Thank You Bodivance!

Happy Easter everyone! As I prepare to resuming work again tomorrow, let me just give you this super long overdue post. 😉

Remember that last month was my Birthday Month? It was a really unforgettable birthday month as there were a lot of you who celebrated with me and there were even some who like me received something, no matter how small or simple. Sweet huh? It was then capped by a super magical trip to one of the the happiest place on earth courtesy of my employer. Me and together with my 23 other officemates spent 3 magical and enchanting days to that happy part of the world. All that will will always have a special place in my heart  and memory (cheesy but true!).

But before that, I received an email from Bodivance Marketing Associate, Marcia Cruz with a photo of one of my Birthday Month Treat winners – Nelson Caro. I wasn’t able to post it then but late is still better than never right? I would like thank the people of Bodivance for being a special part of my Birthday Month promo here in my blog. If you want to learn more about Bodivance, you can view my previous post about this product HERE.

And again, Congratulations to Nelson. I have yet to meet you personally (and so are the other winners of my blog contests) but it sure is nice to receive a photo with you on it so I can now attach a face to the name.

left to right: Marcia Cruz/Bodivance-Marketing Associate, Nelson Caro/winner, Alfred Manguiat/Bodivance-Sales Manager

Oh and to all of you folks who never cease to take a peek here in my blog every once in a while, thank you so so much. I look forward to being able to share to you all whatever blessings I will be fortunate to receive in the future.

Cheers all!


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  1. Thank you to kulit on the run for hosting this promotion. BODIVANCE appreciates your support.

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