The Corregidor International Half-Marathon in Pics and Vid

Congratulations to all those who participated in the recently held Corregidor International Half-Marathon. From it’s conceptualization to preparations and to the pre-race, actual race and post-race happenings, much have been said and learned. I was just too happy to be able to witness a lot of those unforgettable moments.

Let me share to you some pics and a video taken from the race and hmmm, see you all in December **, 2011 (secret pa the exact date!) for the Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2011!


Staff briefing - "What would make the race a success is not the things we have set up. The gauge would be the feeling the runners will get after running." - Edward

the tents being pitched

the first aid kits being prepared




early morning of race day, staff assembly

The Phenomenon Group - "they are not elite, they are phenomenal!"

a few hours before...

the people of running mate 🙂

super thanks to edward for this surprise! (my first ever banner!)

dingdong and bards, haha!

preparing for the race

stretching... 😉


all set!

and the countdown begins...


cool medals!

finisher number 1 - dandelion bumahit!

our favorite coach is number 2

and coach allan ballester - the "coach of the coach" is number 3!

michelle estuar bags the top female slot

cihm race director, edward kho ran and finished his own race!

bearwin, rio and edward


The King and Queen of Corregidor - Dandelion and Michelle

Top 3 Male - Dela Cruz (2nd), Bumahit (1st) and Ballester (3rd)

Top 3 Female - Dela Paz (2nd), Estuar (1st) and Cancio (3rd)


Session Road

Happy, happy, fun, fun!

AND LASTLY, MY “VIRTUAL FRIENDS” AREN’T JUST VIRTUAL ANYMORE!  I am so, so happy to have finally met you guys!

with Macky (rightmost in gray) and his friend Fards

with Angelo (Adventist Runner)

with edongski

Oh, and not to forget — the video that will answer the question – Is the Corregidor race course really tough??? See for yourself the answer: 😛

Incidentally, the official race results were updated. Click the links below to check.

21Km Overall
21Km Male
21Km Female

*Many thanks goes to: Raymund for most of the photos and the video, Edong and Angelo for our pics.


6 Responses

  1. great post Ms. Vimz, still have the high on this race. It was great seeing you there. Sa susunod, aabangan ko yung banner mo 🙂

  2. waaa. . serious ka po pala na isama 🙂

    dapat humingi ka na din video hahaha. . di ko maupload kahit edited na isang oras ung coverage ko 🙂

    thanks po!

  3. yung link po ng 21k male di ma-access. . .dapat po sa link “/21km_Male.pdf” instread of “/21km_male.pdf” para gumana 🙂

  4. Wow! I hope to join next time pag may budget 🙂
    Congrats sa bagong banner!

  5. Sorry for late post mam vimz, been very busy lately starting and setting up my new year.

    Anyways, its my pleasure to finally meet you mam. It was fun cooling down with you even for a short time. I know you have a job back there kaya hindi na kita masyado inabala 🙂

    Salute ako sa team phenomenon! Great Job and ang gaganda niyo! 🙂 And next time if you have design requirements, please feel free to contact me. I’m very much willing to contribute my skills.

    keep on ROCKin’ mam kulit! peace!

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