It is about time we “police” each other

There are a lot of factors which runners can check to measure a foot race’s success or failure – flawless pre-race activities including registration, race kit claiming, world-class race execution and exciting post-race activities and souvenirs. You miss out on one and your race will bear a taint in the history books of running races in the country.

In my own personal opinion, and I believe most of you will share the same, the success or failure of a race can also be likened into a relationship – “it always takes two to tango”. I have been (and would like to believe that I still am, although on a “temporarily-retired” status) a runner and now as part of a race organizing team, I gained a whole lot of appreciation of both sides of the community. Both, as just in any kind of relationship, have their own great and bad (okay, not-so-bad) points.

The runners of course will almost always gain advantage as we all believe that “the customer is always right” no matter how organizers perceive them to be wrong :P. But then again, you know folks, there is only so much that a race organizer can do and there are a lot more that we runners can do to help make a race as succesful as we want it to be.

Nope! I won’t go on preaching about other’s affinity to loot bags, to the photos or someone’s advocacy to make the registration fees lower nor will I say something about Coach Rio’s Audi TT. These I believe are hot topics that I would not dare thread on (it will be as if calling for a political debate!).

What I would just like to point out are those irregular things that some of us do that we runners may be aware of or witnesses of. Irregular in the sense that if we continue to allow it to happen, we will ourselves be a victim of their irregular (or even illegal!) acts.

Let me share to you some examples…

1. THE HOG! defines a HOG as “a selfish, gluttonous, or filthy person”. look at the picture below:

look closely at his bulging singlet at the side and at the back... hay!

 Mr. Hog passes by hydration stations and banana stations and gets more than what is supposed to be his share of race amenities (bottled water, sports drink, bananas!) and then passes this on to his bike-riding companion. He does this not only once but numerous times. No matter how much replenishment is done with regards to these supplies if there will be a number of Mr. Hogs during races, other runners, especially those who are not as fast as the others, will definitely not be able to have their share which for sure they also need.

2. THE CHEATS (Pictures grabbed from Eric Sajorda’s (kidlat biker) FB account BUT photo credit should first and foremost go to GREENTENNIAL PHOTOGRAPHY who is the original source of the photos. Thank you!)

These two Mr. Cheats, as you can see in the photos, did cut corners! And they are not the only ones doing this! There is a woman who now is famously dubbed as Ms. U because of her penchant of doing a premature “U-Turn” and will go on to cross the finish line, collect a finisher’s medal and after which, proclaim that the deed is not cheating because she did not go on to land as a podium finisher anyway.

Why cheat? If you can’t finish the distance you signed-up for, go sign-up for a shorter distance. No reputation tainted, and deep inside you feel good because you know for yourself you accomplished what you woke-up very early in the morning for.

Why cheat? If you are after the winnings/prizes/recognition, then why not again, sign-up for a shorter distance or better yet, prepare for it, train hard for it. Isn’t winning empty when you know for a fact that you do not deserve it? Isn’t winning empty when you know for a fact that you grabbed the credit that some other runner is well deserving of it?

There are a lot more examples folks. But then again, let us just concentrate on these two as we all know that running is not all about these. Running should have inculcated within us discipline not stealing or cheating. Running should have bred in us positive traits – the discipline of training, the discipline of waking up early, patience to run the whole distance that you are aiming for, a happy disposition out of the endorphin rush that we get.

Don’t you think it is about time that we try to police ourselves and our ranks? I believe that it is about time we take action against these as we at the long run (no pun intended) will be victims of these wrongdoings. The race organizers on the other hand should by now become aware of these things and have their marshalls and security on the strict lookout for these kind of people. But still, a little help from us such as calling their attention to such irregular happenings can go a long, long way. If race organizers improve their processes and their manpower and then at the same time runners help each other to improve their lot, we might be seeing for ourselves races that are perfect in our eyes. World class indeed!

My post might spun controversy but then again, this is actually and clearly happening. And it is heartily disappointing.

Running should be a breeding ground for people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to have fun. It should not be a breeding ground for cheaters and steals.

Just my own opinion folks!


44 Responses

  1. i know who little ms. u is!

  2. i’m sad for them… grabe naman. yan ang talagang mga mamaw!

  3. Kudos on the write up! So the hog is the reason why I NEVER get to eat any bananas during my 21km runs! SHAME ON YOU! And for the cheater, we may not see you doing it but God does!

    • I saw someone throw away half of his banana and I felt bad. Inisip ko sayang naman yung saging. But then there is not much to be done if he can only consume half. Another one really stopped at the banana station and took at least three bananas (he just threw the peeling at about the very second I reached the table and then picked up two and continued to run). Initially I thought that was being inconsiderate. Pero itong ‘hog’ na ito? Wala akong masabi. He is like the grand daddy of the ‘inconsiderates’.

      • I will admit I’m one of those who “throw away half of banana”. Half banana lang kc kino-consume every 1 hour during races. Problem is wala akong nakikita na half-banana sa table, got a whole and tried breaking it in half, nalamog lang. So suggestion na lang is yung staff sa banana station sana may knife/cutter so that we can request for a half if we want one

  4. Wow I didn’t notice that there were runners like that. I guess I was so busy trying to finish the run. For the hog, I can’t believe he had the time to stash all those =D For the cheaters, well they paid for an accurate timechip, marshall and everything just to help them be able to evaluate their running improvement and yet they cheat themselves.=( I think its there loss really.

  5. Nice post. About time these incidents are exposed to the running public. Will share/repost to help educate our runner friends.

  6. i did know they could be this blatant! my skin is crawling! ;-P

  7. Si Koya Hog naggogrocery sa race. Aru!

    And I do agree with you, dapat lang na takbuhin lang ang pinagsanayan at kaya ng powers.

  8. nice write up ms. vimz, hmmm.. from now on, i will take pictures of those that needed “police” attention 😉

    shame on them, esp. last sunday where I battle with cramps while trudging on to the finish line, thinking twice of going DNF na lang. Ms U makes me grrrr..

    • oo nga ako rin, pipilay-pilay papuntang finish line. I am already proud that I even finished (and never considered DNF). Now I am even prouder knowing that I did better that those cheaters. but then again, why should anyone compare themselves to cheats? So let me re-phrase that and say I am even prouder because I finished without making other uncomfortable in any way.

  9. kaya pala nagkakaubusan ng saging.. andian pala si kiko matsing!!

  10. kaya pala wala ng saging nung race. 😦

  11. Great post mam vimz. This will serve as a warning to all runners doing and and planning to do this kind of things. Disciplina sa sarili lang naman talaga ang kailangan. Huwag natin dayain ang mga sarili natin 🙂

  12. sapol si manong hehehe. . kala ko dinala nya hanggang finishline. . may taga hakot palang iba. . huli ka balbon. . .parang magandang maging photographer runner para mahuli ang tulad nila. . .

    Best post Ms kulit 🙂

    • on the other hand, something like this is another thing photographers have to look out for. hahaha… tamang-taman there are runs in the next four weeks that I have skipped. I might be going to shoot and if i do, I will be on the look out for people like these ones.

  13. haha. nice one ms.Vimz ;D

  14. kaya pala 2nd cya sa 10k category

    2 Ramie Lacson 4118 00:33:41

  15. si mr. hog nagpakahirap pa, sana yung pinang register niya, nag grocery na lang siya may basket pa sya ha3x…

  16. mukhang bandit pa ata walang bib no., panalo…

  17. Excellent post, Vimz and and a slap to those who think they can get away with dishonesty!

  18. Good day I also know two friend of my also cheated on the race the aktv and last race 21k they did not pass the turn around they do a short cut…..
    di sila nahihiya sa ginawa nila……ANd they are planning to run the rexona and MILO 21k distance…. I so not happy on what they are doing I always tell they should not do a short cut….it is not right…… But they still do it twice

    • it sucks when people even talk about doing it, right? I overheard someone (during the Hyundai Run months ago) telling his friends how they were able to take short cuts in their previous runs and my impression of him sank. I initially thought that at his age (he was about in his late 40s) his feats were impressive but knowing that he cheated in some of his runs just made him look stupid. lagi ko pa man din nakikita sa ibang runs. hindi naman siya nanalo but every time I see him during a run, the first thing I think is “Nag-short cut kaya ulit itong mamang to?” hehehe…

  19. so that’s why the bananas ran out. haha. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words! haha

  20. We should also report marshals or other organizer crew members who don’t do their jobs. They are not only cheating the organizers but runners too.

  21. we should have a caught on camera running website… pra mapublicize sila, tapos imatch yung bib # with name sa results

    kala nyo…

  22. ehem! kaya pala nung ng hihingi ako ng saging…nag grocery c kuya! hahaha..

  23. Seriously? People do these things? This is amazing (in a bad way).

    Mr. Hog shows us how selfish some people can get. I think this is one person who has serious entitlement issues. He probably thinks that he is entitled to all that water and banana supply because he paid to join the race (I hope for his sake that he really registered and that he was not just a bandit runner). If he really has entitlement issues someone should tell him that he would save money if he will just go to a 7-11 shop and buy bananas and water.

    As for those who cut corners, this was already near the finish line so they were probably trying record a shorter time. I am almost sure that they are now telling people in their own corner of this world that they have recorded their PR during this run.

    Looking at them makes me more proud of how I finished the Yamaha Run last Sunday. Yes, I finished the 21k-run in almost three hours but at least it never even crossed my mind to take short cuts. And just like in other runs before, I even make sure that during the turns, I still take the road even when almost everyone is taking the sidewalk because it seems that doing so will save them at least a couple of meters.

    Last Sunday during the run, I was in pain because of an old injury that was triggered after the first half of the route. And for a couple of days after, I can’t walk without a limp. Just as I did not want to blame the injury for my time (because I know I still did very well, considering), now I am ‘wearing’ it like badge of honor – even when I was in pain, I never thought of cheating.

    I don’t really want to sound like I am the most righteous because I am not but this is how I really feel after knowing that people do selfish acts like these.

    To these cheats and hogs, may God bless your souls.

  24. that hog was also at the Run With The Masters, I remember him! ang dami nyang kinulimbat na tubig noon while everybody was almost dying on thirst! nanghingi pa nga ako sa kanya noon e kasi talagang wala nang tubig sa station, binigyan nya naman ako. 🙂

  25. i know there r corner-cutters, w/c is minor compared to pre-U-turners, pretnding to hydrate across the road, and run along na w/ the crowd n the opposite direction. so easy w yamaha 21k(dnt kno w other categories) since there r no laces whatsover n evry loop. dami yn cla n fairness…

    surprised though w/ d water-&-banana-hoarder. maybe he can explain…

  26. may running water/banana station na pala ngayon! not good!!!

  27. Nice catch. These are indeed not good deeds from the part of the runners. I totally agree with you that these acts should be curtailed.

    However, as you said, it takes two to tango, right? How can we therefore admonish those tending the water stations where they mix the power drinks with water? Personally I don’t drink water during the race but take sips only of power drinks (especially during the last half of the run, I only run 10k though). I was so disgusted with Yamaha run when I tasted water instead of a power drink.

    Also about the hogs, are we also looking into those tending the stations? Are they not hoarding the power drinks?

    That’s my two cents.


    • Ed, you may not be able to directly admonish them since as a runner, you do not have direct authority over them,only the race organizers do. So it will be best that you report whatever observations/issues you have as this action is totally welcome and has been existing eversince. Runrio’s email address for feedback is Do believe that they read every message received and perform appropriate investigation and corresponding action.

      What I really encourage is for runners to remain proactive and vigilant. As each race organizer, not just Runrio, strive to better their organization in each of their events, I still believe that we as runners can contribute in our own way for any improvements. Each runner and/or race staff is human and is too prone to commit mistakes but we can be above all these if we put all our biases aside and provide constructive observation.

  28. Good job Kulit Runner. I admire your courage and honesty in pointing out a couple of bad behaviors on the part of a few runners. May this serve as a deterrence to misbehaving runners.

  29. curious ako kung sino ung Ms. U hehehe. . . yung image nung sa cheater, hahaha ma-action na sana ang moves pang-cheat pala un 🙂

  30. Where’s the fun on the run if there are cheaters like these?

  31. Mommy Vimz, correction lang, that’s not a hog… that’s a Monkey!
    And no, they aren’t just cheaters, they’re snatchers too, lol!

    I have witnessed these kind of incidents. It wasn’t even at the race course, but at the sponsor booths where a monkey kept on visiting these booths and repeteadly asks for a bottle of hydration products, and stashes it on his lootbag.

    Snatchers abound many race, even those who are already in their old age! It’s disgusting to see them instead of setting examples for the younger runners, they’re even proud to brag about their quick-road-cuts! Sigh!!!

  32. What a shame. 😦

    Nice post po.. 🙂

  33. Hello, great article, I saw that guy as well at the run, may I post a link on my blog to your article? thanks ….keep running don’t lose hope 🙂

  34. ** di ko po dinidefend yung mga taong ito, am just looking on both sides of the story..ayaw ko lang ng 1 sided lang/** PEACE!

    #1,yung maraming bananas at waters ganun talaga ang pinoy kung saan ang libre eh nagtatake-advantage sila.. good example eh sa malls, yung mga FREE-TASTE, balik tayo ng balik kasi LIBRE…di natin alam eh nakakarami na tayo..**aminin**
    OR baka naman kailangan ng anak or kasama nyang naghihintay sa finish line kaya kumuha sya ng marami..

    baka naman yung mga cheaters eh nasa sidewalk lang tapos bumaba lang sa main road. lets gave them benefits of the doubt na nagcheat sila.. no pics in action na nagcut-corner. kung meron, eh di ok at dun tayo magreact at maglabas ng sama ng loob. konsensya na lang nila kung ginawa nila un..kasi wala naman rules na BAWAL MAGCUT-CORNERS, DI DUMAAN SA U-TURN, etc.. as long as you cross finish line in foot.. so di rin natin sila masisisi…mas matindi pa nga yung mga cheaters sa MILO last yr. pero wala naman actions na ginawa from the organizers. Sa MILO(Manila elems) this july, be aware na lang and magparinig na lang kayo while running kung meron kayong nakikitang mali para aware din yung ibang runnersna may maling nangyayari. better kung may evidence

    di natin alam ang stories nitong mga taong ito.. lets be fair…

  35. Runner 4118 is Ramie Lacson… thanks to the shortcut, he placed 2nd over-all! hahahaha!

  36. what a shame…better you made a blog for this miss vims so people who took advantaged like this should learned some lesson tsk tsk tsk! runners are not supposed to be like this..That’s y you are running for you to be able to help others and help yourself by living a healthy lifestyle..

  37. …..they should have grounds for disqualification din sana , cheaters never win.

  38. the Hog is so poor that he really needs to do this? wow I would’nt be surpeised if he ran bandit on this race!

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