RUNRIO Races Levels-Up Starting With the Rexona Run 2010

D-tag and B-tag timing chips, new MOA race routes, automated registration via Ipad, Runrio Race membership cards. These were the all too-juicy details that Coach Rio and Kaye were telling us about over our “before Vima pops” dinner a couple of weeks back. Naturally, I had to ask my dear kulot coach if these will have to remain “off-the-record” until the official presscon/launch. And yes he said that this information I had to hold on to as a secret much as I will hold on to not having contractions yet!

But the now that the “hold-order” was lifted owing to the fact that the launch was held yesterday (which I missed due to obvious reasons), let me  share with you Jaymie’s blog post on this. Her post will definitely entice you to take notice and eventually look forward to signing-up for this race. From race registration to the race itself, everything has been leveled-up to something world-class. Congratulations to Rio, Kaye and their team at RunRio for always finding new things to offer to the Philippine running scene. 😉

race details as per flyer

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