Yun Oh!

For the uninitiated, the post title is actually a favorite one-liner of afroman, Coach Rio dela Cruz. If it’s something really good or awesome or just something that rings a positive note to him, there will always be a “Yun Oh!” reaction.

And it was what I was able to utter when hubby went home last Monday morning and brought me a couple of magazines to read while I was in “medical isolation” at a room in our home. Actually, I was able to utter this upon seeing that one of the magazines was this:

Men's Health Magazine March 2010 Issue

Oh yep, it is March already and the Men’s Health Magazine issue with Coach Rio on the cover is now out. It features a 6-page cover story packed with some really nice shots of our coach Kulot. Honestly, it puts a smile on my face seeing that he has really gone a long way from being that “kulot” coach at the ULTRA trying to be patient with a bunch of “kulit” students like me to that coach to famous personalities and A-rated race organizer. Yun Oh talaga!

You can grab your own copy and see that the issue has good articles related to running and of course, fitness in particular. 😉

Happy Running y’all!


3 Responses

  1. I have discontinued buying my monthly dosage of Men’s Health for the past 2 years already due to some randomly repeated articles, but I won’t be missing out this new issue. It’s Coach Rio of course, and this time, it’s not just about getting bigger muscles, but it is NOW about running too 🙂

  2. I saw a copy of it at the Book Sale, will be buying one hopefully tomorrow. How is the pretty mommy? 🙂

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