adobo Run After Dark Race Kit Winners

Hello Everyone!

Thank you and congratulations to all of you took the time to participate in my blog’s “adobo Run After Dark” Race Kit contest. Here are the three winners of one race kit (of their chosen race category) each:

1. edongski:

A running “TIKBALANG” would be an eye-catcher  Pinoy na pinoy at initimidating dahil mabilis ang kabayo tumakbo at naninipa pa

2. kristine:

I will be SADAKO!

since long hair naman ako at konting powder lang ok na. Ill have my chance to run barefoot here since wala naman sapatos si sadako. swak na swak sa costume. I’ll ask my brother to go with me and suit up with a tv costume. so habang tumatakbo ako. hinahabol din ako ng tv sa likod..

3. rizza:

“I would wrap myself with a lot of pageant sashes! But the titles would be the most common running injuries! I’ll be Ms. Shin Splints, Ms. Plantar Fasciitis, Ms. ITBS, Ms. Achilles Tendonitis, etc. Now, who wouldn’t be scared of me?! Hahaha!”

Congratulations, edongski, kristine and rizza! To claim your prize, you will receive an email from me which you will need to print and present to the adobo Run After Dark registration table at the ROX in Bonifacio High Street by tomorrow (Friday), October 28. Please do not forget to bring a copy of your valid ID also.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined and check back again soon! 😉


2 Responses

  1. thanks maam kulitrunner

  2. wow! this made my day! thank you! =D

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