Run And Give the Gift of a Smile!

“We mobilize a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the globe.”

With Operation Smile’s “vision/mission statement”, I was instantly taken. The race which will be organized by the Without Limits tandem of Ian Alacar and Jay Em with Operation Smile as the beneficiary is again one extra-ordinary race. Nope, I am not referring to exciting and generous race amenities. I am in fact referring to the impact that response and support to this race will give to children suffering from Cleft Lip or Cleft Pallate – the conditions which Operation Smile advocates in helping.

 The race, entitled The 500 Smile Run will be held on November 6, 2011 at the Quirino Grandstand at Manila’s Rizal Park.

Yes this event will happen on the same day as that the Chevrolet New Balance Power Run which is being organized by the tandem of Event King and Runrio, Inc.

If you won’t be participating in the NB race, I recommend that you join this race instead. By joining, you will be able to contribute to the funds being raised as 100% of the registration fee that each registrant will pay will directly go to Operation Smile. A mere Php15,000 cumulative race registration payment will be enough to help operate on ONE KID! Doable right? Imagine, for every 30 registrants to the 3km category which costs Php500 each, these 30 runners will already be able to help give the gift of a smile to a child. I bet the feeling of being able to do this is much more than the feeling of being able to finally hit that targetted PR!

And how, you may also ask, will you be able to help more? EASY! Be a “PLEDGE RUNNER”! Gather pledges for your run wherein friends/family/blog readers will pledge a certain amount for every kilometer you will be able to run and pledge another amount which they will donate if and when you finish the race category you signed-up for. Gather all these pledges, run your race inspired by this great deed and donate all these to Operation Smile! Who knows, you might end up being able to help not just 1 child but more! This I bet will give you a more jubilant feeling than when you finally achieve a “podium-finish”!

Already registered at the Chevrolet New Balance Power Run or another race on the same date? NOT A PROBLEM! Here is my Value Proposition to all of you who might be in this situation: Be an Operation Smile PLEDGE RUNNER at the Chevrolet New Balance Power Run race or to whatever race event you already set your plans/sight into for the same day. Gather pledges for your run in whatever race it might be, finish your race and donate the amount you will be able to collect from the pledges you gathered and donate it to Operation Smile. In that way, you were still able to run your premium Chevrolet New Balance Power Race and enjoyed all race amenities that came with it and at the same time, not feel guilty because you were not able to sign-up for the 500 Smile Run because you get to support them still. Now, isn’t that a great value proposition? If you achieve this, it will give you an even greater badge of honor!

Btw, here are the race details:

The 500 Smile Run
Main Presenter: PLDT & SMART


  • Generate funds for Operation Smile’s 30th Anniversary Missions in 8 sites around the country
  • Promote awareness for Operation Smile
  • Create a venue for direct public involvement and support for Operation Smile’s cause

Event dates and venue:

November 6, 2011
Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila City

November 27, 2011
Rizal Park, Davao City

Minimum Target number of runners for the event:

  • 6,000 (Manila)
  • 2,000 (Davao)

Race Categories & Fees (Manila):

  • 500meter dash for children      = Php300
  • 3 kilometer run                               = Php500
  • 5 kilometer run                               = Php500
  • 10 kilometer run                            = Php650
  • 16 kilometer run                             = Php800

Race Categories & Fees (Davao):

  • 3 KM, 5 KM and 10KM           = Php350
  • 16 kilometer run                      = Php650
Singlet Design:

Download 3km Race Map
Download 5km Race Map
Download 10km Race Map
Download 16km Race Map
Download 500m Race Map

DOWNLOAD FULL RACE DETAILS HERE (as presented during the Bloggers’ Night)


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  1. I didn’t quite understand the process of becoming a pledge runner kaya hindi ko nailagay sa blog ko. 🙂 Thanks for this!

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