Halloween Teaser…

Somebody very reliable told me that there will be this one concept race that aims to rise above all. I will even go overboard and say that if it successfully executes all ideas and plans, this might as well be the “Mother of All Concept Races”.

Yeah, it is clearly a given that this one’s a costume run – all fun and no serious running to gun for PRs (although it might just well be an icing on the cake! or one that will set your other running PRs apart!). But then again, I’ve heard something like a mardi gras, a confetti shower for a gun start signal, a boodle fight featuring a famous Filipino dish, walking men on stilts, a concert, a post-run drinking spree.

Whoa! This might just as well be a Halloween Party with a running race as a side event (well, if you can take a 16km run as a mere side-event, why not!).

And didn’t I mention that this one’s a night race?

I am just too excited I am spilling all the beans here! Do wait as we eventually share all details with you folks!

But for now, save the date – Saturday, October 29, 2011 at the Aseana Business Complex.

P.S. I so love being a blogger, I get to receive first-hand info of exciting things to come! — and then somebody copy-pastes it on their site, RATS!  Nevertheless, you’ve read it first here folks. Cheers!


5 Responses

  1. ayos to. na-miss ko ang halloween run

  2. Makikita po ba natin dito si Coach Rio on his Cupid costume once again? 🙂

  3. “and then somebody copy-pastes it on their site, RATS! Nevertheless, you’ve read it first here folks. Cheers!” – – grabe naman di dapat un. .

    dapat ito sinasabi mo sa kanila “YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A SECOND RATE, TRYING HARD COPY-CUT n paste! hehehe

  4. Wow this is so exciting! We’ve never tried a night race + party before. Hope to hear more news about this;)

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