A couple of Saturdays ago, multinational company HDI launched it’s exclusive brand of sports products. With both sports and fitness experts and enhusiasts in attendance, HDI presented it’s initial Bodivance product – the Bodivance Thermogenic Accelerator. It is said to be a workout cream that promises to revolutionize exercise and enhance body performance during sports activities.

Bodivance tried-out by the Capoeira group

the effect of Bodivance as applied in the left side of the body of this Capoeira expert (right side of viewer) is evidenced by the Thermogenic image at the background (yellow and green portion means increased heat and circulation)

According to science and medical experts Prof Hercules Callanta and Dr. Mario Ramirez who both got first crack in trying and checking out the benefits of the products, Bodivance:

1. helps insulate heat in the muscles thus increasing perspiration and calorie burn
2. acts as a “vasodilator”, which in simple terms help increase blood circulation in muscles and thus:
   – lessens lactic acid build-up, allowing for longer and harder workouts without the usual aches and pains (yes, no cramps!)
   – hastens the healing process from existing sports injuries
   – gives relief from athritis, rheumatism and varicose veins
3. helps get rid of fatty deposits from slow to respond areas in the body such as the women’s thighs or men’s stomachs.

Sports Scientist and former UP College of Human Kinetics Dean, Prof. Herc Callanta talks about Bodivance

Big time Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Mario Ramirez talks about how Bodivance can help prevent Sports Injuries

With two experts staking their name and track-record for Bodivance, the product creates curiosity and interest. But then one will still have reservations since this might all just be marketing pitches. With that being the case, attendees of the launch were given a bottle each of the product to try Bodivance for ourselves.


Bodivance Thermogenic Accelerator

Being a running and mtbiking enthusiast, I certainly know that keeping muscle fatigue and cramps to a minimum is very essential especially during long runs/rides. I have yet to prove that the product prevents cramping since i haven’t been out on a long run or ride yet. So, feedback on that will have to come at a later time (but i really do hope later will not be too far though).

But I have some initial observations that I think will still be worth noting:


1. the cream is easy to apply and does not have that “icky” feeling that comes with other creams
2. has a fresh, clean scent that stays on the part you have applied it even after you have perspired
3. the body part where i applied it on perspired more than the other parts of my body
4. did not stain my clothes
5. did not trigger any allergic reaction on my skin (anything that comes in contact to my skin esp. on the first time sometimes triggers itching)


1. the product comes in a 100ml bottle that is bulky when pocketed
2. is still not currently available in retail stores, one will have to go to the HDI office or buy from a direct-seller

Would I recommend this for use? Well, if you are a fan of those calorie-burning products that are being orally-taken, I would really advice that you switch to this product. Since this is topically-applied, the risks that comes from orally-induced products (of course it has an effect on our liver!) is eliminated. Or if you are one who is into endurance activities, this one might be good for you. Lastly, if you are someone like me who have been pregnant and is trying to lose the excess weight gained, this product seems perfect for us.

Personally for me, I’ll continue trying out this product and is excited to see what it can do for me. A 100ml bottle is said to last me for one month and a half. 🙂 So expect me to update you on my use of this product as i go along. 😉

Meanwhile, you can visit BODIVANCE.COM for more information and technical details.

NOTE: Bodivance Thermogenic Accelerator is currently available only thru direct-selling (from accredited sports enthusiasts, coaches and experts) and thru HDI with office at Suite 302, 3F Jollibee Plaza, Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  Contact numbers are:635-2431 and 635-2433.


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  1. Hi there. I’m from bodivance. we would like to update you hopefully with a lot of things. please give me a reply on either / so we can exchange more contact infos. thank you very much

  2. “I love to run because if others see me running, they’ll inspire and motivate that they can do it too.”

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