Lights, Camera, Run! – The Runrio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night

Runrio, Inc. brings another first in the Philippine running community by hosting a Hollywood-themed party dubbed as Lights, Camera, Run! – The Runrio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night.

This event, Coach Rio’s brainchild, is being held to recognize and give prestige to the accomplishments of all runners who have successfully completed all three legs of the Runrio Trilogy 2010 by running and finishing 21km for Leg 1: Century Superbods Run, 21km for Leg 2: Nature Valley Run and 32km or the Afroman Distance for Leg 3: Unilab Run United 2. This event will also be a great chance for ” runners to get-together, take off their running shoes and training clothes and don a semi-formal attire as their running achievement is recognized in an unconventional and creative way.

Aside from the awards for the Runrio Trilogy 2010 21km/21km/32km finishers, certain individuals/runners will also be given Special Awards to recognize their unique achievements or contributions or memorable feats during all or any of the three race legs. Runners and Runrio’s valued friends and special guests will enjoy a night full of chit-chats, food and drinks. 😉


What : Lights, Camera, Run! – The Runrio Trilogy 2011 Awards Night
When : Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 6:00PM
Where  : Decagon, Silver City (corner Frontera Drive and Julia Vargas Ave., Frontera Verde, Pasig City)
Who are qualified to join : Runners who have successfully completed the Runrio Trilogy by finishing 21km/21km/32km for the three legs, respectively

Qualified attendees will be sent the official invites via any of the following means:

1. via email
2. via SMS/text message
3. via phone call (landline phone)
4. via post

Please download and check the Official list of qualified runners to verify if you are qualified to attend. (updated list to be available in a while)


Q: I also ran and finished all three legs of the Runrio Trilogy 2010 but ran in a different category (not 21km/21km/32km), am I qualified to attend this event?
A: No, only those who ran and finished the 21km category for both legs 1 and 2 and the 32km category for leg 3 are qualified to attend.

Q: I completed the Runrio Trilogy 2010 by finishing 21km/21km/32km but did not find my name on the official list. What should I do?
A: Email for your records to be verified and the list updated.

Q: I verified the official list and I am indeed one of the qualified attendees. Problem is I was not able to provide my complete contact details (mailing address, email address, landline or mobile phone) during registration. I might not be able to receive the official invite, what can I do?
A: Email to coordinate updating of your contact details.

Q: My friend is among the qualified runners but he will not be able to attend, can I attend in his/her place?
A: No, the invitation is non-transferrable.

Q: My friend/relative/spouse/sibling/parent is among the qualified runners, can I join him/her/them in attending the event?
A: An invitee can bring along a maximum of two companions but each will need to purchase a ticket worth PHP500 prior to attending the event. To do this, the invitee will have to coordinate with the contact person  indicated in the invitation that they will receive.


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  1. Also completed the trilogy and submitted finishing times and pictures as proof to the email address provided for correction…So far no feedback yet, unfortunately…I guess I would miss the awarding then, sadly 😦

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