Save the Date! Run United 1 2011 – RUNRIO Trilogy 2011 Leg 1

Save the date folks! The UNILAB Run United 1 2011, Runrio Trilogy 2011‘s first ever race leg is set on March 6, 2011. The said race has an expected maximum of 10,000 participants (total) for the following race categories:

500-m dash

Check back for more details soon! πŸ˜‰


19 Responses

  1. ay wow! heto na ang pinaka-aabangan ng lahat πŸ™‚

  2. super excited for this one! πŸ™‚

  3. di pla totoo ang chismiss na next year nlng ulet…

    • ay no naman. rio is just super busy fixing the schedules of his 27 (from 26 naging 27 pa) races for 2011 kaya hindi lang agad na-announce officially. reason why he told me to announce it na so people wont be speculating. πŸ™‚

      • tama…kse there are speculations na gagawin nlng daw ng Unilab na every other year..bute naman di totoo..Thanks for the updates Ms V!!!

  4. Sana naman hindi tumaas at bumaba ang reg fee

  5. sayted, can’t wait too ^__^

  6. Vims, do you know if there were any medals/certificates/t-shirts or anything at all awarded to finishers of all 3 legs last year? What happened?
    Thanks and happy New Year!

    • none pa. the runrio trilogy culminating party’s schedule is yet to be finalized. so whatever plans for the trilogy finishers, wala pa official announcement.

  7. runrio trilogy siya? hindi ba century tuna or timex ang usual na 1st leg ng runrio?

    • last year’s trilogy had the timex run as the PRELUDE and the century tuna superbods run as the first leg. but that was last year. this year run united will open and close the trilogy.

  8. Yes that I will go for it…… go go to improve my run let all run…..

  9. kelangan pa bang imemorize yan?? ahehehe

  10. hi miss kulit, would you know why they omitted the 3k race?


  11. hi miss kulit,

    i got my race kit swapped with some else’s and i received my certificate with the wrong timing & PICTURE!

    just wondering if i can get MY correct picture (& certificate)

  12. this will be my first runrio event, if ever~.. my 1month pa ako after ng condura marathon. i’m from bicol specifically i reside in Naga City.. I can’t wait to be a part of this RUN! Hope coach Rio will organize some race here in bicol. not to mention he is from Bato, a fellow Bicolano.. good luck to every one,, and thanks for the info Kulitrunner!

  13. Yey! looking forward to this one. Thanks miss Kulit. I would’nt know if you have not posted it. Also the singlet design for this one is already posted at better check it out.. ^___^

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