Congratulations to the Winners of the McHappy Fun Run Free 5km Race Kits!

Hello folks! The online contest for the free McHappy Fun Run 5km race kits have already ended as of 10pm last night, Nov. 17 (Thursday). Thank you very much to all of you who have once again participated in this online contest of mine. I am always so glad to see how many of you never get tired of joining. Don’t worry, we’ll have more of this in the days/weeks to come. 🙂

Meanwhile, as I have stated in the contest mechanics, the winners will be raffled-off using the online facility, There were a total 54 entries but only 48 were considered valid because:

3 entries did not answer the contest question completely (they did say WHY they chose said character)
2 entries were duplicates
1 entry did not make it to the cut-off (time stamp of the entry was 10:28 pm of Nov. 17

In the spirit of fairness, I had to sadly take them out from the valid entries as they did not adhere to the contest mechanics. Better luck next time guys!

Meanwhile, the 48 valid entries that were left were numbered accordingly from 1 to 48 with the very first comment appearing on the blog post (that of JJ’s) tagged as entry number 1 up to the last comment (thei’s) tagged as number 48. Here is how the entires were entered via randomizer:

And the four winners are:

CONGRATULATIONS, argh_jp, Rikki Suarez, Astroboy Runner and Ryan Gil! Please do expect to receive an email from me with the details on how you can receive your 5km McHappy Fun Run race kit.

Again, congratulations and we hope you’ll have fun on November 27 at the McHappy Day Fun Run!

For those who were not as lucky as these four are, don’t fret, you can still take part in this McHappy event as registration is still on-going! To view race details, you can read my previous post about it HERE.



3 Responses

  1. Aww.. sayans! di bale next contest mo nalang ulit. 🙂

  2. Congrats sa big 4 🙂

  3. Thank you very much Ms. Vimz for the McHappy Fun Run freebie kit. More power to you and family.

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