aDIDAS King of the Road Race Results and Discussions

Hello folks! This post is not about the actual race results of the just concluded aDIDAS King of the Road Southeast Asia Championships. This post is more about letting everyone know that:

1. Race results will always be OFFICIALLY RELEASED by the Race Owners or Race Organizers first before any other entities. If somebody other than the two (race owner, race organizer) releases results way ahead of these two, more often than not, it is an empty post promising that race results will really be “available once it is released” OR there may be a link or downloadable results available but are unofficial. Isn’t it irritating to land on a page like this?

2. Blogging is not only about gathering hits. Blogging is a passion of sharing what you have experienced, your thoughts, your learnings and information you have fairly and justly gathered or provided to you by a reliable source. Once a blogger gets interested in gathering hits more than being able to be a positive influencer in the community, be wary because these kind will only use runners as proof of their so-called “reach” in order to make money out of blogging. There are other blogs though that really do earn but runners are enjoined to scrutinize those who are really credible running bloggers (they really are runners to begin with!) or those who pose as one (can’t even run a decent 3km).

3. Bloggers should be able to share credible information, promote goodwill, sportsmanship among runners and respect with one another. When one just let everyone act as if  they are free to turn the running community to be a marketplace then why is he/she blogging in the first place? Once a blog is opened to the public, it entails great responsibility. Therefore, blogs should be POSITIVE INFLUENCERS, one who promotes good values, help educate/re-educate its visitors/readers. 

These are perfectionist statements as it may seem but if all of us just first begin to respect one another and avoid resorting to dirty tactics, the running community will be a better place to linger in and running as a sport will not be considered as the “new badminton”.

Thanks folks for your time and let us all look forward to better options soon! 😉


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