Of adobo, Halloween Night Run in Costume and FREE Race Kits!

The adobo Run After Dark race event brings much to look forward to. Whether runners are in need of a smaller night run crowd, or in search of a really fun run with that exciting post-race entertainment (read:concert), or would like to see how they can run after GMA’s Cinderella, or find out how the Playboy Playmates will complete a 3km run in their Playboy Bunny outfits, or maybe, seriously, run to make a difference as this event has as its beneficiary Illac Diaz’ Isang Litrong Liwanag advocacy. Any reason one may have, the adobo Run After Dark is definitely one race to look forward to. 🙂

A good number of my chums will be running the 5km race in costume. Me and hubby will too, but haven’t gotten to deciding which costume to don in! But nevertheless, with or without a costume, everyone is welcome to take part in this Halloween Night Run.

And because I want everyone to have a chance to experience this one of a kind race happening on the 29th of October at the Aseana Business Center, and  because I just remembered that this month is my blog’s anniversary, I will be giving-away THREE (3) ADOBO RUN AFTER DARK RACE KITS (race category of your choice!)!  So how do we go about it?

1. Post as a comment your answer to the question: “If you will be given a chance to run in the ADOBO RUN AFTER DARK  race, what do you think will a good costume be and why?”.
2. In the spirit of fairness, I will be accepting only ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.
3. There will be no wrong answers but the TOP THREE creative answers, which will be voted upon by THREE JUDGES (me, the adobo Run After Dark Race Director and another blogger) will each get to WIN  a FREE RACE KIT.
4. This contest will be open from today until midnight of Wednesday, October 26.
5. Winners will be announced on the night of October 27  to enable winners to claim their kits at ROX on October 28.

Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing you at the race! 🙂

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  1. Frankenstein Bird! This is a version of the Black Bird (also known as the Bomb Bird or Kamikaze Bird) which is a type of bird in the famous Angry Birds. He is a Halloween addition of Black Bird in the plush collection. He has two screws and stitches in his head and lower left parts of him. One of the most powerful birds in the angry birds’ game at the wackiest night run of the year. 😉

  2. I would be ROAD RUNNER Beep Beep…… I admit I’am not fast as Road Runner runs but its gonna be an exciting halloween custume to wear because just imagining you are running so fast as a speed bullet shouting BEEP!!!! BEEP!!! to your fellow runner. And I hope there will be no CAYOTE to ruin my run.

  3. Prison guard’s uniform also known as correctional officers because they control over a thousand individuals confined in national penitentiaries.Prison guards are task with safety and security of inmates.They also maintain facility by preventing disturbances, assaults and escapes.

  4. A running “TIKBALANG” would be an eye-catcher 🙂 Pinoy na pinoy at initimidating dahil mabilis ang kabayo tumakbo at naninipa pa 🙂

  5. zombies, easy to do ung costume…..konting make up…ok na sya……

  6. At the age of 28, im still chasing my dream. So I think, wearing a perfect pair of masterchef uniform will do. For at least while waiting for this dream to happen, running on the adobo run after dark race will be my inspiration. This is a perfect moment to celebrate my Birthday and get my family and friends to indulge on a long delicious fun run.

  7. its my our wedding anniv!maybe ill wear a dead bride……hahaha!!!;D in wedding gown….bloody!!!

  8. beheaded priest, holding his head while running. this character will surely make runners run as fast as they can.

  9. If Cinderella is running, I’ll run as Prince Charming. If the Playboy Playmates run as bunnies, I’ll dress up as an eagle. LOL.

  10. in time for Halloween, maganda for me ang magsuot ng ala “The RIng” while running… ung tipong lumalabas siya sa TV mo. long white dress with matching long hair.

    o kaya naman isang mala Imelda Marcos na signature filipiniana dress. halloween com united nation ang celebration…

  11. If I will be given a chance to run in the ADOBO RUN AFTER DARK race, I think a good costume for me will be a dressed to, ahem, kill and bloodsucking vampire who isn’t about to let Bella get all the vampire action. I’m sure it’ll be fang-tastic to stalk the streets and run after some Edward-looking guys at night to leave them begging for a little nibble. LOL

  12. As Piolo Pascual, para onti trim lang ng buhok ko at Timex lang ok na. Wla ako pambili ng costume. -ismit

  13. ZORRO!
    I will be the Hero amidst a great crowd of villainous costumes (Also the hero for the playboy bunnies) =)
    Running in cape would be a great first time…

  14. I would like to run as a Spartan warrior! since, it is easy and cheap to create the costume, since you would only need a red cape, a sword, a shield, pair of sandals and the toughest part would be the rock-hard abs (but, that can be easily solved with a Whiteboard marker, if you know what I mean >:) and also, the costume can be light enough to run even through 15km. 🙂

  15. Steve Jobs – the guy is very relevant, very timely too because of what happened recently, and very appropriate for him to “come back” this Halloween… perhaps finally with the iphone 5
    2nd choice -bloody Muammar Gadaffi

  16. Best costume for Adobo Night Run will be a Handsome Dracula.
    I always like to pair Cinderella with Dracula..
    Imagine— Cinderella in a beautiful long white gown, and Dracula (me) in a Black Cape with Tuxedo underneath… The two will be the best couple of the night!! And at the finish line– Dracula will bite at Cinderella neck, while her Glass slipper fall off the ground.–Truly MAGICAL!! –
    the end-

  17. I’ll be running as the Tazmanian Devil… Well, it best fits my personality… wild and whoolly… (cute, too??? hahaha) Besides if given a chance to join, I’ll run with reckless abandon in my first night run… 🙂

  18. i think a good costume would be about “katatakutan”
    and if i would be given a chance to run for this event, my costume
    would be a “ghost” because all the materials that i need for this costume can be found in my closet. i don’t need to buy costly pre-made costume from stores. dito sa “ghost” kasi i can use the old sheets to cover my body. bubutasan ko lang yung sa bandang mata, sabay “lisik-mata” lang and flashlight namin para ilawan ko face ko habang naka-cover yung old sheets para may konting effect, and ofcourse with my favorite running shoes, tatakbo ako,e..:)

  19. shrek, he may look oger but with a kind heart. if princess fiona will be there, i run with here.

  20. ninja turtle

    just want to emphasis that in everyday life we do not need speed but also and ability and capacity to think on how to run our life.

    parang pagong at kuneho lang yan… daig ng maabilidad ang mabilis hehehehee…may sense ba?

  21. snow white! i will have a:
    > royal or navy blue tank top
    > yellow skort
    > red satin bow headband
    > yellow & blue running shoes – or rubber shoes with yellow shoe lace on the left and blue running lace on the right

    -easy to assemble, fully functional to run in, no melting make-up on sweaty face!

  22. if i will be given a chance to run in the ADOBO RUN AFTER DARK race, my costume is reflective glow in the dark SKELETON, so everyone can see a fast, lightweight running skeleton..hahaha

  23. hahaha…nakakatuwa naman ito.

    i will be the bride/princess/debutant….pero ang catch dito di ako naka gown. I will wear … bath robe, fluffy shoes, curlers and with matching mudpack. The beauty preparation itself.

  24. I would love to be a Fairy, pang kontra sa mga negative vibes na costume,hihi maganda tignan sa night run lalo na kung colorful at nag go glow pa ang attire 🙂

  25. IF I had a good body build-up, I will be in “birthday” custom.. diapers lang 😉 tingnan natin kung sino mas eye catching.. yung playboy bunnies or ako.. hehehe

  26. For me, mas gusto ko ang “AVATAR”. Mabibilis tumakbo, palaban, di sumusuko at pansinin talaga ang kulay at balat nila. Kuha agad attention ng lahat. Actually, naghahanap nga ako ng pwedeng bilhan nun at yun talga susuot ko sa Adobo run ❤ ❤ ❤

    Polinda Usero

  27. hi there!
    I would I would go local, and go as Panday, Pedro Penduko, or even Lastikman. I think though it would be funnier and sillier if I go as a spoofs of well known action heroes like Pandoy, Starzan, or even Sheman as popularized by Joey de Leon, or even Volta or Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, the sillier the better

  28. Ill come as Tiffany;The Bride Of Chucky. White gown plus black jacket. Then ill ask my bf to come as chucky para partners kami, perfect for halloween. We will try to scare other runners para maka set sila ng bagong Personal best. “Nanakot ka na, nakatulong ka pa.”

  29. Robin Hood! He is the kind of person that would help the unfortunate and the oppressed. I want to show to the world that helping out others who are more unfortunate to us is a good thing, that sharing your blessings to ease the burden of our fellow man is the way of life that we must follow. To be not greedy with money and power, cause money and power could not bring you real friends, love and care does.
    I really want to win this, to help out Illac Diaz’ Isang Litrong Liwanag advocacy.

  30. Since the guest on this race is a KAPUSO star, it would be ideal if I will be in a KAPUSO character too.. timely and wacky… IGLOT! (with the tune of FOLLOW THE LEADER song) Cool! 🙂

  31. I will be SADAKO!
    since long hair naman ako at konting powder lang ok na. Ill have my chance to run barefoot here since wala naman sapatos si sadako. swak na swak sa costume. I’ll ask my brother to go with me and suit up with a tv costume. so habang tumatakbo ako. hinahabol din ako ng tv sa likod..

  32. i will run in Gollum costume, because i want to get my precious one at the finish line, it’s hard to run in costume for 15k race category, kya ung simple costume lang na alam kong hindi ako mahirapan tumakbo! Goodluck 🙂

  33. I would like to join as “Zombie Journalist Carrying Justice Placard” because it is the date (oct 29) when one of the arrested maguindanao massacre suspect has been released last year.

  34. I want to portray Shrek on Adodo run. My tummy is as large as his. hahaha… I like also his color. They can easily see me at night. 😀

  35. I would wrap myself with a lot of pageant sashes! But the titles would be the most common running injuries! I’ll be Ms. Shin Splints, Ms. Plantar Fasciitis, Ms. ITBS, Ms. Achilles Tendonitis, etc. Now, who wouldn’t be scared of me?! Hahaha!

  36. I will wear an Aragorn costume from Lord of the Rings. I imagine this will be a nice costume to wear since the Adobo Run After Dark race happens at night and that my character will fit well. It will be like I will lead the fight of the (Fellowship of the Runners) versus the forces of evil, Saruman, the Orcs. et. al. Plus the venue for this race will be a nice backdraft just like in the movie because that road near Aseana is a bit desserted & somewhat eerrie/scary.

  37. sadako.. effort less costume but still a classic one..ideal for the halloween. Proven effective when I try to scare a child he cried running to his mother. 🙂

  38. Hi, Ms. Vima, I know you don’t like people who copies your work and this one is an example:


    Haays!, now i feel you more. It’s irritating. Much worst is this entry won at bullruner’s same contest 😦

    Here is my private message to TBR –
    ” hi ms jaymie,
    i would just like to inform you that one of the winning entries copied and modified my entry to kulitrunner’s contest (same adobo run free race kit). I just feel its unfair to others who joined and really think creatively.

    I was too busy yesterday and even cancelled my attendance to our first bull circle and didn’t get the chance to view your blog and join this contest.

    I hope we do not tolerate this kind of online act.

    Well, sana manalo ako sa contest ni ms vima. A 15k easy night run would be great 🙂

    You don’t have to post this 🙂 Kayo na po bahala sa kanya 🙂 ”

    Kahit di na ako manalo, maturuan lang ng lesson yung taong yun, okay na ako.

    Haays talaga!

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