Get Ready for the RunRio Trilogy Leg 3 : UNILAB Run United 2

The last and final leg of the RunRio Trilogy will finally be dubbed as the UNILAB Run United 2. This third and last leg will definitely be one last bang for this much-talked about trilogy series of races from Runrio with the events stretched into two days. The race will happen on Nov. 20 to 21 at the The Fort Bonifacio Global City with the following schedules:

Day 1, Nov 20 (Sat.) – 500m, 3k, 10k, 21k
Day 2, Nov 21 (Sun.) – 500m, 5k, 15k, 32k

More details will be available soon. 😉


Back to Basics : The NBA Fit Run

It was seemingly a “back to basics” run for participants of the recently held NBA Fit Run at the SM MOA grounds. With just barely a week of preparation and manual registration, runners found themselves signing-up for a limited 2,000 slots-only race at the MOA for the amount of P300 for any of the available 3k, 5k and 10k distances. There were no timing chips and no promise of loot bags or any other exciting amenities such as race pictures, after-race services or give-aways.

So what made runners decide to join this race in a heart beat? I could only surmise that it maybe because of the following:

– the cool-looking NBA Fit singlet which is free from sponsor logos (it’s as if you bought an official NBA Fit singlet!)
– curiosity : the desire to see what happens to a race which is said to have only barely a week of preparation
– affordability : the race fee is only P300 pesos across all distances- a far cry from the current going-rate for races
– track-record : it is after all a Runrio-organized race and people are curious on how a P300-Runrio race will fare against previous races organized by the same group but costs more than this race.

And the verdict? Satisfaction achieved. Though it was said to be a laid back race with few participants, Runrio did not disappoint. After all it looks like the event was merely just a “walk in the park” for them. The race started and ended without much funfare but it still showed the common signature of Runrio-organized races:

– ample hydration stations with separate tables for overflowing water and sports drink (Gatorade was a sponsor)
– marshalls abound all-throughout the race route
– kilometer markers were strategically placed on various locations and visible
– wide event venue with various tents for first aid, claiming of finisher’s kits and other sponsored-activities
– finisher’s kit was provided which contain a finisher’s certificate and an NBA Fit poster
– race results were made available after a couple of days (click HERE to download the race results)

this stage served as the runners' backdrop for their photo-ops

on-site singlet claiming and race registration was available in this booth

the spacious event area encouraged runners to stay post-race and loaf around

Coach Rio was hands-on in overseeing the conduct of this race

Generally, I can really say that the event was a success with runners still going home happy and satisfied despite the absence especially of those common give-aways. This race is one perfect example that low-cost races can still be successfully staged given that runners will be interested in participating in it.

Congratulations is in order for NBA Fit organizers and Runrio and most especially to all participants! 🙂


The NBA Fit Run is a “back-to-basics” thing for me too. This was my first ever run eversince I discovered that I am pregnant with my fourth child and exactly eight weeks after my C-section delivery. This was also a test-of-sorts for me – on whether I could slowly start easing back to my usual running routine or not. Hubby was initially skeptical since an abdominal operation is something to be really sensitive about when doing physical activities are concerned. But he eventually gave in and consented that we join, with the condition that we sign-up only to the shortest race distance available, 3k and that we should resort to a “jog-walk-jog” activity or a totally “walk” activity once I feel any signs of discomfort. Of course, I agreed to all the conditions, it was after all my only ticket to doing what I miss doing most – running.

On race day morning, I decided to wear my CW-X Stabilyx tights. This may seem to be pretty ridiculous since I will only be doing a 3k run. But then again, I was supposed to wear abdominal binders considering that I am just barely two months from my C-Section operation. I decided to forego of the binder since it might cause my skin to chafe and used the tights instead since this model has abdominal support. I also decided to wear my CW-X sports bra together with a pair of nursing pads – which I am counting on giving me optimal support and comfort – I was still on the nursing stage after all. Most importantly, I made sure to have my garmin – initially because I missed using it and also it will be best that I am guided all-throughout my 3k run – from my pace, my heart rate and how many distances I have already completed and how many more I need to run in order to reach the finish.

I relied on my favorite running gears to provide me support on my comeback 🙂

It all proved to be a very wise decision. The tights and sports bra truly provided the needed support in the areas where I needed it and the Garmin did serve as my guide all thoughout the run.

But run I did not on race day. With my current fitness level way, way, way FAR from my pre-pregnancy fitness level, what I did on race day can be considered more of a CRAWL. Crawl I did all throughout the race course. I started the first few meters on a 6min/km pace but had to eventually slow down to 9min/km and at times even to a frustrating 10min/km pace because I can’t help but get tired easily.  Ah, it was as if it’s my first time. To make matters worst, it proved to be difficult to run with my 130-lb body.  I felt heavy, SO HEAVY that I sometimes feel like my tummy will fall to the ground! I finished the 3k with a dismal 28:36 time – a time good for a 5k finish for others. Frustrating eh?

ngwek! i look like a WHALE beside my runner friends Jun, Dindo and Mariel

Well sort of. Hmmm, honestly it was really VERY frustrating. But then again after giving it much thought, I just gave birth didn’t I? And it wasn’t just easy to have an abdominal operation and just lace-up eight weeks after and find myself running one PR after another. So in the end, I really felt glad that at least I was back running, errr crawling! I am glad that during and after the run, I did not feel any problems on my midsection. A good sign that I can now really go back, slowly but surely, into running training. With that, I look forward to beign able to achieve the following:

– start losing weight
– go back to my regular balanced-diet
– train at least thrice a week (consist of a mixture of running, mtbiking and hopefully soon, swimming!)
– go back to serious strength training
– draw up a serious running goal to keep me in-line with my training

Hopefully, this won’t be a “New Year’s resolution” type of thing. I am so hell bent on making this the real thing. And without much thought, I have this kulit feeling that it will be. After all, difficult can be done at once, while impossible takes only a while longer.

With the item “running comeback” stamped with a check on my post-pregnant me checklist, can riding the trails with my mountain bike be far enough? I hope not. Hmmm, time for my mtbike to have its much-needed tune-up.

i so look forward to bonding with my mtbike soon! 😉

Hello outdoors, i am so back! 😉

NBA Fit Run Registration EXTENDED

Good News! All those who are interested in joining the NBA Fit Run which is going to be held on Saturday, August 14 but haven’t registered yet now has a longer chance of doing so. Registration have been extended until tomorrow, August 13. So go to the two registration sites now to grab the chance of being part of the NBA Fit Week by participating in this fun run.

Click HERE to view details of this event.

Meanwhile, here is a preview of this race’s singlet (thanks for Rockstar Momma for the images):

singlet - front

singlet - back

The FINAL Word on The Kenny Rogers Urbanite Run

While runners have enjoyed a very memorable first wet Rock and Run race last June, it will also be the last night race to happen at the Fort this year. This became a sad fact after organizers confirmed that “there will be no Kenny Rogers Urbanite Run on Sept. 4“. Futhermore, organizers even went on to say that there will be no Kenny Rogers Urbanite race happening anytime this year. Reason for the postponement/eventual cancellation of this race was undisclosed.

I have received this advise from the organizers requesting that the said information be posted for the sake of all the runners eagerly awaiting word or news about this much anticipated race. Thanks to the organizers for this bit of news. 

Runrio’s NBA FIT RUN

It’s a back-to-basics race for this Runrio-organized run. No timing chips or automated registration but still, one race that  is sure to provide lots of fun to all participants. Sign-up now and be part of the limited 2,000 target participants. 😉 Refer to details below:

August 14, 2010
Mall of Asia

1. REGISTRATION PERIOD: August 5 to 12, 2010
* Registration for this race is up to a limited 2,000 slots only

•Fitness First, Mall of Asia
•RUNNR, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig





Quezon City International Marathon 2010

The countdown for the second edition of the Quezon City International Marathon started yesterday as pre-race activities was kicked-off by a press launch held yesterday at the conference room of the UP-Ayala Land Technohub. Present in the launch were the officers of Runnex, the main organizers of the race, Neville Manaois, this year’s race manager and top officials from the Quezon City government – Councilor (and runner) Doray Delarmente, Vice Mayor Belmonte and the mayor himself, Mayor Herbert Bautista.

This year’s race is dubbed as “Lead…Run For Green, The Quezon City International Marathon 2010” and promises to be an improvement of last year’s debut. The route for one will be 80% the same as of last year’s with 20% of it a variation for this year. This year’s race also promises to be “motorist-friendly” with the promise to release early  adivisories/announcements of road closures and re-routing. The route will cover the following roads/area: Commonwealth Ave., QC Circle, UP, Kalayaan Ave. and La Mesa Eco Park.

Registration is targetted to open by September. Watch out for other race details as it becomes available soon.  Meanwhile, refer below for the official press release:

The Quezon City International Marathon

The Quezon City International Marathon is envisioned to become one of the Philippines’ biggest sports events. We will also highlight the fact that Quezon City is the only city that can host this international marathon.

The marathon will be the culminating event of a week-long series of activities showcasing the former Philippine capital of Quezon City as one of the country’s best places to work in, to reside in and to play in.

The route of the marathon will include some of the most important government, business, education and entertainment centers in QC.

The QCIM will be different from other marathons held in the country because it will also serve as a travelogue of the city founded by and named after the first president of the Philippine Commonwealth.

The QCIM will be in the same league as such global events as the Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon.

The QCIM 2010 will showcase Quezon City and its partner entities in boosting tourism, investments. It will be supportive of Quezon City’s program for wellness, environmental protection (greening), sustainability and tourism.

The QCIM will showcase Quezon City as the Asian City  of the Future.

The QCIM is positioned as an emerging global center for business, investment and tourism and a city with many facets and potential.

Rexona Run 2010 Pics from PHOTOVENDO Available NOW

Ei folks, the wait is over! You can now view your Rexona Run 2010 race photos via Photovendo’s FREE download service*. Click HERE or on the image below to access the facility. Just input your race bib number to start viewing and downloading!  Enjoy! 😉

*This service is available only for Rexona Run 2010 10k and 21k runners. 

click on the image to access the facility