no is my honest answer.

You see folks, in November, I learned that I was again blessed with a challenge of being a mom to child no. 4 (we already have a brood of three). I initially felt sad that the plans I have for running will all be cancelled because of this development (I always have a high-risk pregnancy making me unable to continue running even if other pregnant women who have been running actively can). But then again, I know that every child is a blessing and most of all, no matter how long I lay-off from the sport I love, I know very well that running will always take me back when the right time comes. But then again also, can I help it if I still feel inggit at times? Well, I surely will. 😉

Still, do know that I will be on “semi-retirement” only since I will still maintain participation in RunRadio backroom tasks and make all-too pregnant appearances in races. I may still blog about running-related updates every now and then too. It’s just that I really am not allowed to run, *SIGH*.

2009 wil definitely be a memorable year in the journals of runners. My only wish is that all mistakes and lessons that came out of those will all be taken to heart by everyone in the running community and be one in striving to make the following year a bigger and brighter one for all of us.

Happy New Year and see you at the outdoors folks!

Conquer Corregidor Race Results OUT NOW

Conquer Corregidor

Here now are the official race results for the Conquer Corregidor race which was held last Dec. 6 at the Corregidor Island as provided by race organizer Edward Kho.

According to the information provided, although there were 750 or so runners who took part in the race, only 489 were listed with finishing times. They were the ones who met the official cut-off time of  3 hours from gunstart. The sweeping tranvias were deployed at 11:45am to pick-up the participants who were not able to meet the cut-off time to the finish. Those who opted not to take the “rescue ride” were allowed to finish the course but their times were not recorded anymore.

You can download the race results HERE.

Conquer Corregidor souvenir shirt

Meanwhile, for those who are interested but were not able to score the Conquer Corregidor souvenir shirts, you still have a chance to do so after all! The shirts are still available at the cost of PHP300 each, at Second Wind Ortigas Home Depo branch starting today, December 14 until stocks last or at the ROX store at BHS The Fort from Dec 18-20 (Fri-Sun) only.

Thank you to Edward Kho for the heads-up. 😉


Yes, it’s official! The 2010 edition of the famous Condura running event will definitely be run at the Skyway!

the Condura Run 2010 official logo

Dubbed as Condura Run 2010, Run for the Dolphins, the event which is set to happen on Feb. 7, 2010 (a Sunday) will definitely have the Skyway as part of the route for its 21k and 42.195k race distances. This was finalized during the  recent signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between Condura Run brothers Patrick and Ton Concepcion and OM Skyway Group representatives Mr. Ramoncito Borromeo and Mr. Ed Nepomuceno.

Condura Run brothers Pat and Ton Concepcion with OMG Skyway representatives during the MOA signing

The event will also have 3k, 5k and 10k race distances but it is only the half and full marathon participants who will have a chance to pass along the skyway. But if the 4-way marathon relay being planned pushes through, participants will only need to run 10k each but still experience running on the skyway. Let’s keep our fingers-crossed for that!

The route for the first-ever Condura Run full marathon is still being finalized but according to the organizers, the route will take full marathon runners from the Fort up to the Kalayaan flyover into Buendia, up the Buendia off ramp to the Skyway all the way down the Bicutan exit where a u-turn will have to be made and run back to the Fort. Another exciting info is that the route will also take runners to the NAIA 3 Skyway on and off ramps. Whew! Just writing about this makes me giddy with excitement and gasping for breath. Challenging route huh? 😉

More details will be available once the Condura Run 2010 website becomes available by the 14th of December. 

Meanwhile, I enjoin participating runners to continue with their running training, hill-training very much included. As for me, I will be definitely relegated to joining just the 3k by then since that’s what is the most a woman with a “bump” can do to just be able to be there and run. 😉

See you all at the Condura Run 2010!

Many thanks to Pat and Ton Concepcion for the event updates and for the photos. 🙂