Condura Run 2010’s Detailed 42K Route

Yesterday, I received an SMS message from Pat Concepcion (the Running Shield) with the details of the full marathon route for the Condura Run for the Dolphins race on February 7. He also gave some additional race tidbits. Read on…

DETAILED 42KM Race Route:

Part 1: Fort Bonifacio
– UP on 28th Street
– LEFT towards 11th Avenue
– RIGHT 32nd Street
– LEFT into University Parkway (where the International School is)
– RIGHT Triangle Drive
– TURN AROUND back to University Parkway
– RIGHT 32nd Street
– LEFT 5th Avenue all the way to Lawton Avenue
– LEFT Bayani Road towards Libingan ng Mga Bayani
– LEFT towards Heritage Park BUT only up to the Philippine Army Officers’ Ladies Foundation School
– No going down the steep incline instead,
– U-TURN back to Bayani Road
– RIGHT Lawton Avenue into 5th Avenue
– LEFT 26th Street
– RIGHT Rizal Drive into 32nd Street
– LEFT into Kalayaan Flyover

Part 2: Buendia Avenue Area
– Buendia Avenue up to before railroad tracks
– LEFT Estacio Street
– RIGHT De La Rosa Street
– UP the Buendia Off Ramp Northbound

Part 3: Skyway
– Skyway all the way to Bicutan
– U-TURN at Bicutan
– HEAD BACK Northbound
– UP the NAIA 3 Off Ramp (aka the Condura Heartbreak Hill which is a 200m climb) into the NAIA 3 Toll Booth
– After 15 meters, TURN AROUND into NAIA 3 On Ramp into NorthBound
– BACK to Skyway NorthBound
– Off Ramp into Buendia Avenue into Kalayaan Avenue into 32nd Avenue
– RIGHT 5th Avenue
– LEFT into 29th Street


– there will be an exclusive 42km finish line
– 15 physical water stations will be passed twice by 42km race participants, resulting to 30 water stations available not more than 2km  (on the average it’s 1.4km apart)
– there will be ambulances stationed at the Fort, Buendia Avenue and Skyway
– aid station at Off Ramp of Buendia Avenue
– Portalets at the Fort, Buendia Avenue and Skyway
– 100 PLUS and Summit are the Hydration Sponsors

Whew! Just typing it makes me feel oh so tired already! Good Luck to all race participants! 🙂

Many Thanks to Pat C. for the heads-up! 😉

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads-up Vims!:-)

  2. Thanks Vimz! Woaaaah it’s seems daunting! not easy by any means! (x_x)

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