Run United 3 2011 – RunRio Trilogy Leg 3 In-Store Registration Postponed

Hi Folks! Here is an official announcement released by RunRio, Inc. regarding the postponement of the Run United 3 In-Store Registration. Read on!

Dear Runners,
Due to the unfavorable conditions that the recent Typhoon Pedring brought to the country, the scheduled delivery and receipt of the official RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Run United 3 singlets were not met. Due to this delay, RunRio decided to move the In-Store Registration to October 7, Friday to ensure that runners will be able to bring with them a complete race kit upon registration.
Online Registration on the other hand, will still open as scheduled on Monday, October 3, 2011.
Thank you very much for your kind understanding. We look forward to your participation in the upcoming Run United 3 2011.

Warm Regards,

The Runrio Team



4 Responses

  1. hi, im planning to run my 1st 21k in this run, im relatively new to running in events but i do run but only as an exercise also i play basketball weekly, i just want to know f 6 weeks of training is enough? honestly i just had 2 5k runs then i had my 1st 10k last sept 25, i felt that medyo bitin yung run running my 1st 21k instantly became an option. i really want to finish a half marathon before the year ends. hope you could give some advice..

    • Hello Alberto! From my experience, I trained under Coach Rio dela Cruz and his coaching staff for 6months prior to doing my first 21km run. Altho they were telling me that 3mos is already a good preparation period. Nowadays, runners tend to level u in a shorter time. This may be ok for them at this time but it has its payback in the long run. Btw, this is not my sole opinion. What I am sharing with you is a result of my learnings during discussions and consultations with Coach Rio and his coaching staff (all certified coaches). 🙂

  2. thanks 4 the advice, will contemplate on it. just wanted to push my limits lang kc, actualy im planning my 21k dapat by next year pa, sa condura sana. im 50-50 bout this runrio 21k , btw whats the payback going to be? even f i run just this once sa 21k,then i go back to 10k?anyway thanks 4 the advice. more power

    • the coaches say that it will take its toll in the knees of the person. kasi di ba when we run, yung mga joints natin esp sa knees nagki-kiskis yun eh. pero kasi our body usually has time to heal it by generating yung natural “lubricant” ng knees. but if we subject it to mga activities without gradual increase, dun eventually nagkakaproblem. so yung “life as a runner” puede din ma-decrease kasi nao-overuse natin. sorry ha, the coaches have explained this better medyo di ako kasing-galing nila.
      your next question – even you run this 21k once? – it is up to you if you feel like you can. once lang naman siguro won’t hurt. you will know naman if you are ready or not. good luck and train well. 🙂

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