Bday Month Treat #4: 3 For 3!

Hello folks! As my birthday month winds down to its last days, I present to you my fourth and final birthday treat which I have taken to calling “3 For 3”. Why the name? Because in this promo, there will be THREE winners who will each receive FREE race kits for three Runrio races:

    1. The PCPF Run with Doctors – May 1 (Race Category choices for free kit: 3km, 5km or 10km)
    2. The CCF Run – May 7 (Race Category choices for free kit: 3km, 5km or 10km)
    3. The Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Run (Runrio Series Manila Leg 1) – May 15 (Race category choices for free kit: 5km or 10km)

So what does one needs to do to win? EASY!

1. Post a comment in this blog post with the answer to the question: “How should runners celebrate their birthdays?”
Sample answers: “Celebrate with a carbo-loading party!” or “Celebrate it as a non-runner would and forget all about running for the meantime!”

2. Keep your answer as short as possible (no need to tell a story!). The top three creative answers will win the prize! 

3. Please remember that each commenter can only submit ONE entry and thus can only win ONCE. All succeeding entries will have to be disqualified.

4. All entries will only be accepted until 12MN of Wednesday, March 30.

5. The three winning entries will be chosen by THREE Runrio representatives and will be announced on the night of Thursday, March 31.

But wait here is an added treat!

Take a guess on the exact date of my birthday and post it as a part of your entry (enclosed in parentheses). 😉 All those who will get to guess the correct date will be included in a raffle (via to determine another winner to receive three sets of race kits.

For this additional treat, even those who were chosen to win the first promo can have another chance of winning provided they will be able to guess my birthdate correctly. TIP: Be resourceful. If you seek you will find. 😉

Oh, isn’t birthdays supposed to be fun? And what fun do I get being able to give even as I also receive! Thank you, thank you folks for all your birthday greetings and wishes. I look forward to spending another chapter of my life as it is said to begin at 40!

73 Responses

  1. Runners should celebrate their bdays by running a marathon!

    (March 29, 1971) so…advance happy bday! 🙂

  2. celebrate it by training…”horizontal training”! (march 30, 1971)

  3. What else but of course to run the equivalent kilometers of age (just like what I did) (March 30, 1971)

  4. A runner should celebrate his birthday by doing what he/she love, running. Im planning to run 1 kilometer for every year of my age on my birthday. (March 30)

  5. Celebrate w/ thanks prayer &jog in the morning and party w/ family/friends in the evening (March 30)

  6. Run your age. That is, run a number of km or minutes equivalent to your age. I’ll be 38 in Oct. Does that mean 38km? (gulp!)

  7. Celebrate a birthday by organizing a ‘Run for a Cause’ and invite your runner-friends and even your friends who are newbies in running to participate and be the guest on your special day! ; )

  8. By the way, advanced happy birthday Ms. Vims! (March 30, 1971)

  9. A marathon birthday run, this will keep you going 🙂 (April 3)

  10. “K-Run” : Kulit Run 🙂

    (March 30, 1971)

  11. “ALAY TAKBO”
    the kulit runner fun run

    – march 30 1971


  12. Celebrate with family
    (March 29)

  13. “Celebrate birthday with your birthday run to be fit and ready for your big birthday party…..” (March 31)

  14. runners should celebrate their birthdays by doing random acts of kindness! it is a celebratory way of expressing thanks for being born and alive and still running. it is a true life of meaning. (Mar 30, 1971)

  15. “Celebrate it on the finish line( Vima’s bday -March 30, 1971)

  16. “How should runners celebrate their birthdays?”

    By running in a race for a cause, and at the same time, collect pledges for each KM they ran and donate to another target beneficiary (hitting two birds with one stone). It may be small but still it will be a big help to the beneficiaries.

    If a runner can’t run due to injury, be a Volunteer instead in a race. That way, it will still be.. PAYING IT FORWARD or GIVING IT BACK 😉

    Advance Happy Birthday Ms. Vimz, your birthdate was March 30, 1971. Unless of course, you did not state it exactly on your FB account 😉

  17. Celebrate it with a long: Swim, bike, run. And lots of partying after! (March 30 is your b-day).

  18. celebrate by eating a lot of cake on the day itself and then joining a fun run the next day

  19. Run in your birthday suit! 😉
    (March 30)

  20. For a runner – Birthday celeb -Fun run , half mary or full mary , something that has got to do with running and after that a thanksgiving mass for hitting another year . (MArch. 30,1971).

  21. have a break, have a kitkat.

    have a happy birthday kulit runner!
    (march 30, ’71)

  22. Birthday runs should be celebrated by sharing the gift of life to a friend or loved one through initiation to running which adds years to ones existence. One life extended with each year you are blessed with is paying forward running and the benefits it gave your life. March 30, 1971 is your birthday.

  23. Run and dress like a kid. You might be turning a year older but running can make you feel younger. A LOT younger with the outfit. 😀 (march 30)

  24. hit the spa and get the full treatment (mar 30)
    happy happy na, me b!rhtday pa! ^^,

  25. a runner should celebrate his/her bday by marathon, blowing candles (depends on age of the runner, example 21 y.o 21 candles need to blow out) before he/she cross the finish line.

    bday – (March 30, 1971)

  26. Celebrate through having a new mileage for a new milestone in his life then pamper himself by going to the spa and enjoy eating some mouth watering dishes.

    (Ms Vima’s birthday: March 30, 1971)

  27. Celebrate it with a long run. (3-30-71)

  28. Celebrate it with a long run. (3-30-71)

  29. Celebrate it with a long run. (3-30-71)

  30. run around the house with your birthday suit!
    (just make sure everyone’s still asleep)

  31. have a break, have a kitkat.

    have a happy birthday kulilt runner!
    (march 30, ’71)

  32. celebrate by: first, with a thank you to the One up there and everyone and everything for the blessing of another year; 2nd, with some worthy cause/acts of kindness, e.g. doing charity, being kind to everyone, etc.; 3rd, with a healthy activity, e.g. running/jogging, badminton, etc. with friends and family; and lastly, celebrate it with a quiet and enjoyable dinner/meal with family and/or friends. My wild guess is March 30, 1971. Happy birthday, Ms. Vimz! =)

  33. appreciate your legs, your thighs, your feet as without them you can’t run… visit tahanang walang hagdanan or other foundation and volunteer…
    (March 29)

  34. run wearing a statement shirt: “It’s my birthday today! so runners will notice & greet you as well..

  35. Celebrate it by sharing your/our blessings. (March 30, 1971)

    Advance happy birthday!

  36. There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than to commit a special act of goodness.. – give us free race kits..Happy Bday:-) hehe – (March 30)

  37. celebrate by doing what runners do best: running… but with a twist. organize your family and friends to run with you, but this time, run with party hats on and balloons. happy birthday mam vimz! (march 30)

  38. Celebrate it the way you want it to be celebrated.
    Celebrate with your love ones and friends and of course spent time thanking God for another year of life. Plus treat yourself for what ur wishin for, like a running short just like what I did 🙂
    march 30, 1971 Happy Birthday Ms Kulit Runner

  39. He/She can participate in a 21K run then after the race, wait for the opening of a buffet resto and dine. Enjoy eating every meal in the buffet table while on a runner’s high!

    Your bday is on March 29.

  40. celebrate it with singing, dancing, foods, cakes, ice creams, candles, balloons and clowns like you childhood days…
    …happy bday…

  41. long run bday. (March 30, 1971)

  42. Take a memorable church and mark it as your finish line. On a your birthday, run towards it and finish strongly with a prayer 🙂 (March 30)

  43. Celebrate it by having an sports drinks inuman and nutrition bars as pulutan! hahaha!

  44. on each birthday, go for a morning run in an exotic place where you’ve never run before.

    (mar 30)

  45. Since birtdays only come once a year then a runner should atleast treat her/himself with a “My Guilty Pleasure Birthday Party”!! Forget all the carbs and eat all your fave food together with your co runners and family..(tons of spaghetti and pizza for me!) have a happy and blessed birthday to you! (march 30 1971)

  46. 1st:go to church and have a self-thanks giving prayer to almighty for the another year and fruitful of reasons to live..


    end in a finish line (whatever race might be) with a banner:
    “happy birthday to me (san na gift ko? hehe 🙂 )

    and mostly

    share my wonderful moment w/ the people I loved the most…

    march 30 1971….right? wow you had the same age as my mom did and my god she still lovely as ever hehe….

    advance happy birthday!

  47. runners like any ordinary people should celebrate their birthdays by being thankful for reaching another mileage in their lives of reaching a certain age because finally, another day has been imparted for them to take on and this day won’t never happen again as it is supposed to be..

    march 30, 1971

  48. “How should runners celebrate their birthdays?”

    Give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings! Celebrate with family, just enjoy your day and keep it worry free.

    Birthdate: 3/30/71 – Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  49. Give back to charity by getting signatories to donate a certain amount for every km you run, which is 1km per year of your age. To top it off, have a birthday cake waiting for you at the finish line. (Mar 30, 1971)

  50. One great way of celebrating one’s birthday is to invite someone who hasn’t discovered the joys of running to jog with you in the morning. I changed my friend’s life that way as they came from a sedentary life to an active one by sharing the love to run.

    March 30, 1971…Happy Birthday Ma’am 🙂

  51. run a race (or just run elsewhere) wearing what runners usually wear (or how they look) the time you were born.

    in your case, ITS THE 70s!
    happy 40th bday kulit runner!
    (march 30, 1971)

  52. A runner should celebrate his birthday wearing his or her “birthday suit” (naked of course since we were not wearing anything at the time of our birth..heheheheh)

  53. A runner should celebrate his birthday by running wearing from head to toe all the wearing gears he received as bday presents

  54. Convince non runners to run with you on your birthday making it their birthday gift to you and nothing else. We increase the running community and help more people improve on their health

    March 30, 1971

  55. Celebrate it by buying yourself a running gear and a thanksgiving mass for all the miles you conquered-what a blessing!march.30,1971.

  56. Here’s what id do: 10K tempo run in the morning, sleep all day, party all night. repeat!
    (March 29, 1971)

  57. sponsor the race fee for X number of runners on your birthday month. X corresponds to your age.

    happy bday maam kulit

  58. “Celebrate your birthday with full of fun together with less fortunate kids.”
    (March 30, 1971)

    time check 11:36pm
    time left 24mins =)
    happy birthday!!!!

  59. buy new running gears as gift for self…

    (march 31, 1971)

  60. Runners should celebrate their birthdays by organizing an event or a workshop sharing their knowledge, experiences and challenges faced to newbies(running rookies), to help them grow their interest in running.
    Your birthday is March 30, 1971. Advanced Happy Birthday.

  61. run for charity. best gift you can received on your birthday are the simple joys in life

    happy birthday maam kulit
    (march 30, 1971)

  62. Run 40km in celebration of your 40th :)(30 March 1971)

  63. celebrate with a 10-15 kms morning run, then a visit to the church to thank a year of healthy running and blessing, then a blow out with the whole family.
    (March 30, 1971)

  64. Get more people to run. Give out race kits.

  65. One creative way of celebrating one’s bday is to organize a mini-marathon with friends either in your backyard or at the park. Give out race bibs as invites and ask them to come to your running party in singlets and running gears. To motivate them to join the race, place the food and drinks at the finish line!

    March 30, 1971 Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  66. Celebrate life and liberty. Run in the nude!

  67. Go ultralight-flying in Pampanga and discover what it feels like to cover distances without your feet ever touching the ground–for a change 😀

  68. Taking the first step and encourage families and friends to run by conducting a beach side group run. (March 30)

  69. First, pray and thanks to God for giving me a extension in life then treat the family.
    (March 30, 1971)

    Happy birthday to you!

  70. Raise P40k from pledges and donations by running 40k to help send 40 kids to school. 🙂

  71. Runners can celebrate their birthday by organizing an event/workshop to share their knowledge, experiences, and challenges they have faced to rookie runners to help them grow their interest in running and adding value to the running community as well.
    Your birthday is March 30, 1971. Feliz Cumpleanos!!!

  72. Birthdays are calculated. I think its fun to connect it through running like doing some laps multiplied to my age or like run in (my age) minutes. I can also do speed intervals like 10 x (my age) meters with 1 minute standing rest. Or hill training with uphill+downhill = (my age) repetitions. Of course, I can adjust it to my liking. Kasi kung matanda mas marami ng counts 🙂

    And siyempre, i wont forget to blow a candle before i eat my cake 🙂

  73. Pahabol po, yu birthday is March 30 🙂 -from your facebook account po.. hehe

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