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As the month of October (my blog’s anniversary-month by the way!), we all look forward to a race-packed November (as if October was not the same!) and most of all, most of us also look forward to participating in the third and last leg of the RunRio Trilogy – the Run United 3 race on November 13. Majority of you probably made sure to register for this early as slots in the past races tend to get filled-up even before the registration deadline. Now for those of you who are still unregistered and who happen to be reading this blog, here is a treat from me (courtesy of RunRio – their blog anniversary gift to me too!), to you! 

I will be raffling off (through  the online facility, FIVE (5) RUNRIO GIFT VOUCHERS which will entitle the bearer to a COMPLIMENTARY registration for the RUNRIO TRILOGY LEG 3, RUN UNITED 3 race. So how do we go about it? Read on for the contest mechanics:

  2. Post your entry as a comment to this post. In your entry, please do not forget to include your full name and email address.
  3. Only one entry is allowed per runner. Multiple entries will be grounds for disqualification. (Use of a different email address is not an exception.)
  4. All entries will NOT be published until after the contest period.
  5. All entries made after 10:00 PM of November 2, 2011 cut-off will not be included in the raffle.
  6. Contest ends November 2, 2011 at 10:00 PM.
  7. Five winners will be chosen with each one winning one (1)  RunRio Gift Voucher.
  8. Winners will be notified via email on how to will claim their prize so it is important that you indicate your email address. 
So there folks! Good luck and Happy Halloween! 🙂

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  1. For me a perfect family race is a race with a post race activity/area where the kids and parent can bond together.

  2. The race should have a safe route and a lot of post race activity for all the family members. 🙂

  3. An easy route for my siblings and parents who are not yet into running will be a good idea. Having a great view along the way would be great for us to take some pictures (Oh yes! we love pictures :D).

  4. My idea of a family friendly race is having a different run race category that suits for all ages. There must also be a play pen for those family with toddler member. There must also a viewing party because that date is also a pacquiao boxing day.

  5. There must be a post race activity that suits for all ages. Their must be a massage area segregated per race category.

  6. A perfect family friendly race is when you can run side by side with your wife and kids and cross the finish line together with smile in their faces….:)

    Jay Samson

  7. My idea of a perfect family race is seeing a family having picnic at race venue. 😀

  8. WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT FAMILY-FRIENDLY RACE? WHY? running with your own family members and your friends’ family members together. just give some small token who’s family finish first. then have some chikahan after the run na may ksabay na konting kainan on the side.

    caroline hatol

  9. WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT FAMILY-FRIENDLY RACE? WHY? sama samang pag takbo ng bawat pamilya na may ngiti at kung sino ang mauna batiin ng may ngiti pa rin….dto mo makikita ang isang magandang foundation ng isang pamilya kung pano tumanggap ng pagkatalo.
    rosita berza

  10. A Family Relay Race… it gives a new meaning to a friendly competition, kids learn that team work, good energy and lots of laughs are as much the prize as coming in first…

    charles villanueva

  11. Having a running cartoon character mascots like bugs bunny, mickey mouse, and even the most iconic angry birds running together will be a fantastic family-friendly race that will make every children happy to run together with their parents.

  12. sana merong limited slots for a family friendly run, for the participants to fully enjoy the run, race, route and running with family, kasi kung masyadong maraming participant siksikan na iyon. Plus of course post race game activities that involves bonding between child and parents.

  13. A perfect FAMILY-FRIENDLY Race should be:

    F-un =)
    R- ace that
    I-mposes good sportsmanship
    E-mphasizes the importance of health
    N-urtures the minds of both young and adults on
    D- iscipline, active
    L- ifestyle and
    Y- outhfulness

    Keep on Running!

  14. My idea of a perfect family-friendly race is a race wherein not just every person in the family runs the same route, but also running side by side with them all throughout the race. This just shows, the bond the family has, through thick and thin, every member will be each and everyone’s motivator to finish the race. So, no matter how long the distance is, as long as your family is with you, you can finish that race with a smile on your face. 😀

    Name: Andy Joshua R. Oting
    E-mail Add:

  15. for me a perfect family-friendly race is a well-organized race with a good venue, ample water/sports drink station & marshall, many participants and of course a 500 m dash for the kids. 🙂

    Emilio Bornales

  16. family members and friends joining races as a way of bonding and promote a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy the passion of running.

    gil brazil

  17. I think a family oriented race is an idea of perfect family-friendly race it is encouraging for the whole family to run as one, the kids and parents to enjoy & experience a race and crossing the finish line.

    Raymond Marvilla


    A perfect Family- Friendly Race for me is one that has kids, mommy and daddy category on it to encourage the whole family. And of course a discount on registration fee on whole family registration, the manny- ier the kids the bigger the discount. And also add to the advertisement that lots of freebies will be given away to attract more family members to participate in the race…

    Happy Anniversary KULIT ON THE RUN.
    God Bless you

    Rudolph Ruiz

  19. My idea of a perfect family friendly race is where all members of the family can participate and enjoy everything that it can offer! A venue that is safe and secure for everyone is crucial.

  20. Relay race because every member of the family participates in the competition and kids will also learn how to work as a team.

  21. Every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses, The family is both the fundamental unit of society as well as the root of culture. It is a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling that empowers a child to venture with confidence into the greater world and to become all that he can be, just like having a friendly race, we have to become the fundamental in our own self. To contineously motivate everyone, by caring, and showing love to one another alojng the way and by the hopes to finish the redmark, likewise encourage for the future we have as individual runners that will make a comfortable nest for them to begin life well. So consider a friendly race as a family.

    Nelson Val A. Caro Jr.

  22. My idea of a perfect family friendly race is the Run United 3 race because here all distances are covered making it available for everybody in the family. From the 500m dash for kids, the 3, 5, 10, 15, 21 and the 32k for the elite runners, everybody in the family has a chance to run and enjoy the race.

  23. a race to be held in February, with a perfect cool weather, along a race route with very green scenery. post-race family gathering would be a picnic-type one, with a circus-themed entertainment to cater to the kids. 🙂

  24. My Idea of a perfect family-friendly race is the whole family either parents and kids, siblings, officemates or barkadas should wear a costume that are related to each other (e.g. flinstones, teletubbies, mickey & minnie mouse) and all of them should cross the finish line together.

    The typical Filipino right now is usually compose of four to five members, a mother and a father and two or three children. So a perfect family-friendly race should have distance categories that each member of the family could actually be able to race.

    The freebies should be family-related too, say a picture frame designed in the race’ purpose where the family could put their post- race family picture. With that, a photo booth should be available too within the venue. The post race should also have some activities for grandparents so the family will be encouraged to bring along their grandparents during the race. The race date should also be during the dates/season when the whole family members gathers together, say summer or during the Christmas holidays. In totality, the run should promote the value of doing fitness and health activities together as a family.

    My family started our passion to run/race when we started running together when a family friend registered our whole family to a fun run. Until now we are all participating in races. It would be a good idea too to give an incentive to the person who will register a whole family of four or five to the race 🙂


    A race would be family-friendly if the registration fee is reasonable and affordable and on race day, basic logistics are met:

    proper and sufficient hydration
    prominent distance markers
    more than enough medics/ambulances
    courteous and friendly marshalls
    ample security and traffic management
    fun and enjoyable freebies and loot bags

    Exciting attractions:
    free face painting
    free Henna tattoo
    free candies/balloons/cotton candies/ice cream for the kids
    presence of cartoon character mascots

    Name: Cornelia Marogel Callo

  27. Family-Friendly race is competing with yourself not with others, because when you reach your goal for yourself you are encouraging others to run for a healthy life by showing an example and your happines.

  28. Rikki Suarez

    My idea of a family-friendly race would be a race that has all the provisions for both the kids and the adults making it not only safe, well-organized but fun as well. Sometimes kids and adults run either separately or together, so there should be either be a category specifically for children with necessary safety precautions taken cared of like enough marshals to assist kids, a spacious running space and enough encouraging and fun stuffs at the finish line. The usual Run Rio standard for a safe and great run should be maintained if not surpassed like proper hydration, enough marshals, no crowding in the route and lots of freebies (children and adult both love them!). There should be enough parking space as families usually come with their own transportation. The post-race activity area should be kept spacious and interesting enough for both kids and adults. I might have said a couple but I believe, as I have witnessed a couple of times, if it is a Run Rio organized race, I am 100% sure all of these are being deligently and flawlessly covered.

  29. It is a race that caters the whole family. A perfect venue for bonding and living a healthy lifestyle.

    Chaley Lazaro Jr.

  30. Rather than just a single registration for each runner, in a “family oriented run” you can have each family registered as one team.

    They can compete against other families based on the total time/split or have a relay race for ’em.

  31. my idea of perfect family race is when all your family run together finished together and after therace you both taking pictures. a race that you do not only run but you enjoy what you are running!

  32. my idea of a perfect family race is having your family race for each other on the same race category. hehe. 😉

  33. all members of the family must be complete with the same passion by promoting active lifestyle by the help of running because it will encourage others to run and to be physically fit also.

  34. my ideal of a perfect family race is when i see a father or mother and son or daughter category wherein they must finish together and be rewarded with a special finisher shirt for their accomplishment.


    A perfect family-friendly race is located in an area with parks, lots of trees and greenery. The family can laze around, have their own picnics, and relax and bond after finishing the race together. More bonding time creates the perfect family-friendly race.

    1. safety of the participants should be utmost consideration – think about the different requirements of little kids, novices, experienced runners
    2. needs of the family must be anticipated – e.g., facilities for women and kids; lost and found provisions; waiting areas where the family meet up after the race, etc.
    3. create an atmosphere where values of such as sportsmanship, playing fair, perseverance, etc. are emphasized
    4. well organized and well-thought out features and lay-out considering the volume of participants and companions; traffic control to avoid long lines

  37. i think one of the good ideas of a family-friendly race is to have a values formation for the kids and a parent forum for the adults, because not only our body benefits the run and also nourished our spirtual needs.


  38. I would consider a race event family friendly if it entices children/kids to join. Since it is a fact that when the kids are around, their parents follow. It is just as the same when kids want to watch a movie/cartoons, their parents are with them. I would also consider to a race to be family friendly if it can assure enjoyment of the whole family during & most especially after the race. There should be a lot of freebies that every member of the family would appreciate. The ambiance should likewise be family friendly. There should be food carts everywhere, just like in a school fair.

  39. A perfect family friendly race for me is an event wherein all the members of the family can enjoy the day even without participating in the actual race. Kids and adults can join the race while seniors and other family members can be a support team or can explore the race venue for some other fun activities.

    mac lactaoen


    My idea for a perfect family – friendly race that must consist of mother, father and two kids that has a proof that they are family, not a tito or tita or niece …. they must consist of we called FAMILY,

    a relay but there is an OBSTACLE, the kids will be the one who will make an obstacle and the parents will make a running (speed) to finish the course … that will consist of a family affair …

  41. A perfect family-friendly race is when you enjoy the run as a group, not thinking of any PR’s or finishers medal, harutan every km, stopping at every photographers and making a silly group pose. With this kind of an atmosphere, hindi na natin ma papansin ang hydration post because of enjoyment of the family and friends. =D


    Its always be a RUNRIO events, because it caters a family-friendly race, its going to be a good bonding moments with family and love ones.

  43. My idea of a perfect family friendly-race is of course organized by the best running event organizer, Runrio. Registration will be discounted if registered as a family of four or more. Furthermore, the distance for the “family” category will not just be limited to 3K or 5K, but should be up to 10K, since the running community is a lot bigger now. Running families will have a singlet that will identify that they’re running as a family such as a tagline of “The family that runs together, gets healthier together”. Upon finishing the race, each family will have a family picture instead of an individual medal. This will symbolize their unity and togetherness toward a common goal.

  44. A perfect family friendly race that is child friendly. Lets face it that races are not really made for kid. A race that all family members of all ages can join and will enjoy at the same time.

    Its always nice to have a race category that a child can run accompanied by their parents, something like a buddy run, but this time a family category. Its nice because parents will not only instill the value of having a healthy lifestyle but also a bonding moment for the whole family as well. And its also nice to have a your parents beside you when you crossed the finish line.

    And after the race, should have activities prepared for the family to enjoy.

    Joseph Rosel Repuyan

  45. run united!,because everyone in the family can join,mapa-bat o matanda,pwede sumali and after the race there is a designated area for everyone,child,men,women etc!


    My idea of a perfect Family Race is running with my children even they don’t have a dad, and even if things are really tough, making things as normal as possible for them to enjoy life.

    Losing your husband should not stop you for doing the things that you love most, and that is Running.

    It should encourage you to run so that you can take care of your children and your future grandchildren in the future. Being fit is very important for me because I am the only one who is taking care of my children. I don’t have somebody to share the load with…

  47. Edi – Runrio races!! hehehe! What else that they haven’t thought of yet?

    -Adequate hydration
    -Runners safety
    -Near Accurate distance
    -Accurate finish time result

    -Quality Singlet
    -Quality Finisher Shirt
    -Loot bags (w/ lots of freebies)
    -Cheerful Marshals
    -Free running photos

    -Playground for kids
    -Activity Fitness Area
    -Leg Massages
    -Free Breakfast

  48. i think a good FAMILY-FRIENDLY RACE is to have values formation and parents forum after the run, because i beleive not only our body needs a healthy lifestyle .also our relationship to god.

  49. Hi Kulitrunner 🙂

    A PERFECT FAMILY-FRIENDLY RACE for me would be an event that will cater to all the members of the family not only in terms of race categories but also an event that offers post-race activities that will allow families to bond after finishing the race.

    Regards and more power.

    Ferdinand Bacierto/

  50. The perfect family-friendly race is a race where all members of the family could join and at every certain distance (say 2 km end for kids) there will be an extra fun activity, like treasure hunting, so that everything will not yet end with the race itself. Then, if the kid has found the treasure and submitted the required treasure his race is done and the rest of the family will continue to next stop for another fun activity set for that stop. In this way, I think its very exciting that everybody has a chance even if you are a bit slow. It exercise not only your physical, as well as mental, and perseverance with lots of fun. It is because I believe health does not end physically only, but mentally and emotionally as well. Cheers!!! 🙂

  51. A Perfect family-friendly race has Goals Like: Give us a special fitness Goal, Allow us to model fitness habits, and enable us to model fitness habits. Also all the family member can join all the categories in order to spend a fun few hours on the day of event.

  52. 10km Obstacle-buddy/relay race. . to promote teamwork 🙂

  53. A Perfect-family friendly race organized for the whole family where mom, dad and kids can run and win together, and race where they can bond as a one whole group, socializing with other families who are part of the race, and so the kids will become more involve in the sports instead of being a couched potato at the house playing computer games of watching tv. In a race event like this, kids can get along with a lot of peeps and they will be encourage to join more.

  54. A perfect family friendly race is an event where a participating family enjoys the race itself and not only just to win it. The race must show the ideal values of unity and cohesiveness in the family during the entire race. It must also focus on convincing filipino families the importance of healthy lifestyle by joining atheletic and sports events.
    This is how I consider what a family friendly race is. Usually race/running events even those which are participated by father/mother and child tandem are focused more on winning the game. there are also parents who pushed their children to limit and would not admire their child’s efforts if they do not win the race. I believe that what is more important is the effort of the whole family to run the race and enjoy it while running with each other.
    Though this kind of race will require number of family members who will participate on it. The categories will be according to the participants, whether it be both parents and their children, or those participated by single parents or widowed with thier children.
    This family race must also be followed by other activities that will encouraged family members to join and enjoy the activity.

  55. reentry to include some info:

    full name: Zaldy Santillan
    email address:


    I don’t want to sound sipsip, but I think Run United races are perfect family-friendly race. They offer all the distance you want to choose from and join. Their kiddie races is very safe bcoz of the the presence of a lot of marshals. Moreover, they have this kiddie tent or area where you can leave your kids to play while you run. As well as seniors area for our grandparents to stay.

    I hope they will also open a category where you can run with your pet dogs, so that, not only you can bring your whole family, you can also bring your pets.

    That’s about it 😉

  56. perfect family run is when the family could run together in a family category and after the run they can enjoy fun filled activities like photobooths, team games and inflated playgrounds for kids to enjoy!

    -kay parra

  57. A perfect family-friendly race is not all about the run joined by a family by blood or those friends for years. It can be a race joined by every nation, child or adult, male or female, beginner or elite, whether a solo or a member of a famous running group. As long as we all have one goal in our mind, it is perfect. And that goal is non-other than “to finish strong”. We are gathered as one by our passion for running. Don’t forget to smile with each other along the road. And if we may pass by a runner suffering an injury, we must help and forget for sometime the PR we want to break. A lot of runs to come, but a chance of winning a friend is so rare. :))

    Mary Gold N. dela Cruz

  58. My idea of a perfect family-friendly race:

    – the whole family wearing same-colored shirts or a specific theme like The Simpsons

    – at some point in the race, there will be a park-like obstacle course that includes a slide, a merry-go-round, monkey bars, etc

    – the whole family will cross the finish line all at the same time

    – and to cap off the race, a giant family picnic for everyone!

  59. My idea for this is this event need some Goals that help all the runners so we need to aim or dream for something not to be a finisher but aiming for the good of ourself and also the organizer plan to join all the memvers of the family can join to any categories that even have and the foreigner can also join … 😀

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