Just When We Thought It Was Over…

UNILAB says, NOT! There’s more! 🙂 After having announced last Saturday the winner to the Unilab Active Health/Kulitrunner Blog Readers’ Promo (HERE), Unilab advised that they will be giving away FOUR more special gift packs as a bonus! Yep, folks you read it right. There will be four more winners to be chosen from the entries here in my blog. Great eh? That makes it a total of FIVE happy runners – oh, make that SIX (i am happy for you folks too you know!).

And since this is a bonus, I decided to just raffle off the nine remaining entries and waive the 20-50 word limit. Uhm, but there is no DTI or SGV representative here folks. What I did is to entice my little boy, Adam for some “playtime” and luckily he obliged. But then again, I must tell you, he did have inherited most of my “kulit” genes! So here goes …

all nine entries were written in a piece of paper, folded and put in a clear container

Adam picks the four winners one at a time (he thought he'll be seeing his name in one of the papers!)

And the winners are:

entry/comment #10 - Edgar De Jesus

Edgar’s entry: “I have always lived a healthy lifestyle.  While I usually walk a total of 3 km. to and from the office, I now alternate this with biking.  I also join weekend fun runs and mountain bike to the boonies every week.”

entry/comment #9 - Julio Dimalanta

Julio’s entry: “As a first-time dad, I have taken a new look at how to view life. I would like to enjoy and see my daughter grow up right before my eyes. Last year, I encouraged my wife that our family should lead a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and be active by participating at runs and doing jogging exercises. It was not easy at the beginning but we are getting there.”

entry/comment #1 - Angelo Lagumbay

Angelo’s entry: Because our body is temple of God where He live on so we must keep it clean, healthy and active for Him to stay on us. And also help our immune system to avoid/keep away from different illnesses. 🙂

entry/comment #7 - Jensen Garcia

Jensen’s entry: hi, what do you do to stay healthy and active? answer: i do jogging and running, i watch i eat and drink. i sleep early so i wake up early and most important i take vitamins..

Congratulations Edgar, Julio, Angelo and Jensen. Please check your inbox for my email on how you can receive your Unilab gift packs! 😉

Thanks super to Unilab and Unilab Active Health for this promo and the gift packs! 😀

Watch out for another contest/promo by month-end! 😉


3 Responses

  1. Ang gwapo ng baby mo. 🙂

  2. inantok na sya sa dulo..haha cute

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