Corregidor International Half-Marathon CONTEST WINNERS

This is it guys! Hmmm but before I announce the two lucky winners who will be recipients of FREE CIHM race kits, let me together and in behalf of the guys from Phenomenon, THANK all of the 72 folks who tried their luck and posted an entry/comment to this contest.

Honestly, it is so hard to choose JUST TWO from out of 72 entries. But then as the saying goes, for every winner there will be some who will just have to lose this time. 😉 So now, without further ado, the WINNERS:

odie, on November 1, 2010 at 11:04 am said:
my knees buckled but my spirit didn’t, yahoo!!!!

Edward Diente, on November 11, 2010 at 1:23 pm said:
Mission ROCKomplished!

Congratulations ODIE and EDWARD! Here’s what you should do to claim your prize:

1. Check your mail for an email notification from me (kulitrunner).
2. Print the email.
3. Go to RUNNR and at the Corregidor Intl Half-Marathon registration nook, present the printed copy of the email and a form of identification.
4. Upon confirmation by the registration attendant, you will be asked to fill-in a registration form.
5. After accomplishing the form, you will be given a slip which you will be used to claim your kit during the Runner’s Briefing.
6. Contact SunCruises, Inc. for your ferry-trip booking (free together with the registration) and if you intend to stay overnight – book your accomodation (this is on your own expense)
7. Wait for an email from Phenomenon (CIHM organizers) with regards to the runners briefing.
8. Attend the Runner’s Briefing on Dec. 4 and claim your kit together with other registered runners.

Oh and as a final message, do TRAIN and PREPARE WELL for this race guys! 😉 See you both in Corregidor on Dec. 19!

To those who were not as lucky this time, you have another shot in winning a CIHM race kit. Visit for details. There is another CIHM contest there. 😉

Lastly, the Corregidor International Half-Marathon has made it’s presence felt INTERNATIONALLY! How good is that eh! Check out a feature about the said race in the Ahotu Marathon Site. 😉



One Response

  1. i won, i won! thank you so much ms vima and Phenomenon!

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