Corregidor International Half-Marathon UPDATES

Hello folks! If you haven’t decided yet on whether to join or have planned to register for this year’s CIHM race happening on December 10 (Saturday) at the Corregidor Islands, you still have a few more days before you seal fate! And would you rather just listen to your friends’ post-race Corregidor experiences or would you prefer that you are the ones with the unending story of conquering the challenge and chasing the champions? Decide and act now for here are the final updates for this destination-race of the year!

1. Online Registration is only until tomorrow (Friday), December 2. Visit to register online.
2. In-Store Registration still has 3 days to go at ROX until it too finally closes on December 4.
3. Claiming of race packs for all registered participants is set on December 3 and 4 during the ROX Runners’ Briefing from 3pm to 8pm.

So don’t pass up on that chance! Register and get the chance to experience running in historic Corregidor!

See you all there! Cheers!


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  1. I would love to join kaso out of budget.

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