And the CIHM2 Race Kit Winners Are…

…here in this post! But before I finally reveal their names and their winning tagline, I want to thank everyone here who gave this contest a shot. I admit it is not so easy to think of a tagline but I never realized it will be more difficult to choose among all the entries! But then again, two people has to win it.

So, from all the entries, I chose one which made me LAUGH – as in until now! – and one which struck me as simple yet aligned with the image I posted. 🙂 To convince myself if they are really my final choice, I tried creating a poster out of the image with the tagline entries of my choice. And yes, they really are. So here, let me show you folks, my top choices…

entry by: Joseph Sibal

Congratulations Joseph Sibal and THANK YOU! You gave me an idea what to give Race Director EDWARD KHO for Christmas! Now, to decide which brand of lotion to buy is my next problem… hahaha! (peace Edward! 😉 )

entry by Aileen Manat

Congratulations Aileen! Yes, the photo was set by the Corregidor ruins and umm, yes I agree too, Edward is kinda BOLD here in this shot! Mwaah, peace again Edward! 😛 

Joseph and Aileen, please do expect an email from me which will contain information on how you can claim your prize. 

Meanwhile, to the rest of you who took the challenge but were not as lucky as these two were, I give you my BIG THANKS! Check back for my next blog contest which will be posted soon!

Finally, do not forget that the Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2011’s in-store registration is still on-going with its registration fee maintained at the regular PHP2,500 price. For more details, do check out my blog about this event HERE. The CIHM 2011 is set to be held on Saturday, December 10 at the Corregidor Islands! 



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