Nestle Good Food, Good Life for 100 Years

Everytime I see the Nestle 100 Years TV-Ad, my heart flutters. I am so, so touched!

And then a realization just dawned on me. If this year marks Nestle Philippines, Inc.’s 100 years anniversary, shouldn’t we expect many exciting things to happen coming from the said brand?

I bet there will be lots! One thing I am sure of for the running community, is the exciting news that RUNRIO, INC. was tapped to be the race organizer for the Manila legs of this year’s Milo Marathon. Yes folks, Runrio Inc. as headed by Coach Rio Dela Cruz will be organizing the Manila Elims (July 31) and National Finals (December 11) of the 35th Milo Marathon. Oh and to add to that, the same company will be handling timing for all provincial Milo Marathon elimination legs.

I bet you all  look forward to seeing the Runrio touch in one of the country’s most prestigous marathon race which is the Milo Marathon. And while we eagerly wait and train for this event, join me as I continue to be touched by the Nestle Philippines’ 100Years – “Pag-Ibig”  TV Ad here: 😉


One Response

  1. O!M!G! Woooohoooo!!!!!

    Im getting ready, getting ready….

    see you on July! Wooohooo!

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