Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 – ALL SET! Part 1

In all races, us runners are oblivious to what happens “behind the scenes”, especially in the weeks prior to a race. I have been fortunate to be a witness to one special activity that was held in preparation for the coming Condura Skyway Marathon 2011.

The Condura Skyway Marathon organizers have gathered all the event’s sponsors in a venue for what is called as the Sponsors’ Meeting. Initially I thought it was just like a Bloggers’ Meet, only it was for sponsors. But then again as the presentation progresses, I realized it was totally different. Way, way different. It’s like planning for a big production number or if I am to exaggerate, planning for a hundred Grand Wedding receptions!

I was overwhelmed seeing a lot of people, all sponsors together in one venue all intently listening to the final plans, taking down notes, confirming items and introducing themselves. Seeing and hearing everything makes me all the more excited because it is as if the whole Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 event is unfolding right before my eyes! And if you were me, I bet you will be as excited as I am too. Why? Because all of them seems to be one in the goal of making this race the premier running event in the Philippines. And with all that was presented earlier, I will have to say – I agree!

Now, I just really do hope that everything that is now on the drawing board will be executed flawlessy. Barring any unforeseen circumstances or Murphy’s Law, every registered runner – fast or slow, elite, veteran or newbie is in for a well-deserved A-1 race.

This is all just blah from me right? Don’t worry, I took down notes so that I can share to you some exciting tidbits that we are about to witness on February 6, 2011 as we participate in the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011.

Since my notes tend to be a bit lenghty, this will have to be on a separate post. Meanwhile, let me share to you some pictures I have taken from the Sponsors’ Meeting. 😉

a gathering of sponsors for the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011

Ton Concepcion addresses the sponsors; He tells me later, if not for the sponsors, it will be hard for them to deliver everything that is in the drawing boards for the runners

Pat Con says, it is a race for runners, by runners 😉

Princess Galura, Project Directress tells the sponsors: 42km Finishers are surely tired from running so they deserve a recovery tent for their exclusive use. 😉

Jay Em, rep for Runrio presented the Route, Hydration and Support details

So there folks, if I am to be the judge, I will say that this race is really ALL SET! Each and every runner participant should only just worry about trainign and getting ready for it and waking up and being there early enough for the start of the race.

Next post, interesting tidbits of information that I was able to gather during the meeting. 😉

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  1. thanks for this Ms. Vimz 😉

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