Taray Pamulinawen 2011: Laoag Sand Dune Challenge

For this year, I know that runners will be looking forward to new challenges in running, new routes to run to and anything that will serve as a break to everything that is predictable. So out-of-town races will be a welcome option to many. As I was out-of-town and enjoying the outdoors in a company-sponsored team-building activity (I hope to be able to post about it soon!), an email from runner/blogger Rene Villarta (jazzrunner) caught my attention. It’s an out-of-town race that will 100% qualify as different and challenging. So enough of the blah, read on for the details. ;P

Taray Pamulinawen 2011: Laoag Sand Dune Challenge
February 26, 2011
Laoag City
10 mi. Trail Run/10km/5km/3km Family Run/750m Kids Dash

After the huge success of “Run Ahead, Raising A Roof” Run held in Laoag City last December of 2009, Triathlete/Runner & Race organizer Faivo Bartolome brings another unique event up North, the “Taray Pamulinawen 2011, Laoag Sand Dunes Challenge” to be held on February 26, 2011 and will start and end at the Laoag City Hall.
This race, hosted by the Laoag City government will be a first of a kind wherein runners will be running in the Sand Dunes of La Paz, a municipality of Laoag which is well-known for being the setting of well-known foreign films like Tom Cruise’ “Born On The Fourth Of July”, Mel Gibson’s “Mad Max” series and local films like Nora Aunor’s ”Himala” and the “Panday” series of the late Fernando Poe, Jr.
Also known as “The Desert Of The North”, the Sand Dunes of La Paz offers a very challenging terrain not only with its varied uphill climbs but also for its arduous surface which is like threading on very soft and deep desert sands and would be twice as difficult to traverse whenever strong gales coming from the Pacific Ocean blows the sand away and is quite painful once the sand gets into your eyes.
The Taray Pamulinawen 2011 sand Dune Challenge is envisioned to become one of the North’s biggest and unique running events that will highlight the City of Laoag as a major tourist destination and an investment mecca.
The route will cover some of the most scenic spots in Laoag like its centuries old churches, pristine beaches and some of the old landmarks of the city.
The race will feature a 10-mile trail run (which will include the sand dunes), a 10k Road Run, 5k Road Run, 3k Family Run and a 750 meter Kids Dash.
Registration fees are as follows:




4 Responses

  1. This is going to be one exciting event many runners will be looking forward to. Thanks for posting, Vimz!!:-)

  2. ‎30% fare discount for our participants from Manila! For more info pls contact cell nos. 09175530050 / 09228590893

    Or you can check out our Taray Pamulinawen Facebook page>> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taray-Pamulinawen-2011-Pamulinawen-Run-2011-Laoag-Sand-Dunes-Challenge/136153956445100#!/pages/Taray-Pamulinawen-2011-Pamulinawen-Run-2011-Laoag-Sand-Dunes-Challenge/136153956445100?v=app_4949752878

  3. nagpintas talaga nga lugar data…. paghanda ko ule next year, sand dunes challenges.. thanks laoag

  4. pakipost naman po ung race results. thanks

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