A Sneak Peek to the 35th Milo Marathon Manila ELIMS

Hello All! As the 35th Milo Marathon race details becomes complete, official and ready for publishing in a few days, let me give you some sneak peek on some of the important details. Here goes…

1. Race Date and Venue: July 31, 2011 / 35th Milo Marathon Manila Elimination

2. Race Categories (Manila Elimination): Of course there will still be the usual race categories as of the past years:

2. Registration Fees: almost no fee hike except for the students since all race categories will now make use of timing chips.
Registration = registration fee + one Milo label (minimum of 300g)

3. Route (Manila Elimination) : as this I haven’t received approval to post yet, let me just give you a teaser as to where the START and FINISH area will be. See that for this year, Milo Marathon Manila participants will miss converging at the KM0 along Roxas Blvd. during pre-gunstart and won’t experience running strong to the then Finishline at the Quirino Grandstand:

all race categories will Start and Finish here 😉

Train well and see you at the 35th Milo Marathon! 😉


6 Responses

  1. Any qualifying times yet or is it the same than last year?

  2. MOA ang start and finish.. ang init nito 😉

    Thanks God and same reg fees pa rin 😉

    Thank you Ms. Vimz 😉

  3. I hope it’s not the 3-loop course that they did last yr for the Manila elims. 🙂

  4. Thanks po! Race route na lang.. 🙂

  5. pls…post the registration sites and dates of milo marathon manila leg 2011…

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