Hello folks!

Anniversaries and Christmases are a great time for giving and receiving, right? So since October is my blog’s anniversary month AND Christmas is near, I have partnered with the organizers of the Corregidor International Half-Marathon in giving you a contest!

Phenomenon, CIHM organizer, has given me ONE RACE KIT as a prize for this contest but since it is my anniversary, I am giving away NOT ONE but TWO FREE RACE KITS!
In this Corregidor International Half-Marathon contest, two lucky winners will each receive a:

1. complete race kit for the Dec. 19 Corregidor International Half-Marathon race (race bib with RFID timing chip, race backpack and shirt)
2. roundtrip Sun Cruises ferry to and from Corregidor (daytrip only)
3. full lunch buffet

Great news huh? Here’s how you can join:
Imagine yourself participating in the Corregidor International Half-Marathon on December 19, 2010. Visualize yourself crossing this:

what will be your race finisher quotable quote? 😉

What will be your “race finisher statement”? The two wittiest, funniest and “Douglas McArthur-type” (“I shall return!”) entries will be chosen as winners. But still, here are the contest rules to keep you guided:
1. Post your entry as a comment to this blog post.
2. Entry must be one sentence or phrase only. Entries longer than one sentence will be disqualified.
3. Entry may be in english, tagalog, or taglish.
4. Everyone is qualified to post one entry only. Those who will post two or more entries will be disqualified.
5. Those who will join will have to assure Kulitrunner and Phenomenon that in case he/she wins, that he/she will put the prize to good use by either: (a) using it by participating in the race on Dec. 19 OR (b) give it to somebody else in case he/she cannot make it on race day. It will be unfair if the prize will just be wasted, right? 
6. Contest will be until 11:59 pm of November 15, 2010 only. Comments posted after this time will be disqualified as well.
7. Two (2) winners will be chosen by me (Kulitrunner) and the people from Phenomenon and will be announced on November 16, 2010 through this blog.

Good luck! 😉

No Tricks, All Treats!

The past few weeks for me have been a shower of blessings, good tidings and continous strokes of luck from friends and mere acquaintances from the running community alike. The month of October, when it comes to my passion for running holds a lot of significance. It was at this month, two years ago, that I finally had the guts to broaden my reach, so as to say, and started bringing my thoughts via a WordPress blog. You see folks, my words and thoughts were at that time only accessible to a select few, mostly friends who have access to my multiply account.

Thanks to my running friends – yep all of them: from running blog pioneers to coaches to the mere running enthusiasts who encouraged me to finally try out a different level of blogging. My initial foray into true-blue blogging had a sure readership. Buti na lang my friends are more than TEN! lol!

So fast forward to now, I thank also all of you running and mtbiking peeps who in one way or another have taken into dropping by and at times read with much interest or maybe at times, utter dismay 😛 on what my blog has to offer. Thanks super, my blog, now two years old have allowed me to gain new friends and a lot of good acquaintances.

And not only that, aside from the “gift of people”, I have in many ways been lucky to have been a recipients of a lot of exciting goodies and finds. I thank all of them “from the bottom of my heart”. Cheesy ba? ;P Allow me also folks to say my thanks to the following for my recent “loot”:

1. To UNILAB, for their Unilab Active Health Readers’ Promo which made it possible for me to give-away special gift packs to FIVE lucky readers of this blog. Big, big thanks really!

2. To Zest-o Corporation, the makers of Water Plus for their blogger’s launch invite. I almost failed to go to this event but I am happy that I was after all able to make it. Why? Because they had a raffle and I won one of the three Canon Digital Cameras! I don’t usually win in raffles, but  I sure am glad that this was one of the very few where I did.

 Note: Do check back for my long-delayed post about Water Plus. I bet you this one’s worth your read. 🙂

3. To  Chris Sports, Inc. for their facebook promo/raffle. Haven’t I told you that I usually never win in raffles? But hey, this one again I did. October really brings me such luck. I hope this is just the start. I love raffles! 😉

To get to know more about Chris Sports and/or the products they carry, visit the Official Chris Sports Fan Page on facebook or the Chris Sports Inc. facebook page.

4. To my dear friends who gave me these:

I will time and again tell you “that’s what friends are for” and that these are perhaps unnecessary. But then, who declines a bequest as good as these? Thanks super and love you all! 🙂

As these are all treats without any tricks, I know that it is only fair for me to start paying forward.

As a start, there was (as again I will say) the Unilab Active Health promo. And now as my anniversary month winds down to its last days, I  would like to thank the people of Phenomenon, the organizers of the Corregidor International Half-Marathon for another opportunity to give thanks to the readers of this blog for another exciting contest. You see folks, they are giving away a free race kit to a lucky reader. But wait! Since it is still my anniversary month, I am giving-away not just one but two race kits. 😉 Check back for the announcement and opening of this contest in a while.

Finally. I do hope you continue to join me as I look forward to journalizing my running and mtbiking experiences and of course, as I continue to share with you exciting details/information about some if not all of the events that are set to happen in the coming days.

Continue enjoying the outdoors folks and oh, yes Happy Halloween!  😉

The 360-100 Plus BOOT CAMP Race

Got this from my mailbox and thought it was pretty interesting. You folks may want to experience a different kind of race, which might serve as a perfect cross-training experience. 😉 Read on!

360 Fitness Introduces Country’s First Circuit Training Race

360 Fitness Club was born in Ortigas Center last June 21st 2010 out of the hard work and big dreams of five young and passionate entrepreneurs. As the country’s first co-ed express circuit training facility, the club aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by reinventing the way people exercise. And revolutionize it has, at least for the strong following of 300 members it has gained in the short span of three months. 360 has somehow found a way to get people excited about exercising. “I used to be too lazy to exercise,” says Kiko, one of the club’s pioneer members, “but now my week isn’t complete without my visits to 360. I’ve lost fifteen pounds to date, but it’s the unique program and great team of coaches that keep me coming back for more.”

In line with its vision, the club will introduce another first: a unique racing experience never before seen in the Philippines. “The 360-100PLUS Boot Camp Race”, a circuit training event that will challenge even the most experienced athletes and bring marathon racing to a whole new level. The Boot Camp Race is specially designed by Chappy Callanta, Internationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and 360 Fitness Director. This revolutionary event will be held at the Philsports Arena track and field oval this November 27, Saturday, from 4pm-7pm (Registration, Orientation and Warm-up starts at 3pm). “We’re taking the 360 Circuit outdoors and supersizing it,” says Joana Piñon, Marketing Director.

The Boot Camp will feature 8 different stations where participants will have to perform a specific exercise using free weights or their own body resistance. After completing the required number of repetitions, participants will have to run to the next station to complete another set of exercises. “It’s a refreshing change from your usual race,” states Finance Director Kimberly Tañedo, “but that doesn’t make it any easier!” There will be three levels of difficulty catering to beginner, elite, and expert racers. Instead of the usual distance based categories, participants will vie for the best time in each of the three difficulty levels. Participants with the best valid time for each category will win cash prizes. Special gifts from sponsors will also be given as tokens of appreciation, and gift bags are in store for all participants.

Registration will be open until November 19 at 360 Fitness Club located at 13/F Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Pasig or ROX Bonifacio High Street on selected dates. Details can be found on and To get a quick idea of what exercise are involved in the race, watch this quick teaser video.

Registration form can be downloaded HERE.


Save the Date! 😉

Check back for more details re this run soon!

Just When We Thought It Was Over…

UNILAB says, NOT! There’s more! 🙂 After having announced last Saturday the winner to the Unilab Active Health/Kulitrunner Blog Readers’ Promo (HERE), Unilab advised that they will be giving away FOUR more special gift packs as a bonus! Yep, folks you read it right. There will be four more winners to be chosen from the entries here in my blog. Great eh? That makes it a total of FIVE happy runners – oh, make that SIX (i am happy for you folks too you know!).

And since this is a bonus, I decided to just raffle off the nine remaining entries and waive the 20-50 word limit. Uhm, but there is no DTI or SGV representative here folks. What I did is to entice my little boy, Adam for some “playtime” and luckily he obliged. But then again, I must tell you, he did have inherited most of my “kulit” genes! So here goes …

all nine entries were written in a piece of paper, folded and put in a clear container

Adam picks the four winners one at a time (he thought he'll be seeing his name in one of the papers!)

And the winners are:

entry/comment #10 - Edgar De Jesus

Edgar’s entry: “I have always lived a healthy lifestyle.  While I usually walk a total of 3 km. to and from the office, I now alternate this with biking.  I also join weekend fun runs and mountain bike to the boonies every week.”

entry/comment #9 - Julio Dimalanta

Julio’s entry: “As a first-time dad, I have taken a new look at how to view life. I would like to enjoy and see my daughter grow up right before my eyes. Last year, I encouraged my wife that our family should lead a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and be active by participating at runs and doing jogging exercises. It was not easy at the beginning but we are getting there.”

entry/comment #1 - Angelo Lagumbay

Angelo’s entry: Because our body is temple of God where He live on so we must keep it clean, healthy and active for Him to stay on us. And also help our immune system to avoid/keep away from different illnesses. 🙂

entry/comment #7 - Jensen Garcia

Jensen’s entry: hi, what do you do to stay healthy and active? answer: i do jogging and running, i watch i eat and drink. i sleep early so i wake up early and most important i take vitamins..

Congratulations Edgar, Julio, Angelo and Jensen. Please check your inbox for my email on how you can receive your Unilab gift packs! 😉

Thanks super to Unilab and Unilab Active Health for this promo and the gift packs! 😀

Watch out for another contest/promo by month-end! 😉

And The Winner Is…

…Wait! Before I announce the lucky blog visitor who gave the best answer to the Unilab Active Health/Kulitrunner Blog Reader Promo, let me explain first how the winner was chosen.

I sent the list of ten entries (name withheld) to four of my runner friends (thanks Edward, Smith, Bob and Ibet!) and my hubby and asked them to choose their TOP 3 answers. In choosing I told them to consider the following mechanics:

1. Entry must be able to answer any of these two questions:
– Why is it important to be healthy and active?
– What do you do to stay healthy and active?


2.Entry should be composed of 20 to 50 words only

Given the mechanics and after receiving their votes, the lucky entry chosen to be the best answer is…..

“It is important to be healthy and active because, this will surely lengthen our lives, promote bindings among family members and guaranty long-lasting happiness not only for families, but for the whole community that would follow the same healthy and active habits.”

– which was the entry of EDGARDO CAUBANG. Congratulations Edgardo, good job! I will get in touch with you via email so that you’ll know how you will be able to receive the special gift pack from Unilab. 🙂

And to the nine others who took their time to participate in this promo – Angelo, Kurt, Charles, Jose, Lubert, Jensen, Zaldy, Julio and Edgar, I give you my warmest thanks. Thank you so so much for taking time to post an answer. Now I know I have ten blog readers, apart from my family and friends! 😀 Hopefully, I get to do this again soon and by that time, I wish that I’ll be able to share more goodies to everyone.

Lastly, many thanks to UNILAB, especially to the people behind Unilab Active Health for this promo. It was fun and it was perfect timing as my blog turned two years old this month (yey!).

Until the next promo folks! 😉

UNILAB Run United 2 – Finisher’s Medals, Shirts and the Active Health Village

You read it right folks, there are Finisher’s MedalS and Finisher’s ShirtS to be given-away at the Run United 2 race come November 20 and 21. And what it truly great is that, you don’t need to run the longest distance to have at least a FINISHER’S SHIRT.

Yep, yep! Finisher’s Shirts are in store for ALL finishers of race categories – 3k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 21k and 32k! For the Finisher’s Medals, both the 21k and 32k finishers will be receiving one.

So how does each look like? Here—

A shirt like this one goes to every 3k, 5k, 10k, 15k and 21k finisher

the 32k Finisher's Shirt (sorry, no better image available at the moment)

the 21k Finisher's Medal

the 32k Finisher's Medal in GOLD

Excited already? But there’s still more! The active family bonding not just starts and end with the race, it still goes on and continues at the post-race UNILAB ACTIVE HEALTH VILLAGE!

UNILAB ACTIVE HEALTH VILLAGE – An area for every member of the family

Play zone to get your kids into healthy and active lifestyle. With free consultations  on healthcare, nutrition, and physical activity that’s right for active kids.

Free vital signs check and find out how you can lead an active and healthy life throughout the prime of your life.

Cool down and freshen up. Avail of free diagnostic test and consultations with doctors. Improve your running form through tips from fitness coaches


FREE facial wash, alcohol, lotion, mouthwash;
Changing area for both male and female

FREE health diagnostics: BP Check, First Aid, RBS Test, Bone Density Test, Cholesterol Check, Sleep Test, Healthy Lifestyle Check;
FREE medical consultations with nutritionists and medical doctors

WIN prizes in fun games for the family;
FREE consultations with fitness coaches


-Targets healthy and active adult runners free of special medical concerns and limitations
-Objective is educate and guide active adults in starting and progressing in their injury-free running lifestyle (RESPONSIBLE RUNNING)
-With running coaches, fitness and weight management experts focusing on their field of expertise


Area 1: Weight Management
Area 2: Proper Running Form
Area 3: Programming for Beginners
Area 4: Programming for Intermediate Runners
Area 5: Programming for Advanced Runners
Area 6: Strength Training and Core Training
Area 7: Stretching Programs for Running
Area 8: Injury Prevention and Management

All of these are in store for everyone come November 20 and 21 at the last leg of the Runrio Trilogy – UNILAB’s Run United 2!

See you there!

Click HERE to check on other details of this two-day event.