Running in Mainstream Media

The past year brought to us a lot of new and great things in running. But although running has been a continously growing sport with a continously growing community, there have only been a few and short instances that it graced mainstream media. You would always most likely feel it’s presence in the internet via blog sites and social media sites.

But the opening of the year 2011 brought forth a mainstream TV Commercial featuring a known-running personality – Coach Rio Dela Cruz via Globe Tattoo. Hopefully as the year progresses, we get more of these featuring other runners too. 😉

Let me now share to you his very own, bidang-bidang TVC featuring his newest product endorsement, Globe Tattoo. Enjoy viewing!


8 Responses

  1. iba talaga si coach! hindi na ma-reach

  2. Yeah. Saw this last night. Astig. May taray epek pa sa dulo si coach. Hehehe…

  3. yeah!!! hinahanap nya toh kahapon..heheh..Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hayop! Galing 🙂

  5. been searching this video sa video sites and wala akong mahanap at hindi ko rin ma-timingan sa tv.

    thanks for posting mam! galing ni coach rio! wooot!

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