Skechers SRR Prospeed Launched

Two Fridays ago, I was one of the lucky runner-bloggers who got to be invited to the launch of Skechers’ new line of sports/fitness shoes under the Skechers Resistance Runner (SRR) brand, the PROSPEED,  at the Skechers’ Concept Store in Market! Market! Mall, Taguig City. The launch could have struck me as somehow uneventful having received and tried my own ProSpeed pair for almost two weeks worth of running training already. But it definitely was not the case. I was still as excited as if I am to see the product up-close, learn about its features and get to try it for the first time.

the ProSpeed comes in nice color combinations

My giddiness on being able to be at the launch may be due to the following reasons:

  • my runner-blogger friends will be there
  • they will each get a chance to try on the ProSpeed for a few moments running on the treadmill
  • they will get to see and experience for themselves the great things I discovered running with this pair of shoes
  • I will get to finally meet the people behind Skechers Philippines and personally thank them for asking me to try out their ProSpeed shoes.

bloggers and media listening intently on Gail's presentation

Prior to the main event which was the actual presentation of the SRR ProSpeed, professional fitness expert and The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition (BLPE) trainor, Chinggay Andrada was also introduced as Skechers’ Philippines’ fitness spokesperson. It was really so nice to see her and get a chance to chat with her longer than when we will be both working in a RunRio race. It was really so cute also to have her meet my husband, Art Mendoza which incidentally is the same name of one of her BLPE trainee!

Chinggay Andrada, Skechers Fitness Spokesperson

After sharing a sumptous catered-dinner buffet, the star of the event – the ProSpeed, was finally presented to all attendees. One surprise activity was when Blas Tiangco, another runner-blogger, and I were requested to share our ProSpeed experience. I could have melted right at the moment when I was asked to do that because I am not fond of speaking in front of a crowd – let me just write and I won’t complain but ask me to speak in front of people is an entirely different story. But realizing that it will be kind of unselfish of me not to let everyone know how good my experience with the shoe was, I obliged, nervous and all!

Gail of Skechers explains the features of the Skechers SRR ProSpeed

Blas of the Titanium Runner blog shares his experience with the ProSpeed pair that he bought

My very short talk focused on how the ProSpeed really helped me achieve that MidFoot Strike when running, the springy bounce that comes with every step, the nice color combination (simple but not boring!) of each model and its lightweightness. All that resulting to my having more efficient runs (running now requires less effort), ease and confidence (I am running with a corrected form now!).

UltraMarathoner Michelle Estuar having her share of ProSpeed Experience 🙂

The best part came towards the end when all guests were allowed to try on a pair and run with it on a treadmill. I was so glad that everyone did! You see folks, all my runner-blogger friends have been running for not less than a year already and because of that, they surely have developed a preference to a particular brand of running shoe which definitely have given them good running mileage. It will definitely be kinda difficult to convert them with just a few minutes of trial. But happily and as I have quietly predicted, they were convinced! The ProSpeed, they say – so to speak,  really “practice what it preaches” and is not just a shoe with a coated “UNtruth in advertising”. Hopefully, sometime soon, we’ll all get to run together wearing the same shoes that we know will work best for us – the SKECHERS SRR PROSPEED. 🙂

the bloggers with Chinggay Andrada

with Skechers' Marketing Communications Officer, Katrina Ong

If you want to know the result of my initial ProSpeed experience, you can read my non-technical feedback HERE. For technical features and explanation, I would like to share to everyone this helpful vid about the Skechers SRR Line:

The Skechers SRR ProSpeed line of shoes are now available at leading sports & fitness stores nationwide and at the Skechers Stores in malls like Market! Market Mall, Taguig City and Festivall Mall in Alabang wherein all color combinations are available for everyone to choose from. The shoe retails at around P5,000+.  🙂


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