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A few days ago, I received an email from a visitor of this blog. She together with two of her friends have put up a site and is asking for help in getting the word around about it. 

RUNREVIEWS.COM, i gathered, was initially set-up to provide a site for treadmill tips and reviews. The site also has interactive pages of running tips – be it road or trail or marathon running. I said interactive because aside from the tips they already were able to share, they also encourage readers to also add/share whatever tips they have to improve the list.

Try to take a peek and check what it may have in store for everyone.  Personally for me, the site is more geared towards the newbie and wannabe runners since fairly most running topics were presented in a basic way. Click HERE to visit the site.

The Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 21KM Finisher’s T-Shirt

This is the image of the T-Shirt that the 21km race participants will receive upon finishing the 21km run of the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 (Runrio Trilogy Leg 1).

the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 (The Runrio Trilogy leg 1) 21km Finisher's T-shirt

Condura Run 2010’s Detailed 42K Route

Yesterday, I received an SMS message from Pat Concepcion (the Running Shield) with the details of the full marathon route for the Condura Run for the Dolphins race on February 7. He also gave some additional race tidbits. Read on…

DETAILED 42KM Race Route:

Part 1: Fort Bonifacio
– UP on 28th Street
– LEFT towards 11th Avenue
– RIGHT 32nd Street
– LEFT into University Parkway (where the International School is)
– RIGHT Triangle Drive
– TURN AROUND back to University Parkway
– RIGHT 32nd Street
– LEFT 5th Avenue all the way to Lawton Avenue
– LEFT Bayani Road towards Libingan ng Mga Bayani
– LEFT towards Heritage Park BUT only up to the Philippine Army Officers’ Ladies Foundation School
– No going down the steep incline instead,
– U-TURN back to Bayani Road
– RIGHT Lawton Avenue into 5th Avenue
– LEFT 26th Street
– RIGHT Rizal Drive into 32nd Street
– LEFT into Kalayaan Flyover

Part 2: Buendia Avenue Area
– Buendia Avenue up to before railroad tracks
– LEFT Estacio Street
– RIGHT De La Rosa Street
– UP the Buendia Off Ramp Northbound

Part 3: Skyway
– Skyway all the way to Bicutan
– U-TURN at Bicutan
– HEAD BACK Northbound
– UP the NAIA 3 Off Ramp (aka the Condura Heartbreak Hill which is a 200m climb) into the NAIA 3 Toll Booth
– After 15 meters, TURN AROUND into NAIA 3 On Ramp into NorthBound
– BACK to Skyway NorthBound
– Off Ramp into Buendia Avenue into Kalayaan Avenue into 32nd Avenue
– RIGHT 5th Avenue
– LEFT into 29th Street


– there will be an exclusive 42km finish line
– 15 physical water stations will be passed twice by 42km race participants, resulting to 30 water stations available not more than 2km  (on the average it’s 1.4km apart)
– there will be ambulances stationed at the Fort, Buendia Avenue and Skyway
– aid station at Off Ramp of Buendia Avenue
– Portalets at the Fort, Buendia Avenue and Skyway
– 100 PLUS and Summit are the Hydration Sponsors

Whew! Just typing it makes me feel oh so tired already! Good Luck to all race participants! 🙂

Many Thanks to Pat C. for the heads-up! 😉

Pregnant and (NOT) Running

Running and pregnancy can very well go together provided that the running mom-to-be has been doing it regularly prior to becoming pregnant. In fact, running (though with some modifications) brings about some benefits for the pregnant runner:  

-helps alleviate morning sickness (which unfortunately happens not only in the mornings!)
-helps keep the weight gain at a healthy rate
-prepares the body for the toughest race that a mom has to run – labor and delivery

Oh and wouldn’t it be a cute sight seeing somebody who is pregnant and all, doing that early morning run? I remember hearing stories about Paula Radcliffe running until her 8th month of pregnancy. And girl friends who have comfortably continued with running and biking while they were pregnant. I do envy those who really can. But It’s really a NO for me…

You see, not all women can run while pregnant. I for one, unlike the “kulit runner” image depicted in my blog’s header (yes, she is carrying a bump too!), have not been running since confirming that I am carrying a baby. It is pretty hard to accept but then, there are some conditions that prevents one from running during pregnancy:

-heart disease
-lung disease
-severe anemia
-if carrying more than just one baby (i.e., mom is having twins, triplets,or more) – might experience preterm labor
-persistent second- or third-trimester bleeding
placenta previa after 26 weeks
-preterm labor
-ruptured membranes (your water has broken)
-preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure)
-chronic hypertension

If you have any of those, any form of aerobic exercises is off limits to you. Unfortunately, I have the last two. I have been diagnosed with “preeclampsia with super-imposed chronic hypertension”. Wicked isn’t it? But then again, instead of being bitter and wallow on sadness and self-pity on not being able to run, I just turn and look at the brighter side and focus on other things:

think, always think that this will just be for at least a year – nine months of being pregnant and a few months of recovery after. I always tell myself that I can always go back to running afterwards and it would be a great challenge to see how running can help me get back to my “pre-pregnancy me”.
get enough sleep – or lot’s of it! Since I don’t have to get-up very early for that morning runs, I would gladly welcome converting those times to get additional shut-eye time. It will be good for both me and the baby anyway.
walk routines – i may not have been able to run, but I can still do walking exercises. this is better than having no activity at all! hmmm, and i can even do so inside a mall, right? 😉
start eating right. Even while running some eating habits remain to be not that healthy. But now that I am pregnant, it will be the best time to start with the healthy eating habit. It will be good for the baby and also for me – I wouldn’t have to worry with unnecessary weight gain due to bad eating habits eh? 😉
look forward to a lot of pampering. Get a new hair style, have my hair treated and colored, have my skin treatments (oh, at least those that are still safe for pregnant women!). These are some of the things that most women take forgranted during running. Especially the hair since it always is comfortable worn tied instead or letting it down.
forget about weight gain. It will be an exciting challenge to lose it after giving birth anyway.
enjoy the smooth and sometimes rough ride to the pregnancy. Which I can do so still with the company of running friends. I may not be running, but then I still have them to join me in looking forward to being able to run again soon! 😉

Meanwhile, the very pregnant me will still try to attend exciting run events, blog about those and enjoy the pregnancy while being witness to whatever great things are to unfold this year. Hopefully, sometime soon, I’ll be able to get a nod from both my set of doctors and hubby to be able to just jog for a few minutes in a week. It will surely be a blast when that happens. 😉

 NOTE: oh no, no pictures this time… 😉

Countdown to the Condura Run 2010

Here’s a message from the people behind the Condura Run 2010. 😉

Hi everyone,

A few weeks into the year 2010 should have kickstarted brand new goals. When it comes to your running goals – of course, immensely driven by the aftermath of holiday feasting! — you should be getting into the rhythm by now!

Get that rhythm going when you join the Condura Run 2010: A Run For The Dolphins! Now on its third year, the premier running event in the country keeps on setting the bar higher to offer the growing running population more exciting things! Last year, we got you guys running a half-marathon along the Skyway. This year, we are stepping it up – we’re including the 42k category for the first time in our event!

Those who have ran in races abroad will definitely agree with us that running along the Skyway feels like running in an entirely different place. Because we are the only race in the country to offer this, everyone running the 42k, 21k, and the relay will get to experience a world-class running route!

Registration is still ONGOING! You still have ONE WEEK left for regular registration – everyone gets to have a medal (yes! even 3k, 5k, and 10k finishers) so everybody gets to become a winner for crossing the finish line. This is also the first time we are having two finish lines – we’re runners, so we’re a little nitpicky on this one, and we hate congested finish lines – so you could savor the moment of your finish once you cross.

Drop by RUNNR (BHS and Ayala Center Cebu), and Planet Sports (Trinoma and Rockwell) to register! Run a one-of-a-kind race route and finish the race as a winner, regardless of distance!

Will be giving you guys regular updates! See you all on February 7!


Visit the CONDURA RUN official website for more details. 🙂

The Tour of Hope 2010

Since I have developed an interest to biking, I have always heard or read about this annual event called “The Tour of Hope”. I have quietly wished that sometime soon, my biking skills will be that good enough and my time will be managed effectively so that i will have some to spare for joining an activity such as this.

At this delicate stage, I know that I will have to pass up on this chance to be able to participate. But then again, let me share to you folks this interesting event that you cyclists or cycling enthusiasts may want to venture into. 😉

Basically, The Tour of Hope (TTOH) is an annual international non-profit initiative, made up of like-minded individuals who regularly set up biking tours as a charity project to help in fund raising efforts and awareness campaigns for Cervical Cancer Prevention Network Alliance Program of the Philippines (CECAP).

For more info on this year’s event, below is the letter from Team David’s Salon’s Joyette Jopson, a member of The Tour of Hope’s Organizing Committee. Many thanks to Team David’s Salon Team Captain Kaye Lopez for sharing this info. 🙂

The Tour of Hope 2010

Dear friends,

The Tour of Hope Philippines 2010, “360: Fighting Cervical Cancer in Full Circle” is all set on March 20 – 24, 2010. We will be riding from Makati City to Baguio City to help spread the word on the fight against the disease.

Originally done in Thailand, we started this tour locally 3 years ago with about 45 core riders from Vigan to Subic Bay. Last year we had 70 core riders that rode from Alabang to Camarines Sur. This year we hope to attract more riders, as we go back up north, with the tour’s highlight being every local cyclist’s dream (er, fantasy?) to be able to ride up to Baguio City.

How does a rider actually help?
1. We get pledges from family and friends (every P500 can screen 12 women from cervical cancer)
2. While we are on the saddle, lay lectures will simultaneously be conducted at the chosen stops on how cervical cancer can be prevented. By the time we finish the ride, the TTOH team would have talked to at least 1,000 barangay health workers, midwives, women.

The following is the itinerary:

March 20, 2010, Saturday

5:00am        Bikers registration and assembly, University of Makati Track Oval
6:30am        Programme Start
7:00am        Bikers flag-off
Bikers will ride along EDSA all the way to Monumento, and take McArthur Highway all the way to SM City Clark. 95kms.

10:00am       Start of lay lecture in SM City Clark
12:00nn       Welcome of bikers in SM City Clark
12:30pm       Ride 7kms to Holiday Inn Mimosa where the group will stay overnight.

After lunch, bikers are free to enjoy the facilities of Holiday Inn Mimosa, visit the Duty Free shops, etc.

6:00pm        Welcome Dinner

March 21, 2010, Sunday

6:00am         Breakfast
7:00am         Bikers send-off

Because Tarlac is not that far from Clark, we will ride the “figure-8 loop” inside Clark before taking the SCTEX to Tarlac.

10:00am        Start of lay lecture in Tarlac Recreational Park
11:30am        Welcome of bikers at the Tarlac Recreational Park
12:00nn        Bike 10kms to Microtel Inn in Hacienda Luisita

In the afternoon bikers are free to visit the Ninoy Aquino Memorial Museum, enjoy the amenities of the Hacienda Luisita clubhouse or simply hangout in Plaza Luisita.

6:30pm         Dinner

March 22, 2010, Monday

6:00am        Breakfast
7:00am        Bikers send-off

We will first bike around Hacienda Luisita before proceeding to the national highway towards Pangasinan. Then we will pass the towns of Bayambang, Malasigui and Calasiao before we reach Dagupan City. The roads here are less busy than the national highway going to Baguio, but expect some traffic as we pass through the towns mentioned.

10:00am       Start of lay lecture in Dagupan City Museum
11:00am       Welcome of bikers in Dagupan City Museum
11:15am       Bike 10kms for a seaside lunch
1:00pm        Bike to Lennox Hotel
6:30pm        Dinner

March 23, 2010, Tuesday

6:00am        Breakfast
7:00am        Bikers send-off
10:00am       Start of lay lecture in Diego Silang Hall, La Union Provincial Capitol
11:00am       Welcome of bikers in La Union Provincial Capitol
11:30am       Bike 5kms to Ariana Hotel
7:00pm        Dinner

March 24, 2010, Wednesday

6:00am        Take a huge breakfast =)
7:00am        Bikers send-off

We will take the national highway back south and take Marcos highway up to Baguio. Very hilly.

10:30am       Start of lay lecture in SM City Baguio
12:30pm       Welcome of bikers in SM City Baguio
1:00pm        Bike 5kms to Manor Hotel n Camp John Hay

Enjoy the nice and cool weather in Baguio, do a trail run, go horseback riding, shop for ube and strawberry jam, or just sleep 

6:30pm         Thanksgiving Dinner and Fellowship night


Registration fee is P12,000.00* to include accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days, jersey, water refills, and a Jun De Leon framed photograph (worth P20,000).
*Does not include gels, bars or other nutrition you may need, and a ride back to Manila. Please make your own arrangements for the travel back home. 

I’ve attached the registration form for those interested.

The Tour of Hope Philippines is a joint project of Bravehearts, Cervical Cancer Prevention Network (CECAP), GlaxoSmithKline Philippines, Creative Juice, Geiser Maclang, in strategic partnership with Team David’s Salon.

For any question, please email or text 0917.8827352.

Please also check out for more details. The local website is still being updated.

Joyette Jopson
Team David’s Salon
Member, The Tour of Hope Organizing Committee


FREE ChiRunning Clinic by RUNNR Academy

Before the previous year ended, I bet a lot of folks in and out of the running community may have read about ChiRunning from Jaymie, The Bull Runner’s blog. From what Jaymie shared in her post, it seems that ChiRunning is a pretty interesting new approach to running.

Now as it’s initial offering for the year 2010, RUNNR Academy will be holding a ChiRunning Clinic open to a limited number of participants. Here are the details as provided to us by Runnr’s Ms. Nicole Limon (thanks as always Nicole!) 😉

TITLE:  An Introduction to CHIRUNNING (A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless & Injury-free Running
by: Lit Onrubia (First & Only Certified ChiRunning Instructor in the Philippines)

LAUNCH:   Jan 20, 2010, 7:00-9:00 PM
(FREE for first 100 participants to register)
Activity area in front of RUNNR

– Overview of ChiRunning
– Benefits of ChiRunning
– Form focuses and techniques of ChiRunning

1) Interested runners can register at RUNNR, Bldg B3, Bonifacio High Street.
2) Launch is open to the first 100 participants who register, for FREE. We can accept beyond 100 participants but they have no guaranteed seats.
3) Practical sessions 1 and 2 are limited to first 48 runners who purchased a minimum amount of p1,000 in RUNNR, from Jan 14, 2010-onwards. First come, first served for each batch. 

  12 runners per batch
TOPICS Practical application of Chi Running posture & biomechanics Practical application of Chi Running gears, stride length, knee bends, & running cadence
BATCH 1 Jan 21, Thurs, 6:00-7:30pm Jan 26, Tues, 6:00-7:30pm
BATCH 2 Jan 21, Thurs, 8:00-9:30pm Jan 26, Tues, 8:00-9:30pm
BATCH 3 Jan 23, Sat, 6:00-7:30am Jan 27, Wed, 6:00-7:30pm
BATCH 4 Jan 23, Sat, 8:00-9:30am Jan 27, Wed, 8:00-9:30pm