Yamaha Run for Heroes Race Results via RUNPIX Available NOW!

Congratulations to all those who participated and finished the Yamaha Run for Heroes! Aside from the usual race results that is available for viewing at the BazuSports Race Results Site – click HERE to view what I am talking about, there is another kind of race results that can help you “retrace your run” in a graphical, more creative way. It can also serve as your online race certificate!

What I am referring to is the RUNPIX ANALYSIS of your Yamaha Run for Heroes race. Those who have been running Runrio races for long knows what Runpix is already. But for the uninitiated or for those who are new, I encourage you to go and take a look. 😉 To access your graphical race results, click HERE or on the image above.

As per Runrio, Inc.:

All details are based on the data gathered from the UHF RFID D-Tag by ChronoTrack Systems.

Finish Time: is time from the gun start to the time you crossed the finish line. Results for this is used as basis for determining the Top 3 finishers.

Chip Time: is when you cross the start line to the finish line. This is most helpful for you to know your personal record (PR).

The race was organized by RunRio, Inc.. For any concerns regarding the race results, please email feedback@runrio.com or runriofeedback@gmail.com.


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