The 4th All Terra King of the Mountain Event

Here’s a message from Mr. Raffy Santos of Elite Multisport Resources regarding the recently held 4th All Terra King of the Mountain event:

Thank you to everyone who supported and joined the 4th All Terra King of the Mountain and Mang Inasal Barbeque Festival.

Highest honors go to

   * King of the Mountain  –  Roldan Antonio
   * Queen of the Mountain – Arian Dormitorio
   * Single Speed – JM Lagdameo

King of the Mountain Age Group Winners

   * 30 and below  Mark Lee
   * 31-40 Angelito Glinogo
   * 41 and above Bon Jovi

Congratulations to all the participants.

Visit for images of raw results.  Results in html, txt, pdf and spreadsheet formats to follow.

Presented by:
Subaru Timberland Heights
Mang Inasal

April Surprise

Shortly after the year 2010 started, one good thing in the running community bid goodbye. Most of us thought that it will be something either permanent or a prolonged absence. Well, good news folks! It will be brought back by April in the objective of preparing runners for something exciting and great.

Do watch out for it! Happy thoughts, happy running! 😉

The Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 and More

Mizuno Infinity Run 2010

The Mizuno Infinity Run is one of the most anticipated races in the metro. Since 2008, About 10,000 runners have already showcased their grits as their adrenalines left footprints all-over Fort Bonifacio. To add to the excitement, Mizuno unveiled its twist by announcing the June 2009 Mizuno Infinity Run race Day 2010 as the first-ever race to banner the “Beat Your Own Time” Challenge.

1. What: Mizuno Infinity Run 2010
                  5k, 10k, 15k
                  Open Category, Age Category, “Beat Your Own Time” Category

2. When: Sunday, April 11, 2010
                   4:00 AM – Check In
                   5:30 AM – Start of 15k
                   5:45 AM – Start of 10k and 5k
                   6:00 – 9:30 AM – Raffle
                   8:30 – 10:00 AM – Awarding

3. Where: Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

4. Starting Point: Federacion Drive (Near NBC Drive and The Fort Strip)

5. Non-Refundable Entry Fees:
PHP450 for 15k
PHP400 for 10k and 5k
* PHP50 discount for Infinity Run 2009 participants
* With race packet which includes a special edition Mizuno Infinity bag and a finisher shirt

6. Prizes:
Cash prizes & Mizuno items for OPEN CATEGORY
Medals & Mizuno items for AGE CATEGORY
Mizuno items, Suunto watches, Oakley eyewear for “BEAT YOUR OWN TIME” CATEGORY

7. Registration:
Jan 10 – April 4, 2010. Available in all Metro Manila outlets except for Makati Golf. You can also download registration forms. Fill it up and kindly bring them to any Mizuno outlet in the Metro Manila region.

8. Downloadables:
Infinity Run 2010 Online Registration Form
Infinity Run 2010 5K Route Map

Infinity Run 2010 10K Route Map
Infinity Run 2010 15K Route Map

9. Other Activities to watch out for:

– Infinity Run 2010’s Carbo Loading Promo: March 26 to 27, 2010

Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 CLP

– Highlands Fun Run Challenge: April 25, 2010 at Tagaytay Highlands
– Mizuno Run Club Ayala Alabang Edition

a race at Tagaytay Highlands and a run club at Ayala Alabang

– First ever race/run in Ortigas
– Mizuno Trail Shoes soon to be available in the Philippines

Globe Run For Home 2010 RunPix and PhotoVendo Pix

Globe Run for Home 2010 participants can now start retracing their race footsteps and analyze their race results in a graphical manner by accessing the RunPix analysis page for the recently concluded race.

Just click on this LINK to have a souvenir of your latest race achievement. 😉

you can click on the image to access RunPix

Likewise, Globe Run For Home 2010 participants can now view/download their race photos at Photovendo’s free download service site.

Click HERE to start checking out your race photos.

Having problems accessing the above link? Try this ONE then at the Race Name drop-down list, choose Globe Run For Home 2010. Lastly, enter your race bib number at the text box beside it and voila, enjoy your race photos! 😉

you can click on this image to go to the site

Globe Run For Home 2010 Race Results

The Globe Run For Home 2010 race results are already available at the Run For Home website or simply click on the following links to directly go to the results page.

Congratulations to all those who participated and finished!

View 21k results
View 15k results
View 10k results
View 5k results
View 3k results

The LONERUNNER Blogs Again!

I was kinda lucky I was able to persuade the Lonerunner to write a running blog post again even just for once. Maybe, if I will be able to gather a good number of comments telling him to go back to blogging, LR (as we fondly call him then) will seriously consider taking out his blog from retirement.

Meanwhile, let me now share to you his latest and only blog post after a long while. WARNING: Material has some touches of adult content. Parental Guidance is recommended. 😉


A guest post by the LONERUNNER

Do you feel that your running buddy is boring you?

He/She is no longer as fun as before?

His/her jokes are getting corny?

Sometimes we cannot help it, but after awhile we get bored with someone we run with.

Below are valuable tips on how to overcome the boredom associated with being too familiar with your running friend:

Role Playing: You and your running buddy will play a role. One can play the role of a cop chasing the robber or a teacher chasing the naughty schoolboy. This will add spice to your runs.

Bondage: It is putting a restraint to add challenge to your run. You can use rope, handcuffs, necktie or chains. Locking the other will give your run a new twist.

Talk dirty: sometimes cursing can relive stress from hard runs.

Threesome: you can ask another runner to join your runs. The other person can give you new perpective to make your run more enjoyable.

Foursome or moresome: You can invite more than one to join you and your buddy. You can add as many as you like. 

Exploring other positions: If both of you are heel striker, you can maybe switch to midfoot for several weeks. Trying something new can make run less boring.

Toys: One of you can buy a new gear. Maybe a new Garmin, a brand new space-age Hydropack , a new tech shirt.  New gadgets can be a new topic you can discuss while doing your long runs.

Costume: you can wear costumes or props while running. A new look can pique interest. You can try Nurse’s uniform, Stewardess, Car Mechanic or even maid’s uniform etc…

Home Video: you can also record and make a home video of your runs. You can set it on a tripod or ask someone to film both of you.

Hopefully, this post can help you overcome boredom when running with your friend.

Run on, friends!

Kulitrunner’s footnote: Many thanks to Smith for this post. Sa uulitin! 😉

A Blogging Comeback

Followers of running blogs since 2008 will surely agree with me that there is this one blogsite which they miss visiting. Though there are a lot of existing running blogs to surf through nowadays, this one blog is definitely a class of its own, one of a kind really.

Well, beloved blogger will soon make a blogging comeback, albeit for now on a guest post status only. But isn’t it nice to be reading a post from this blogger even just for once after awhile?

Watch out for the comeback post sometime soon!