And the Winners are…

Oh no, not so fast! Before I give you the winners, for transparency, let me just explain how I processed it.

1. I checked all comments to determine duplicate posts. How do I know if it is a duplicate post? Well, if there is a similar name appearing not just once, I check either if it has the same email address or IP address. You see folks, whenever you post a comment in a blog, these basic information are visible to the person who moderates/owns the blog. 😉
2. I weed out the duplicates and do not approve it for posting. It resulted to 45 valid comments out of 50+ (comments, the content of which do not answer my contest question, were not counted also).
3. From the remaining valid comments, I numbered it from 1 to 45 in the order of the comment’s appearance on the blog page. So finally, here are the names of those who got the chance to win ONE of FIVE 10km-Run United 1 Race Bib and D-tag:

4. With all the names tagged and numbered, I went to “draw/raffle off” the winners via

And finally, the winners are:

Congratulations Margareth Kristel Cuba (#30), Angelo (#14), Morgan Nicanor (#11), Jixee Lagunda (#3) and Johanna (#5)!

Please email me the following information at for proper recording of your information:

Last name:
First name:
Birthday (mm/dd/yy):
Email :
Emergency contact person:
Emergency contact number:
Delivery Address (office):

Once you have emailed, I will email you back for confirmation and for information on how you can claim your 10k basic race kit.

Again, congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of you who tried their luck by joining.

Don’t worry, as this is my birthday month (kulit ko!), I will be posting another contest within today. Check back to see what it is all about!



5 Responses

  1. Cooonnngggrrrratulationsssss! 🙂

    Mommy Vimz, isang maligayang happy birthday po sa iyong kaarawan. (Saan po ang kainan mamaya?) 😀

  2. ang malas ko nmn # 4 ako, nabunot 3 and 5! haaay buhay bigyan mo nmn ako ng konting swerte!

  3. wow naman. . swerte pla ako sa birthday month ni ate vimz :). . swerte din kaya ako sa treat hahaha. . thank you po!

  4. hahahahaha! I WON!!!

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