This year, three stripes decides to get a major makeover  by having some curls but without applying any “cold wave lotion”!

Find out more about it soon! Yey! 😉


15 Responses

  1. new hair product?? hehehe

  2. ayy.. wait. three stripes is Adidas! ohhh.. what’s upcoming kaya? pretty excited at ANR member pa naman ako :))

  3. dahil natural? at di na kelangan ng Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion. hehe

  4. new logo?

  5. can’t solve this! (kamot sa ulo)

  6. KOTR 2011 (3 stripes) will have rio(curls) as Race director\organizer

  7. teehhheeee…. very exciting indeed! 😀

  8. Runrio will be the organizer for the Adidas KOTR 2011?

  9. i knew it ^__^

  10. good news ito! love this riddle! gotcha

  11. adidas kotr to be organized by Runrio… this is what it’s all about, right ms.vims? pero pano yun? ang akala ko partner ng runrio ang nike? hmmm..

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