Bday Month Treat #3 Winners

Thank you folks for joining my Bday Month Treat #3 contest. This is my “biggest” blog contest  so far in terms of entries with a total of 89 valid entries. Yep, yep 89 entries not including duplicates and post that are not entries but are bday greetings. Thanks too to all of you who have greeted me for my birthday. Was it an advanced or belated greeting? You will know soon enough. 😉

Meanwhile, for transparency, here are the list of those who posted valid entries to the contest. Note that the number on the left of each name are the entry numbers assigned to each and which I used as a “raffle number”.

So again, through, I processed all 89 entries:

With the lucky winners being:

Congratulations #44 – Marvin and #51 – m0o! Please do expect an email from me with the details on how to claim your Globe Run For Home 2011 Certificate which you can use to register to any race category of your choice for FREE!

Honestly, I feel glad that I was able to give for the third time this month and I am hopeful that everybody who receives whatever treat I had to offer is glad too. I am also kinda sad that with all 89 entries, I can only make 2 people happy. Hay, if only I have enough for all 89 of you!

But then again, don’t worry everyone! I still have my fourth and last Bday Treat which I am hoping to be the biggest treat from all the four that I will be having. Check back when I open this fourth and last blog contest for this month.

Again, thank you to all those who joined and for the birthday greetings. Cheers!


6 Responses

  1. congrats sa winners! !

  2. close, but no cigar. hope ill get picked the next time 😀

  3. sayang! muntik na ko manalo!

  4. Boo hoo hoo. I’m number 50. Can I say was close to winning? 😦

  5. how do i join/can ii join the reffle.

    thanks and kind regards.

    roberto p. rodil

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