The RAT (Run Against Trafficking) Race

I have been used to attending blogger’s meets for event or product launches and it has always been devoted to explaining details of the race or the product. That is why it kind of struck me as different, initially odd really, that the Blogger’s Meet for this event took more time to explain to us what the organizer’s advocacy was and their experiences as well – that is their mission to help victims of Human Trafficking. 

I have known and heard about Human Trafficking mostly in the news, and had not heard or seen from a personal experience. It was thru this event that I have learned how rampant human trafficking was not just in third world countries such as the Philippines but also in other progressive countries.

But of course, my attention focused more on the plight of Filipinos as victims. Isn’t it that one of the major news that is hugging the headlines the past days were those of Filipinos/Filipinas who were sentenced to die in China due to drug trafficking? It is sad that these things happen almost on a daily basis in the Philippines. Many Filipinos fall prey to those who take advantage of people who would want to give their families a better life by working overseas. And I hope and pray that someday, somehow Filipinos will find better paying jobs inside the country so that they will not be easily lured by questionable offers of high-paying jobs only to fall as willing victims for slavery or trafficking.

And that is what this race is all about. To help the Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc. – a non-profit organization that helps victims of trafficking – to raise enough funds for them to continue their advocacy. I enjoin all runners to support this event and in our smallest way possible, indirectly help the victims and maybe somehow prevent others from being one.

Read on for more details of the race and decide if you will be one of those who will want to support the fight against Human Trafficking. 🙂

March 13, 2011
Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill


Registration Period: February 20, 2011 – March 11, 2011

Registration Sites: R.O.X at Bonifacio High Street and Chris Sports branches in Metro Manila
Online Registration: Click HERE to register online

Registration Fees:
1K:   PhP 400.00
3K and 5K :  PhP 500.00
10K :   PhP 600.00

Registration Inclusions:
– Race Bib

– Singlet



1K route: every 500 meters
3K route:  every 500 meters
5K route: every 1,000 meters
10K route: every 1,000 meters

* Energy Drink and Water will be given at the Finish line

– There will be two ambulances roving the race route and a standby team at the event activity area

PRIZES: Medals and giveaways will be given to the winners/placers



Race Director: 
– Mr. Ian Alacar (San Mig Bay Run, Run Fest, Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010, Resorts World Grand Fiesta Run)

Asst. Race Directors:
– Mr. Ben Alacar
– Mr. Jay Em

Timing and Results Management:
– Race Managers (RunRio Trilogy, Rexona Run, Men’s Health Urbanathlon, Globe Run for Home, etc.)

For more info call: Ida Ayesa 0916-418-7257

4 Responses

  1. Hi,

    How do we register? Can we do it online?

    Thank you.

  2. When we register online can we pay in Philippine money?

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