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Anniversaries and Christmases are a great time for giving and receiving, right? So since October is my blog’s anniversary month AND Christmas is near, I have partnered with the organizers of the Corregidor International Half-Marathon in giving you a contest!

Phenomenon, CIHM organizer, has given me ONE RACE KIT as a prize for this contest but since it is my anniversary, I am giving away NOT ONE but TWO FREE RACE KITS!
In this Corregidor International Half-Marathon contest, two lucky winners will each receive a:

1. complete race kit for the Dec. 19 Corregidor International Half-Marathon race (race bib with RFID timing chip, race backpack and shirt)
2. roundtrip Sun Cruises ferry to and from Corregidor (daytrip only)
3. full lunch buffet

Great news huh? Here’s how you can join:
Imagine yourself participating in the Corregidor International Half-Marathon on December 19, 2010. Visualize yourself crossing this:

what will be your race finisher quotable quote? 😉

What will be your “race finisher statement”? The two wittiest, funniest and “Douglas McArthur-type” (“I shall return!”) entries will be chosen as winners. But still, here are the contest rules to keep you guided:
1. Post your entry as a comment to this blog post.
2. Entry must be one sentence or phrase only. Entries longer than one sentence will be disqualified.
3. Entry may be in english, tagalog, or taglish.
4. Everyone is qualified to post one entry only. Those who will post two or more entries will be disqualified.
5. Those who will join will have to assure Kulitrunner and Phenomenon that in case he/she wins, that he/she will put the prize to good use by either: (a) using it by participating in the race on Dec. 19 OR (b) give it to somebody else in case he/she cannot make it on race day. It will be unfair if the prize will just be wasted, right? 
6. Contest will be until 11:59 pm of November 15, 2010 only. Comments posted after this time will be disqualified as well.
7. Two (2) winners will be chosen by me (Kulitrunner) and the people from Phenomenon and will be announced on November 16, 2010 through this blog.

Good luck! 😉


72 Responses

  1. “I conquered Corregidor: for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” (histerical tone. lol)

  2. “You cannot beat me, unless you cheat!”

  3. 2Timothy 4:7!

  4. “Ako ang nagwagi!”

  5. BANZAI!!!

  6. Yey! Walang landmines o vintage bomb!

  7. “Salamat sa Diyos at natapos din!” tapos halik sa floor.

  8. I have returned!

  9. Looks like I am going to win the race, wala pa tao sa finish line!

  10. yes i made it..

  11. Winner’s Place

  12. WOW 2:28+51 kahit pa-gapang laging “I SHALL RETURN” for you Corregidor !!!!

  13. “Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts.”

  14. my knees buckled but my spirit didn’t, yahoo!!!!

  15. Last year was a history, tomorrow no injury, today’s my new PB so bring it on Tito Macky! 😉

  16. YATTA!!! ( Nagtatalon ala Chun-li ng Street Fighter )

  17. To Corregidor: “You may have won last year, but today I get the last laugh!” + evil laughter

  18. I came, I conquered!

  19. ahoo ahoo ahoo

  20. Corregidor, surrender & raise your white flag, your ass is mine now!

  21. Half today, full tomorrow, in the meantime, “Where’s the Medic?”

  22. ““Thank God I have made it to the finish line……”

  23. Hallelujah for another P.R. down!

  24. Haaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, thank God my last race for 2010 is over!

  25. excuse me po mga mamang nkahawak ng ribbon..kambal po ba kayo?

  26. BUKAS sasakit ang aking mga PAA!
    (from sharon cuneta’s movie version “Bukas luluhod ang mga tala”)

  27. Makasaysayang pagtakbo sa isa sa haligi ng kalayaan ko!

  28. in sweatness and in heatness, til white skin do us part, i shall cross the finish line

  29. asan ako, sino ako, anong meron?

  30. all good things are worth fighting and running for!

  31. Uy may dagat, swimming naman!!!!

  32. Yeeeheey, akin na finisher’s medal ko uuwi na ko!!!

  33. I rocked “The Rock”

  34. whew…great race, “I’LL BE BACK!” (ala Arnold in the Terminator) sabay talon sa dagat…

  35. anuman ang haba mo.. gano man kalayo ang nilakbay ko.. sa huli…. pinalawit mo pa rin ang dila ko!

  36. Eto na ba ang finishline?

  37. Sub 2:30 on The Rock HM, not bad at all!

  38. 21k maybe a remarkable struggle
    but I will remember,
    its not as much as the war’s battle!!!

  39. ‘to infinity and beyond.’…

  40. 2:29, nice, where’s the buffet?

  41. I came, I run, I conquer Corregidor!

  42. My battle in Corregidor was won HERE…

  43. It’s a great phenomenon to finish such challenging Corregidor half-marathon!

  44. “May MUMU!!!”

  45. tagal naman ng starting gun… :))

  46. “to the Rock and back”

  47. I am a Corregidor 21K Conqueror!!

  48. “Panalo yung finish line parang katapusan mo na talaga!”

  49. “21 kilometers down.. 26 nautical miles to go!!! Okay, unahan pabalik ng Manila.” (sabay tanggal ng singlet then dive) SPLASH!!!

  50. Thank You LORD!

  51. Touchdown!

  52. Hu Hu Hu, I thought it’s a 42Km race that’s why I run two 21Ks. (While looking at 2hrs: 28 mins: 51 secs.)

  53. ” I shall RUN again “

  54. Finished with ROAR in Corregidor

  55. Ngayong ika’y aking narating at natagpuan, ako’y magsusumikap at magpupunyaging ika’y aking babalik-balikan…

  56. Only the Finest, Conquers Corregidor’s Quest

  57. After experiencing almost 40% of challenging virgin trails, sandokan runner never quits.

  58. Ha!Ha!Ha! Natapos ko!!! Natapos ko!!! Teka, buhay pa ba ako??? (If I win, my first half mary)

  59. (hingal) (hingal) ….ay am keym, ay am konquered, ay am so gutom por da buffet!!!

  60. Mission ROCKomplished!

  61. Just got ROCK-y!!! (sabay dance to the tune of “Just Got Lucky” by Joe Boxers)

  62. “Conquered The Rock’s Core!”

  63. As I cross that finish line, this for sure will be the thoughts running in mind:

    “This is pure love for the sport. Running will be the hobby that I will ENJOY till I grow old”.

  64. “Superbonngg, you’re clear for (42K) takeoff”

  65. After crossing at that finish line, while staring at the calm sea I will say to myself…

    “Oh well, life does begin at 23 and not 40. Conquering an international half marathon at the enchanting place of Corregidor does make me realize how life is so AMAZING!”

  66. After an exhausting 21K on these hills, you expect me to hurdle your stupid banner??!?!?

  67. Deadly hills and scary trails are “nothing” for the CONQUEROR like me.

  68. BTW, I would like to thank you for this contest, Ive been dreaming to join this race, but have no budget at all..I’ve seen this post from

    here’s what I would say when I cross the finish line..

    “WINNER!, KABOG ang long and winding road…”

  69. Carry-ng carry ko ‘te!

  70. (fliptop) Yo! I’m not an actor I’m not a star wala lng talaga akong pang register, pero dahil I comment to kulit online here I cross the finish line. (sabay bow).

  71. “RUN for Your LIFE!”

  72. ROCK BA ‘TO??!!

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