Glad to have blogged again. Well, almost… ;)

i so miss blogging but it doesn't mean that i don't enjoy some perks of my other job - being able to be with running icons!

I so missed blogging! Yep, the one which I can just type in all my thoughts, the words that will initially come to mind and/or of course, those times which I can share all my exciting and happy running experiences.

I very seldom do it now. As I frequently joke about, work has relegated me to being a “poster” (one who posts relevant information but without any personal opinion) from being a blogger. My online journal has temporarily stopped being a journal. Hay!

Believe me, eventhough I have not been able to blog lately (oh and also run! it shows di ba! I am FAT again!), there are a lot of things I still want to share to all of you. My experiences behind the scenes of races will give you a sneak peek and i hope, better appreciation of how races are being organized. I might not be able to tell everything to you, but some exciting and relevant details will surely excite you. I am sure that you will appreciate running races even more once you do (because I did!). One day I do hope I can sit and blog to tell you all about it.

But for now, I hope that through my posts, I have been able to share with you important race info and also, made you glad with all those free race kits that came our way. 😉 

Oh, I was supposed to tell you all about my 35th Milo Marathon Launch experience here in my blog. But then again, Runrio, Inc. asked me if I could make a blog post about it for posting at the official Runrio website. It was an honor for me really as I was asked to write in my own point-of-view. It was a first for Runrio and a first for me too.

If you are interested to read all about it, you can see it HERE. Tell me what you think about it after reading it ha. 😉 Meanwhile, i am reposting the 35th Milo Marathon AVP here showing the all-important race details. 😉

Nice AVP right? Cheers and have fun enjoying the outdoors! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. So nice the AVP, so touching! While reading your blog, I could also remember Coach Rio’s story.. now I feel refilled with motivation for running. =)

  2. Thanks for the AVP Ms. Vimz 😉

  3. I’m glad I found this blog it was not only motivational for me who used to be so unhealthy and sits infront of the computer the whole day but it is also very informative whether personal entries or not=) Really appreciate it! Keep it up! The free race ktis are great too.

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